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November 15, 2014

Christian McCaffrey

UTAH – 20

CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY:  We hurt ourselves, shot ourselves in the foot with some penalties, some ball security stuff; but our team, we're confident we're going to come back, come back stronger than ever on Monday.  We're going to wear our heart on our sleeve and not quit and that's kind of our mentality right now.

Q.  Did you feel you personally had a good game?
CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY:  I'll have to look back on the tape.  I feel there's some things I did well and some things I should have done better.  But like I said, we'll reevaluate, watch the game tonight, and we'll get back with the team on Monday and reevaluate everything.

Q.  Any sense on your part it was about time they got you the ball?
CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY:  You know, that wasn't‑‑ I haven't really looked into that a whole lot.  One of my high school coaches told me, when the phone rings, answer it.
I'm ready for any situation, whether it's 12 touches a game or one or two touches a game, I'll be ready.  And today I was happy to get the ball in my hands.

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