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November 17, 2014

Kevin Wilson

COACH WILSON:  All right, guys.  Hitting the Rutgers game review here, player of the game defensively was T.J. Simmons.  Had five tackles, two assists, caused fumble.  Had some decent play.
He was the only guy.  We thought several defensive lineman had solid games led by Bobby Richardson, Darius Latham, and Nate Hoff.  Those three guys.  (Sound interruption.)
(Indiscernible)[] corner secondary play, safety play just wasn't very good.  Missed tackles, missed opportunities, chance to make some plays.  We didn't get done what we need him.
Offensively player of the game, Tevin Coleman.  Strong game for sure.  Carrier high not only in yards but also in carries, 32 carries.
Other guys on offensive that played well:  Michael Cooper at tight end.  His best game blocking for us which really helped the run game.
Collin Rahrig, Jake Reed played well.  Really thought Shane Wynn and Alexander Diamont played well.  But a couple turnovers; Shane had a dropped pass opportunity on a touchdown, and Zander was loose with the ball.  But really just appreciated their effort.
We didn't give those guys winning grades, but thought they made a bunch of plays.  It was nice to see, and good to see Zander keep growing.  I think Shane is doing a great job leading and helping us off the field in a lot of ways.  Good game for him.
Didn't really recognize a player of the game specials teams.  We had a couple positive but a bunch of negative plays on special teams, which was a concern.
Scouts of the week were Brandon Grubbe who plays special teams, back up safety.  Did a nice job for us.
(Indiscernible)  Always does well; and Anthony Davis.
Defensively solid in the first half with seven three‑and‑outs for the game, which was nice.  We had one fumble recovery.  We had three other opportunities we missed on though.  We had another caused fumble.  The ball was on the ground for quite a while.  We didn't get to it.
Actually a missed interception opportunity before the fumbled punt, back‑to‑back plays where we could have gotten a pick and we had a fumbled punt on an error there.
We also had a batted ball that had a chance to be intercepted that we couldn't make a play on.
So had three more opportunities and we only got one.  Had ten points allowed in the first half, a pretty solid performance.  Thought they played really, really well.
Concerned again to come out and give up 260+ in the second half and five touchdown scores, twelve missed tackles in the second half alone.  We were in position and didn't get guys on the ground.
Zero sacks for the game, which was a little unusual there.  So something that needs to be corrected.  Didn't like that.
From the offensive side, some positives:  we had 377 yards gained rushing.  Tevin had a lot, but the line was blocking pretty solid in tight end perimeter play.  We threw it enough to open it up and give us some chances to get a few plays.
But the offense had five sacks.  We had zero for our defensive side, but we gave up five.  Those fie sacks in the fake punt we lost ‑‑ actually yielded 83 negative yards.  Got us back down to 300 for the game.
We threw the ball better for sure.  You can look at stats, but we had a penalty procedure that took away a 19‑yardcompletion.  We had four drops on third down that would've been 20, 20, 10, and 6 yard completions.
So if you make those plays, you know, the quarterback tech was close to a 21 for 31, 254 yard day, so nice improvement.  Get those plays.  Humans are going to drop balls.  You're not going to get them all.
(Audio interruption)  close to a really good day and it was good to see.  We need to build on that.  Our O‑line tight end blocking was better.
Five sacks we had.  (Audio interruption) and then two on the offensive line.  Again, it's not always a line deal with sacks, not protecting those guys.  Tight end get beat once on a max pro and the quarterback went the wrong way twice and got jacked and hurt him.
Special teams we've been solid, but we have way too many critical errors, self‑inflicted wounds.  We go the onside kick, which was a night start.  Had a field goal.  (Audio interference.)  Our protection on our kicking game was very, very good.
But our issues were we had one large punt coverage that really led the points for them.  We had three large kickoff coverage plays that we've been really good last couple years in that deal.  They punt three nice kick returns on us.
We had the fumble on a short punt with miscommunication between Shane and the guy blocking for him.  Shane's responsibility is to try to get (audio interruption.)  Even on the road it's kind of loud, but there is communication that's got to happen for sure.
We missed field goal.  Nine penalties.  Previous three weeks we had three, four, and five.  Then the last two weeks against Penn State and last week we've had eleven and nine.
So we go from twelve penalties in three games to 20 in two.  So we've gotten a little sloppy in that regard.
We had five sacks.  (Audio interruption)  big returns.  You lose the turnover ratio, you lose the kicking battle.
Third down, we had four drops on third down, a penalty, three (audio interruption) some plays that really skewed our third downs.
The positive for us, if you look, I think the guys' effort was awesome the way they practice and prepare and the way they come out and fight.  When there is a lot of negativity or guys say things aren't going well for them, they fight their tails off.  I appreciate that.
I think it says a lot about the seniors and the leaders and what those guys have given us.  I think their energy has been awesome.  I thought our toughness on the road in the first half and the way we played D and the three‑and‑outs and the way the offense (audio interruption) shows some toughness that you want.
I like our leadership and I really like our senior attitude.  I need the young guys to keep growing.  We need some consistency not with effort, but some consistency with getting your job done and executing.  So we'll keep pushing that.
Of course from there we've got Ohio State this week.  Talented in all phases.  Really, really good.  Very well coached as always.  Great challenge; great opportunity; big year.  Looking forward to it.
So we talk about the guys coming here, playing these teams, playing on the road, playing great opponents, look forward to having a great week and keep building this crowd, these seniors, getting those guys to continue to lead the team the right way and keep building it and finish up this week.
And then now with the situation not being a Bowl team, we been having a great week and going to Columbus and having a great opportunity playing as hard and we can and playing as well as we can against Ohio State at noon on Saturday.

Q.  What's the key to making sure the guys don't hang their heads at this point, believe they can beat Ohio State?
COACH WILSON:  Again, we've always kind of went after guys as best we could.  I think you look at whether it be this year, the way they've played the last couple weeks, I don't think there is a lot of give‑up in them.
I think we're getting better with the quarterback deal.  Settled in there a little bit.  I think we've shown some signs in defense.
It's going to be a very, very good challenge because of their skillset at receiver, runningback, quarterback line.  It's going to really, really challenge the defense.
We've competed (audio interruption.)  on the road against a good team.  I think that that'll be the challenge.
We've played some teams very, very well, but playing a really good team on the road and taking that step is going to be a challenge.
We talked about it last night.  We're not going to hang our heads as coaches; I don't think those kids are.  I expect to have a good week.  Let's put together our best plan, go attack, and play as well as we can.  And I expect the guys to do so.  The way the seniors have consistently done, I believe they will lead us that way.

Q.  Twelve missed tackles in the second half, was there any kind of fatigue?
COACH WILSON:  I don't think so.  Only had like 60‑some plays during the game, 67 plays.  I mean, the offense had their couple three‑and‑outs, but, you know, they were (audio interruption.)
Just in position to make a play, you make a tackle, you make a tackle.  Same time as an offensive player you can get yards after hit, and their guys did.  We didn't get them on the ground.
Like say, there were a couple guys that (audio interruption) secondary player.  Sometimes there is not a lot of the traffic your way.  It's not a pass that came to you or a run that came to you.
So as you play the game, you might have fifty plays with not a lot going on, but on those ten plays of opportunity what's why re performance then?
We had some guys that were 3‑8, 2‑7 when you had a chance to make a play.  A play on the ball, a play on the tackle.  Like I said, we just got worked.
It wasn't necessarily one‑on‑one, there were some guys that broke some tackles at lineback and whatnot, but those guys made the plays.  We're in position, we've got to.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH WILSON:  You got, one, (audio interruption) at the line of scrimmage that you're able to control the run game.  It's gonna be difficult because they're fly sweeps, quarterback run.
So it starts with the run game, because if the run game is on (audio interruption) if your job is to guard a receiver, you better have your eyes on those receivers because they're a fast team defensively.
Offensive line, they're a spread team, a tempo team, so they're going fast.  Even as good as Barrett is, they'll throw to some Wildcat players out there; a couple receivers that were high school quarterbacks will do some things.  So they really make you work.
We are going to need a great week of preparation.  What they do, they really work you very, very good.

Q.  Question regarding DeAngelo Roberts.)
COACH WILSON:  DeAngelo Roberts had a concussion.  Didn't do anything really yesterday and today is off.  Kind of when you talk we got all our medical staff there and they got things they're doing.  They do all these tests that say, You're not in a position to play.
I know he really wanted to go, but in this day and age of those issues, probably as many of those come from hits on the turf.  I think as those issue increased the last few years, I think the one thing people talk about is we play the game on a hard surface instead of the ground.
Anyway, he just got a concussion.
(Audio interruption) had an issue to his left hand.  He should be able to play this week, but he didn't finish the game.  And Evans, Ralston strained his knee.  Ralston had had a knee strain.  He missed the second half.  So see how those two guys progress, and hopefully they'll be with us.
Outside of that, I think we're good defensively.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH WILSON:  He was in practice again.  You know, he tweaked the ham at Michigan; held him out a week a; looked like he would go in the game; he; looked really good first of last week; and then (audio interruption.)
Good for this week.  I know we're working hard with his senior day coming up to try to get him in the mix.  He was with us last night, but we just had a film review and stretch and got some of our soreness out and did some young‑guy work and lifted with those guys.  Didn't really run.
It's be a stretch this week I would guess, but we'll see.  Time will tell.

Q.  Have you talking to Zander at all about playing in the cold?  He has a couple of games now, but I assume in high school he didn't play any kind of cold‑weather football.  You talk to him about that?
COACH WILSON:  I talk to him at Michigan.  After ever play he had his hands in his warmers, to get his hands out.  He would hand it off and stick his hands in the warmers.  I go, Hey, man, it ain't that cold.  Let's go.
But like last week we tried to take advantage‑‑ I think the real thing just the ball gets cold.  (Audio interruption.)  Because when it's dry, it's almost hard to grip the ball.  Almost has this little sheen on it that is hard to spin it.
It'll be interesting to see.  Some guys like gloves.  Again, he's growing.  He's got a long way to go, but he's getting better.  He'll have more concern with their outstanding defense than the weather.  They have a really solid outstanding D.

Q.  Is their defense different this year?  Construction different at all?  Are they as good as they were a couple weeks ago?
COACH WILSON:  Yeah, well, not totally evaluating them from last (audio interruption) coordinator, and they have made a complete structure change.  It's a little bit more in the mode of similarities to the Michigan State style of defense and their structure, their coverages, their blitzes.  They take advantage of their personnel.  They are very, very good up front.  Their defensive front is probably as good ‑‑ we've played a couple really good defensive fronts.  They probably have the most complete defensive front.
There are some guys that made some plays on 'em, but at the same time they scored points.  Hadn't been issues.  They're giving up 22 points a game.  I mean, they're not playing bad D.  They're a solid defense.  Really good.

Q.  What did you guys do in weather like this before?  Would you practice outside?  What would you do?
COACH WILSON:  Yeah, there are some places that don't have them now.  That's been there, what, since '94?  Ohio we didn't have one.  So it would depend.
You would have your groundscrew out and shovel it off the best you could.  Bundle up.  And if the weather dictated you couldn't, sometimes you would end up in tennis shoes in a gym.  Couldn't really throw the ball, but you could do your basic formation alignment.
Maybe wear shoulder pads.  You wouldn't tackle, but you could still thump a little and get a feel for it if you had to.
Some schools right now it's tough to do that a little bit.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH WILSON:  Trying.  And, again, the weeks before there has been some of those opportunities where (audio interruption) pass and the run‑pass combo, we handed it.  I think sometimes mentally where Zander at that time was and is and not the couple times maybe he threw that he shouldn't have and he got bluffed.
I think he's getting a little bit more there.  And it wasn't just to get it just to Shane.  (Audio interruption.)
Of course we've been in some situations where at the end we've had to that skewed the numbers.  We're still going to try to do the best we can in the running game with Tevin and emphasize that in the line.
But about a week ago, two weeks ago Penn State, told them yesterday we thought Anthony Corsaro played his best game.  (Audio interruption.)  He really played hard.  On both days it was their birthdays, so we've officially made every game day everybody's birthday from now on.  He had good energy.  Had a great attitude.
I had a player just off on the side today tell me he really thought he was doing just as good a job as he's ever seen anyone just in the locker room with the guys being upbeat.  You go through the quarterback change, you don't get the ball as much.
I thought at Michigan when things I.
Respect the way they been practicing.  Didn't like the second half defensively.  Didn't like a couple of the games offensively weeks ago, but I think we're a little bit back more on track, and I want these seniors leading us the right way these last (audio interruption) years based on the number of guys and who they are, I want these guys to have their best week this week and their best two weeks and finish out on a high.

Q.  (Question regarding penalties and getting them under control.)
COACH WILSON:  Again, sometimes when you look‑‑ if you pull the stats up in the league, some of the better teams are some of the more penalized teams.
So you (audio interruption) hands outside and you called for a hold once in a while.  To me, you just want to eliminate the foolish plays.
The other day, you know, huge play.  We got 31‑23.  We had a couple errors, but we were at mid (audio interruption)  push a guy back.  The guy gave us something, but they always get the hit‑back guy.  A nudge just to, Hey, I'm here.  And then you want retaliate.
From there they scored to make it back it now 38‑23 ballgame.  That was, to me, was the penalty that was not tolerated.  That was addressed.  Then we still put that kid back (audio interruption) because those are plays that are self‑inflicted.  You don't need.
If I am blocking my tail off and my hand got out here and I torque to grab or if I am playing a guy one‑on‑one and I play through him and it's a competitive play and space and they call it, that's going to happen.
(Audio interruption)  block if you holding penalties or pass interference to some degree.
You don't want to be grabbing people and throwing them down.  We've addressed the procedures, the nonaggressive penalties, the nonintelligent penalties, the plays that aren't smart.  Those penalties need to be eliminated.
If it's an aggressive play and you're going after it and you get flagged for something, that's gonna happen.  That's how we've always addressed it.

Q.  Is the biggest thing with this team just the aggression and the attention to detail, just making sure that they know what they're doing and they're lined up where they're supposed to be?  Has that been a problem?
COACH WILSON:  Well, like for example, with the staff, the comment I made with them is, Be careful.  If we coach them too much, your kids sometimes want to be pleasers and not mess up.  At the same time, we can't play so hard that we're a reckless driver.
So there is an aggressive way that we need to drive that's also within the rules.  Sometimes we're a little reckless, but sometimes we have a problem being more passive and guys not letting it loose.
So my comment to the coaching staff was as we fix our problems, be careful not to over coach it.  We still need to continue to be a more aggressive, physical, keep‑bringing‑it football team.  We've done that on defense.  We've been better.
You've seen our offense when's it's been on.  We had some issues with injury, but when we get back to being an aggressive offense we're a little bit better.  That's just the niche of the game.
You got to play by the rules, but for where we are too, don't coach so much you lose your stinger and you're not aggressively flying around.  There is a fine line we have to balance there.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH WILSON:  Yeah, well, again, I think for sure the more he plays the better he's getting.  Also, I think we're trying to do ‑ ‑initially it was what can he do?  I think we're getting back to making sure what he does fits in the offense so the offense can work for him, too.
And the routes being ran.  Like I said, the other day we had some guys ope and we made the right reads.  We didn't drop it, but we told the guys before the game, during the game, We're going to keep coming at you, because you're going to have to make those plays.
So I think a little bit of it is him, but I think a little bit also is just (audio interruption) more in sync.  Not just ‑‑ I think initially, not by design, but it needs to be good for him within the style of what this team can do.
I think like I say, outside of the receivers laying down some drops, the team played better for him the other day.  We had a couple protection issues, but it wasn't O‑line, a breakdown.  Other than that it was a better team game because I think because the offensive team played better, and now he's got plays under his belt.  He played better.  A little bit of both.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH WILSON:  But we also got to do that and not have the turnovers and the kicking plays and penalties, the self‑inflicted deals, to get the W.
Defense had a good half going.  We talked at halftime.  I really thought it was great to see us come out and have the good drive to start the third quarter.  I thought that was really gonna show something.
We deferred the kick; we had momentum going in; we get it down there and tried a play‑action pass that didn't work.  We had a drop on third down after Tevin's deal, but to me that was a good sign.
Then let them off the hook.  To me, our error situation started in the third quarter.  I don't think it was fatigue.  Offense had more plays than they had been having; defense had fewer.  That's the crutch.
Winning football teams don't do that.  Without feeling sorry for ourselves, that was addressed.  We addressed where you are in the game, in the plays, whether it be this kicking situation, this defensive or this offensive situation.
At the same time, I felt when it was (audio interruption); I felt when it was 31‑16, and 31‑23 our guys needed to have a little bit better look on the sideline.  You're on the road, in the third quarter, going into the fourth quarter.  We're in the fourth quarter one touchdown game on the road.  You been playing better.  Let's don't have this like, Hey, everything is broken here.  Let's compete.
Like I say, a couple negatives took the sting away.  We wanted to play a tough, hard second half.  In some ways we did and some ways we didn't.  Disappointing.

Q.  At the start of the fourth quarter what happened there?
COACH WILSON:  Yeah, we put the play out there to be ran.  (Audio interruption.)  When the ball stops, put in play, we didn't like the look.  In checking it, we didn't get the check in quick enough or communicate it down the line.  Gotta tell four, five, six guys because it's loud.  We had to take one.
Again, we are across midfield.  I didn't want the delay penalty.  I thought that timeout was more important.  But we needed to change a play, and as a communicator, we didn't get it communicated properly.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH WILSON:  He's been an outstanding player for our first year.  I think week two or three, just his attitude we took him from being a back up to a starter.  Been on scholarship for three years.  One of our game captains and leaders and he is awesome off the field.  Very athletic and very smart.  We moved him to guard because we thought he helped the line.  He is an outstanding center.
Again, respect him.  Appreciate him.  He's a heck of a player and an awesome leader for us.  Like I saw, that's a heck of an honor.  I think they got 40 some guys around the country nominated for that.
I don't know if he has a shot to win it, but he's been a four‑year starter as a walk‑on, and he's really been a solid player.  Tevin is a good player, but he isn't getting (indiscernible) guys blocking for him now.  I mean, he's second in the country with some guys blocking.  That guys either blocker no.1 or blocker no. 2 on that front.  He's a really good player.
Anything else?  All right, guys, appreciate you coming for the weather.  See you Sat.

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