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November 15, 2014

Samaje Perine


Q.  Your biggest run, you had the long run, and I don't know if you ran over anybody.
SAMAJE PERINE:  No, our O‑line did a fantastic job, along with our fullbacks and tight ends.  They did a great job of opening up the hole.  I went through untouched, and it was my job from there to get it into the end zone.

Q.  Samaje, what's it like in the second half, like you guys did, to impose your will on a team and really kind of break their spirit?
SAMAJE PERINE:  That's our best way of playing.  We like to dominate in the run game and get the one‑on‑ones on the perimeter, and we did a great job with that in the second half.
We started off kind of slow, but once we got going, they couldn't stop us.

Q.  There were a couple of times where you hit a pile‑‑ more than a couple of times, and you bounced free and made big runs.  What were you doing there to get loose?
SAMAJE PERINE:  Just keeping my feet moving.  Coach Gundy put a big emphasis on that this week.  We had to go out and make plays on our own.  And I feel like plays like that, when you know it's looking mucky, you just have to go get what you can get.  It speaks a lot for that player and that team.

Q.  How important was it going into this game to help Cody as much as possible since it was his first start?
SAMAJE PERINE:  It was very important.  We had to keep him motivated because we knew it was tough territory.  Just had to keep him going.  Started off slow a little bit in the first half, but once he got comfortable, he was on a roll all night.

Q.  Can you talk about Cody's poise and leadership?
SAMAJE PERINE:  Our quarterbacks across the board, him, Trevor, they're great leaders, and we do our best to stand behind those guys.  You can never get mad at those guys.  They're great with the ball in their hands.  And we just have to do our best to keep him motivated.  Once he got comfortable, he really showed what he could do.

Q.  I'm sure you guys saw their game film against Arkansas, studied that a little bit, knew what they were running defensively.  Did you expect this could happen coming into this game tonight?
SAMAJE PERINE:  I didn't know what to expect, but we came in prepared like we are for every game.  We just did what we do best, and that's run the ball.

Q.  Was it a little frustrating at times because you were getting behind the chains early, you knew that you could run the ball better on this team?
SAMAJE PERINE:  It was a little frustrating, but we just had to keep at it, keep doing what we were doing.  Once those big plays popped, we just kept it going.

Q.  Were the things said at halftime, you knew, okay, we're going to come out, and we're either going to run the ball or this game isn't ours?
SAMAJE PERINE:  Nothing had to be said.  We knew what we had to do.  We just had to play cleaner football.  Once we did that, they couldn't stop us.

Q.  Following up on that, 21‑7, not abandoning the run game.  You guys kept running the ball and had two big plays.  That was important that time, right?
SAMAJE PERINE:  That was very important.  We just stick to what we knew we could do.  Cody started off a little slow.  Once he got comfortable, then once he started pulling the ball, hitting the perimeters on the one‑on‑ones, and getting some big runs.  He had some great runs out there.  Just him getting comfortable.  That played a big part in our run.

Q.  Thousand yard runner, first one since DeMarco, how does that feel?
SAMAJE PERINE:  I really don't get into that too much.  I just have to keep playing for the next play.

Q.  When did you find out you hit 1,000? 
SAMAJE PERINE:  They kind of hinted at it after the game.  We were in the locker room.

Q.  Did they make a big deal about it?

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