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November 8, 2014

Pat Narduzzi

Dave Warner


PAT NARDUZZI:テつ Give them credit.テつ They did a heck of a job coaching.テつ Barrett was on fire.テつ Did he have an incomplete pass today?テつ I don't know if he threw one bigger than the one at the end.
But, they did a great job executing.テつ We did do a great job executing, but I obviously, didn't do a great job coaching and preparing them to go, and we will bounce back.

Q.テつ The defensive line‑‑ I just drew a blank‑‑ the defensive line coach a couple weeks ago, talked about lack of development about the defensive ends.テつ Tonight was a night that the guys looked tired.テつ Did you think lack of depth there hurt?
PAT NARDUZZI:テつ I don't think so.テつ We'll see the tape, and it's hard to tell sitting up with the monitors from the field, but it didn't look like it.
They did a good job schematically.テつ The hit a couple good plays on us, had good players with good techniques, and it just seemed like they were one step ahead of us all day.

Q.テつ You guys played so aggressively.テつ Got your safeties up 10 yards from the line of scrimmage.テつ Were you thinking about playing zone or anything in the second half, and did they take you out of what you do well?
PAT NARDUZZI:テつ Our kids have confidence in what we do, they throw an unbelievable fade and the kid stretches out, Gary Hicks had some great hands on that one.テつ And then the slant that went the distance and it just comes down to technique.テつ I don't think anything else hurt us.
We play a lot of zone.テつ You might think it's a man, but we do play a lot of zone.テつ But they do a good job of giving us some bump pass action in coverage and not giving our kids an opportunity.テつ They did a nice job.
But, you got to get those guys to stop the run, too, and we didn't do a good enough job.テつ You know, it's a fine line.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the fourth down play call that went for a loss?
DAVE WARNER:テつ Yeah, bad call on my part, no doubt.テつ I think that was a critical part because it was ‑‑ we knew we needed to score.テつ It was a critical part of the game.テつ Just to sort of put the pressure back on them.テつ Thought we were going to get them in a different defense and sort of surprise them, but that wasn't a very good play call.

Q.テつ Pat, did they throw you anything that you were surprised to see or was it just plays that they made after the snap?
PAT NARDUZZI:テつ They had a couple different plays, a couple different routes, but nothing that we weren't able to adjust to early.テつ Just didn't make the plays.テつ That's what it comes down to.
They have got a talented football team and when you're playing a football team like that, they have a lot of good athletes and they made the plays and we didn't.テつ And we should have done a better job coaching.

Q.テつ Was there anything you saw in practice this week that would have led you to believe‑‑ were you concerned about a performance like this?
PAT NARDUZZI:テつ No, not at all.テつ Our kids practiced well all week.テつ We had three good practices.テつ And they were better than our scout team, I'll put it that way.テつ I think they played the best.テつ They came in and played and got it.テつ And we didn't step up and meet the challenge.

Q.テつ Coach, so much of what you guys do is based on the confidence of those corners.テつ You got two games now where some pretty tough teams have run by you.テつ Do you make any adjustments or how do you keep your kids confident moving forward?
DAVE WARNER:テつ Those things are going to happen.テつ The kids got confidence in what they're doing, and the guy ran through us and beat the safety there.テつ And we need to put a check in there to fix that.テつ And we need to give our offense a chance.テつ You should win a game when you score as many points as we scored.

Q.テつ Coach, JT's accuracy, is that among the things that was most impressive about him?
PAT NARDUZZI:テつ No question about it.テつ He made about every shot he could and he threw balls on target.テつ And he hasn't shown to be really that consistent.テつ I got a lot of respect for him.テつ He's a great football player and he played a great game.テつ He didn't throw off the mark at all.テつ He threw it where his guys were able to make the catch.
We were there, but just didn't make the play.テつ And again, it comes down to a guy that threw the ball where it needed to be thrown.テつ You got to give him credit for that.テつ He's a heck of a quarterback.

Q.テつ He was also comfortable, that lack of pressure, was that surprising to you?
PAT NARDUZZI:テつ A little bit.テつ We got the ball out quick when we did pressure.テつ They got off quickly and so it just wasn't enough.テつ So we did pressure.テつ We applied pressure, we just didn't make plays and they got the ball out quick.テつ Recognize it, whatever you want to call it, the quarterback did a good job of seeing what was going on.

Q.テつ You expressed regret for one play called.テつ In hindsight, is there anything you could have done differently?
DAVE WARNER:テつ Not talking game plan wise.テつ I think I would have made some different calls.テつ After we got, I think it was the first half, we had the turnover or, I can't remember, we were in the red zone and we didn't score.テつ We missed the field goal.テつ That drive, there, I should have made a couple different calls right there.
But I think our game plan was okay.テつ I think our players executed.テつ We ran the ball well, obviously.テつ In the second half, we had to become a little bit more of a pass team and we did okay with that, but obviously, not enough.

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