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November 8, 2014

Eric Judge

Quinn Kaehler

Calvin Munson

IDAHO – 21

Q.  How did you guys feel about the game at halftime?
QUINN KAEHLER:  I think we just knew we had to play better, but they came out fighting.  They played a really good first half, and they played a good game.  So we just knew we were in a fight and had to play better in the second half to win.
CALVIN MUNSON:  Defensively, kind of like Quinn said, their offense came out.  They were running the ball, passing where they needed to.  They did a good job of coming out and playing hard.  Yeah, I mean, our thing at halftime was we've got to play better.  We've got to play our ball.

Q.  Their quarterback in the first half had a lot of space.  Obviously he was a guy you just didn't see a lot of, but it had to be a frustrating first half this evening, yet six first downs?
CALVIN MUNSON:  Yeah, definitely one of our big goals every week is to go get the quarterback and put some pressure on him.  He did a good job of making space and making big plays with his feet.  Credit to him, he did a lot of good things running the ball.

Q.  What changed, do you think, in the second half?  I don't think he ran actually after he got drilled by Jake.
CALVIN MUNSON:  Yeah, well, another thing we changed was we just tried to keep him in the pocket instead of trying to collapse it and letting him get outside.  That was another big change we've just got to keep contain on him and keep outside contain.

Q.  Talk about what that hit from Jake did for you guys?
CALVIN MUNSON:  Yeah, a big play like that is a momentum swing.  Gets the defense fired up.  We thrive on big plays like that.  That was a huge hit.  Defense, we love stuff like that.

Q.  What was his reaction when he thought he was going to get kicked out for the hit.  Did you see?
CALVIN MUNSON:  I didn't get to talk to him at all.  We had him come over to the sideline and I went in for him, so I didn't get a chance to talk to him.

Q.  Quinn, it seemed like you guys had some rhythm tonight, had some space, a little bit of time.  How did you feel out there with what you guys were able to do?
QUINN KAEHLER:  I think we did a better job than we had in previous weeks.  I felt like the receivers did a good job really understanding where they had to be in certain coverages, and the offensive line gave enough time for me to deliver the ball.

Q.  Could you talk about how it feels to get a win?
QUINN KAEHLER:  It feels good.  We've kind of struggled in the past games, so it definitely feels good when we can get some rhythm like we had tonight.  We're not completely there yet, but we're working for it.

Q.  You got some nice hook‑ups with Ezell tonight.  Was it nice to get that?
QUINN KAEHLER:  Yeah, we felt good in practice, and it just hadn't really come together last game, but it did this game and it felt good.

Q.  The flip side of that, how good is it when you know when you get the ball to the guy, you beat the guys by ten yards what is that like?
QUINN KAEHLER:  Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want to race Judge.  I don't think I would fare very well.  But he's really good with the ball once he catches it.  He's got great speed, so it's exciting every time I get him the ball and he has a little bit of room.

Q.  On that play, what did you see?
QUINN KAEHLER:  It was just a slant, and he got bumped a little bit and then kind of separated from the corner.  Once I got the ball to him, I kind of realized the seam that he had there, and I was just hoping he would take off and he did.

Q.  Eric, this game (No microphone).

Q.  What was this game like (No microphone)?
ERIC JUDGE:  It was a great game.  I was excited to be back without a knee brace and to be able to play at full speed, full potential, being able to do what I do, which is catch the ball and run.

Q.  How long have you been back?
ERIC JUDGE:  This is the second week.

Q.  Eric, what was that slant touchdown?
ERIC JUDGE:  Catch the ball, run, don't let them catch me.  That was the first thought when I caught the ball.  It was "can't be caught, can't be caught," and that's what happened.

Q.  You catch it and there are two guys kind of converging on you.  That's when you were literally ten yards in front.  It was not a big race.  Did it feel good?
ERIC JUDGE:  Yeah, it felt great knowing I could split two defenders like that.  I'd like to get the chance more often.

Q.  You had a big first couple of games and then the injury happened.  Everybody's been pretty quiet about it for obvious reasons.  Were you pretty frustrated by not being at your best after a really good start?
ERIC JUDGE:  Yeah, it was very frustrating because knowing I have the potential to make plays and not being able to make plays is devastating.

Q.  When you think about your injuries (No microphone)?
QUINN KAEHLER:  Yeah, a little bit because he obviously couldn't use one of his best assets, which is his speed, so obviously it hurt us a little bit offensively because he's a Key part of what we do in the pass game.  So it was a little rough for a few weeks.

Q.  Was it good to get the win in front of a big crowd tonight and sort of get your ship righted a little bit?  Any of you guys.
QUINN KAEHLER:  Yeah, it's fun playing in front of that many people.  The crowd was good, but most importantly we wanted to win this game, but all the extra stuff makes it just a little bit more fun.

Q.  (No microphone) was it cool at the end to be in a tight game and you came through and had a big crowd sitting there.  Did it feel good to hear that noise?
CALVIN MUNSON:  Yeah, definitely.  On defense we love to hear the noise and the super loud crowd to get their offense a little rattled.  On third down I love it being super loud and can't hear myself.  Definitely, defense we like that stuff.

Q.  Do you think this works in some ways the defense that you guys have had because it wasn't going really well in the first half.  You guys controlled a lot of teams with your defense.  This was not one of those.
CALVIN MUNSON:  Yeah, this is a game where offense definitely picked up where we were slacking.  Defense, we just had to‑‑ I guess it was a big test in the fact that we weren't doing so well and had to come back, fight some adversity, and we just had to play better.

Q.  (No microphone)?
QUINN KAEHLER:  I don't know if it's one thing in particular.  We're starting to get more healthy.  You know, Ezell and Judge, and then the rest of the guys are playing well too.  It just kind of came together tonight.  I can't tell you why we had been pretty successful in practice the last couple of weeks, but it hasn't really showed.  We're just glad it could show tonight.

Q.  (No microphone)?
QUINN KAHLER:  It's good.  Getting better every week.

Q.  (No microphone)?
CALVIN MUNSON:  Definitely.  A big defensive swing like that giving the ball back to our offense in a situation like that late in the game, yeah, that was huge when Gavert jumped on it.  I was super excited, and something like that really helps our team get some momentum.

Q.  I think that was one of the first turnovers you guys had gotten deep in your own territory, part of the red zone success against you guys.  So did that do anything for you guys?
CALVIN MUNSON:  Definitely.  Every week we stress red zone and how we've got to get better at it.  Try to force the field goal or turn the ball over.  Tonight, turn the ball over, that is the best situation we could get down there.

Q.  Eric (No microphone)?
ERIC JUDGE:  Simple play at practice.  Very simple, come back, and then just it was placed wrong and I just fell over it.

Q.  What did they tell you the injury was at the time?
ERIC JUDGE:  Just bone bruise, hyperextension.

Q.  Before UNLV?
ERIC JUDGE:  Yeah, before UNLV, the Thursday before.

Q.  Calvin, you mentioned (No microphone).  Talk about how on a play like that you guys are getting out a step closer?
CALVIN MUNSON:  It definitely feels good.  For us to step up in a big situation like that definitely is a good momentum boost.  I mean, yeah, just backs against the wall in a situation like that, we knew we had to get a turnover.  So it's good knowing we got it.

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