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November 10, 2014

Yogi Ferrell

Collin Hartman

Robert Johnson


Q.  Collin, just talk about your contribution tonight?
COLLIN HARTMAN:  Yeah, Coach Buckley and Nick and these guys make it so much easier.  They're so concentrated on Yogi, and concentrated on all these other guys that can do so much and just step up when time is ready.  All these guys have been working so hard just giving up extra shots and competing.  When it comes game time, just do what you've been practicing.

Q.  Coach said he was surprised you made it back so quickly.  Could you envision being ready for the start of the exhibition season when you started to rehab and was that your goal?
COLLIN HARTMAN:  Definitely it was.  Talking with doctor (Indiscernbile) and set some goals and they really pushed me.  I was ready for it.  All my teammates have really, really helped me get physically where I need to be.  Coach Jackson's helping me get physically where I need to be.  We go really hard in practice every day, so these guys pushed us and make the game easier for me.

Q.  Yogi, I think you guys averaged 16 three pointers a game last season.  How much more confident are you to shoot like that?  It just feels like you guys aren't nearly as hesitant.
YOGI FERRELL:  No, we're not hesitant with it.  That's because we work on it in practice.  We want to get inside‑out shots.  First we want to go in the paint, look at Hanner, guys like that.  Josh takes it away and we just kick out three.  We're not going to be hesitant on the shot because we know we've got great shooters on the team.

Q.  Yogi, you learned about you are why team tonight the way you got behind 11 points and were able to come back?
YOGI FERRELL:  What I learned about this team is guys didn't get down.  New guys especially, they didn't get down at all.  We were down by almost 15, and guys kept each other up, pounded each other on the butts and stuff.  So I think that is the biggest thing for us is to never get down when people go on runs because the game is all about runs.  So if you just know how to overcome those runs, we'll be okay.

Q.  Yogi, obviously involved on the offense, but nine defensive rebounds is a big number for you.  Just talk about your focus on that area of the game today?
ROBERT JOHNSON:  Yeah, coming to the game was something that we wanted to focus on.  We knew it would be a key for this game and basically a key for the season.  Really those guys just made it easy for me.  Hanner and Collin were going to hit those guys so I just go in and get the ball and clean it up and made it easy to get rebounds.

Q.  Rob, you and James, at some level do you feel it's easier to embrace the big ball because from Canada to here it's pretty obvious you're going to need to play a lot of minutes this season?
ROBERT JOHNSON:  Yeah, I think it's definitely easier because we know we have to be a big part of the team as far as the offense.  We're just happy with the guys we've got.  We've got Nick, Yogi, and James the type of shooters and drivers that we have.  We all can make the game easier for each other from that aspect.  So I think definitely it's going to be a key for this season.

Q.  Coach was talking about the competitiveness.  How much did that help you in this situation?
ROBERT JOHNSON:  Yeah, growing up with three brothers, it was basically always a competition around the house.  So I think coming here with the attitude of Coach Crean and his staff, we basically do competition things every day.  When you're going against guys like Yogi and James, and certain drills just brings the best out of everybody.

Q.  Yogi, you've been around as long as anybody as far as playing on this team.  What is the biggest thing this off‑season and in your first exhibition game, where do you feel like the team is more comfortable?
YOGI FERRELL:  You know, I think Hanner has improved at attacking the rim.  Coach always says be a piranha at the rim, and I feel like he does that offensively and defensively.  He gets in there and hitting those big guys.  So I think that's the biggest thing for him that he's improved on is being a lot more physical.
Maybe the thing he needs to improve on more is being more in control when he catches the ball in the post.  Just slow it down a little bit, taking his time when things kind of get sped up in his mind.

Q.  Can you talk about Collin's play today?
YOGI FERRELL:  I'm not really surprised to see him come out there and play the way he did.  Like he said, he's been shooting with Coach Buck before practice almost every day.  I see him out there, and we call him the shot doctor, Coach Bucks.  So the shot doctor will get your shot right, that's for sure.  So I see him out there every day before practice getting shots.  So all you've got to do is get reps up, reps up.  You've got to that confidence.  He went out there today and showed what he's been doing, and how well he's been doing it.
He's been from treatment every day getting better.  I feel like Collin can be one of those guys that can come in and make a couple threes for us.

Q.  Collin, is there a point in your recovery where you said I feel ahead of schedule?  I feel like I can get back, maybe not specifically for these games, but I can be ready to contribute this season?  It's not something that's going to cost me a lot of this season?
COLLIN HARTMAN:  I don't think there was any one specific point going throughout the rehab and the day that it happened I kept telling myself I'm going to be back for next season because a six‑month period, six‑and‑a‑half months away.  I know it's kind of the early end of it, but the whole mindset I've always had, and these guys have always been telling me you can be back, you can be back, and that's what the staff has been preaching to me.  If I'm in there every day and I'm working, then it's a very attainable goal.

Q.  You obviously played in AAU.  Going from what you saw, what do you see now?  Is he looking like the player that can challenge himself?
YOGI FERRELL:  Yeah, he's kind of looking like his old Steph a little bit when he played at Cathedral.  I think the thing is like I said before, his confidence got up, and I think that is the biggest part.  If he just does everything that coach says, he can get out there on the court and definitely contribute for us.

Q.  Yogi and Rob, you guys had those three and four‑guard line ups.  What do you have to do as far as boxing out?
YOGI FERRELL:  What you have to do is take the guy completely.  The coaches say we don't have to be the ones to get the ball and blocking out the bigger guys, just boxing out so somebody else can get it.  I think that is the main thing we do is trying to carve out space, take those big guys out the lane so the other guys can come in and rebound for us.
ROBERT JOHNSON:  Yeah, that's it.  That's basically what I say.

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