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November 15, 2014

Sam Eguavoen


Q.  Sam, how difficult was it to stop their running game today?
SAM EGUAVOEN:  I mean, we were connecting.  The best part of their running game was their running back, obviously.  He broke off too many tackles, and we weren't swarming to the ball.  We fit everything correctly, but then towards the end of the game, we weren't counting the quarterback.  He's a freshman.  We didn't expect him to be pulling the ball so much.  Hats off to OU for that.

Q.  Feel like you guys were biting a lot more in the second half on Samaje, and that allowed Thomas to break up the big runs?
SAM EGUAVOEN:  Why wouldn't you?  I didn't have any faith in their quarterback getting that many yards.  Anybody, any defense in the world will bite on a good running back like that.

Q.  How tough in your senior season not to be guaranteed a winning season?  How tough is that for you all?
SAM EGUAVOEN:  The whole season has been tough.  The whole four years have been tough, with new DC's left and right.  Nothing new to me.  Just got to keep pushing through the rest of the season.  Can't get any uglier.  We've just got to keep fighting.

Q.  Second half, they just ran play after play after play, just running continuously.  What was their‑‑ what were people saying as far as their offensive line and what have you?
SAM EGUAVOEN:  It was missed tackles.  We just weren't swarming to the ball.  Too many people were assuming a tackle was going to be made, so we just relaxed.  I felt it towards the end of the third quarter, felt like we were just relaxing.  That's when they opened up on us.
Then they had the quarterback running game which gained them a lot of yards, and that gave their running back more confidence there was going to be less bodies on him.  So we just relaxed when we shouldn't have.

Q.  How did the second half maybe compare to Arkansas, the Arkansas game, where they were pretty strong run team as well?
SAM EGUAVOEN:  OU wasn't nothing like Arkansas, I don't think so.  It was just the quarterback run game started messing with our heads.  I mean, Bell had one big play for about 40 yards, but they're just chunking the field down.  It really wasn't like run fits or anything.  It was just tackling.

Q.  You didn't expect the quarterback to get off that many runs?
SAM EGUAVOEN:  No, we didn't.

Q.  Was there an intent by the coaches on the sideline to obviously make a counter move once they saw Cody‑‑ you guys saw Cody Thomas start to tuck and run a little more?
SAM EGUAVOEN:  We made adjustments.  Other than that, we just have to tackle.  We'd make the adjustment, and they'd give it to the running back, and then we missed the tackle.  It was just an ugly game.

Q.  So they'd counter, and the decisions that were made put you in the right positions?
SAM EGUAVOEN:  Yes, sir.

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