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November 15, 2014

Kenneth Scott

Travis Wilson

UTAH – 20

Q.  Travis, what clicked in overtime for the offense?
TRAVIS WILSON:  I think we just knew, it was really crunch time.  We knew we had to execute.  And that first play on overtime we saw the look we've been practicing in practice, and it was‑‑ Kaelin executed it perfectly and set it up really nice.

Q.  Talk about earlier in the week.  You said throw it up for me and I'll get it.  Happened a couple of times, to come out game winner.  How big of a game was it personally?
KENNETH SCOTT:  It was a good win.  I was very confident in my abilities.  Some people think it's cocky or anything, but I was very confident in what I do because I spend a lot of time working.
And it's a good thing that happened.  But just focus on next week, to be honest with you.

Q.  What's the difference in the overtime, what changed?
TRAVIS WILSON:  I mean, we just knew we had to make plays.  I think our defense was playing great throughout the whole game.  And Stanford answered back.  So we knew we had to make some big plays, and I think a lot of playmakers on offense really stepped up and really took on that role.

Q.  Just having the extra pressure of the overtime?
TRAVIS WILSON:  Yeah, it's a game that I think we wanted it more.  And we really fought.  And I think that win meant more to us.  And I think that helped us kind of motivate us to push through all the way through overtime.

Q.  This is not the first time this season you guys struggled offensively and found it when you really needed in the fourth quarter in overtime.  Having done it before, does it partly make it easier, knowing you guys have proven that you can do it before in these kind of moments?
KENNETH SCOTT:  Definitely.  It was about five minutes left in the game.  I went up to Travis, I said, "It's going to fall in your hands."  And I believe in Travis, just probably as everybody else believe in Travis.
I told him, "It's going to come down to your hands.  You're going to be the winner of this game."
So it happened like that.  Just being a great leader out there, warrior.  He's a warrior.  And so all credit to him just being a leader at the quarterback position, that's what you need.

Q.  Last play, third and one, how did you like that pass play?
TRAVIS WILSON:  I wanted nothing more than that pass play.  I knew K. Scott was going to run and get open.  And I knew he was going to fight for that ball even if he wasn't open.  So all I had to do was put it in a position where he could catch it, and I knew he was going to make the play.  And he made a good play.

Q.  You clinched a winning season for Utah for the first time after two back‑to‑back losing seasons.  What does that mean?
KENNETH SCOTT:  Freakin' awesome, I ain't going to lie to you because we know how much talent we have on this team.  And for us not to do the things that we're supposed to do.  It's kind of frustrating, but now we get it back on things.
And we're seeing all this hard work just paying off and paying off, and we just keep grinding.  We have that workers‑like mentality.  No matter if everybody's against us or our backs against the wall we just know how to persevere and click as a team.  And I think the biggest reason why we just are just fighting and grinding because our brotherhood.  We're very close to each other as you can tell.
And we always have each other's back no matter what.  It doesn't matter if you drop a ball, someone's going to pick you up, okay, we know you make those type of plays or someone misses a block, compliment and encourage them and those things prolong better success in the end.

Q.  Travis, you have been off and on offensively as a team.  But I guess your philosophy now, you could get enough points that you need to, not setting records but‑‑
TRAVIS WILSON:  Definitely.  I think a combination of just this whole team really fighting and just really having a passion for this game.  And a lot of it just making big plays when it really counts.  And I think our offense has found to do that, we're not crushing the scoreboard with points, but we're finishing games and we're executing when we need to.

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