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November 15, 2014

Jakeem Grant


Q.  How did you feel Mahomes did out there today?
JAKEEM GRANT:  I feel like he did good.  Being a freshman and coming into a big game like this, I felt like he ran the ball and threw the ball good.  And just overall perspective, he just‑‑ he checked and doing all of those things that Davis do.  He went out there, and he did a great job.

Q.  With his ability to extend plays, how does that change your role as a receiver?
JAKEEM GRANT:  It really doesn't change anything besides just doing the scramble routes, scramble drill.  Getting open when he scrambles to the right or left and just rolling out to his side and catching the ball when he throws it.

Q.  How is it different from one quarterback Mahomes to Webb?  What's the difference between the two?  Did one get more reps than the other in practice this week?
JAKEEM GRANT:  No, not at all.  It's just the thing about the difference between Davis and Pat is extending plays, like he said.  You know, Pat is a scrambler.  He'll roll out whenever there's trouble and get us the ball.  It's just that difference.
Besides that, throwing the ball, it's just the same.

Q.  Kliff mentioned dropped passes being another problem today.  How can you guys fix that?
JAKEEM GRANT:  Just go in and catch tennis balls, catch jugs, you know, and focus.  It's nothing to it but just focus.  See the ball all the way into the tuck, and that's it.

Q.  Have you guys done anything differently as the season's progressed trying to kind of fix some of those problems?
JAKEEM GRANT:  Definitely.  Every time we drop balls, Coach make us run basically like football suicides.  So like I said, it's just focus.  If we focus better, we'll catch the ball.

Q.  The touchdown you scored early in the game, the six‑yard catch, did you kind of break off of route there?
JAKEEM GRANT:  Definitely.  Like I said, Patrick is a scrambling quarterback.  He extends plays, and I originally had a slant on that route, and he told me previously he was going to roll out that way because they were bringing blitz.  And I rolled out to the side he was rolling out, and we connected on it.

Q.  Is that something you worked on in practice with a more mobile quarterback where receivers are coming back with the quarterback when he's moving?
JAKEEM GRANT:  Oh, yeah, definitely.  After practice we always do that with Pat because he does extend plays.  So we want it to be great on that, just like you're seeing today.  As you can see, like when he scrambled out, we caught a lot of touchdown passes off that.  Some were called back, but you know.

Q.  The play at the start of the fourth quarter, it was 21‑21, and you had the incomplete in the corner of the end zone down there.  What was that play call, and what was supposed to happen out there?
JAKEEM GRANT:  It was just a corner route to the back pylon.  It was me and Pat's fault on that.  I didn't get my depth, and he overthrew it.  There's no one to blame but both of us.

Q.  [No microphone] on back to back plays.  What were you seeing coverage‑wise there?
JAKEEM GRANT:  We were seeing they were playing a lot of man the whole game.  So we felt we could beat them with speed downfield.  All he had to do was throw it deep and us, as receivers, catch the ball.

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