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November 8, 2014

Jameis Winston

Virginia – 20
Florida State - 34

Q. Rashad had a career high catches tonight.  How is the chemistry going with you and Rashad and is he one of your favorite partners?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Definitely.  Rashad, me and him have a‑‑ you could say we have a past.  Me and him and Nick, obviously.  But he's just such a game changer, and I'm just blessed to have him.

Q.  Assess your performance tonight.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  My performance, well, as a quarterback we got a win, but I've got to play better, man.  I don't grade myself A, B, C or D, but I've got to play better.

Q.  What can you do better?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Make smart decisions, not turn the ball over.  I'm hurting this team, I really am.

Q.  Did you go to the sidelines and talk to your receivers when you do get an interception, calm down and go over?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, no, we don't make a negative a bigger negative.  I just tell them I've got y'all, and we bounce back.  That's one thing that the offense has helped me with, bouncing back.  They always have my back, but I've got to stop hurting this team.

Q.  Tonight you guys bounced back earlier on in the first half.  What do you attribute that to?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  The defense.  The defense kept us in this ballgame.  I mean, they played a great game.  Honestly, if I don't throw picks, they probably don't score.  If I don't give them good field position, they don't score.

Q.  Jimbo said some of the young receivers are breaking off the routes every once in a while.  How important is it to build up that‑‑
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Oh, they've already got my trust now.  It's on me now.  They done got where they need to get.  Obviously they've got to get better, but we've got some chemistry.  They've made some big plays for us lately, but I've got to stop turning the ball over.  That's five picks in the past two games.

Q.  The picks came early in this game.  Have you done anything to straighten things out?  Obviously later in the game you didn't have that problem.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, late in the game, that's when I got it turned around.  It's not really‑‑ it's not to the point, it's not the offense starting slow now, it's just me starting slow, throwing interceptions, and that has to change.

Q.  What do you think the fix is to that?  How do you fix that?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Make smarter decisions, stop always looking for the big play.  I stressed about checking the ball down and making smart decisions, and I've got to go back to that.  I can't be careless with the ball.

Q.  Did you know your last pass to Rashad was a career high for him.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I didn't know that, but I'm not surprised by anything Rashad Greene does.  I'm not surprised at all.  That guy is amazing.

Q.  What is the safety net to have him out there?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  You know, the chemistry that we have, I always know where he's going to be, and the quarterback‑‑ when you've got a guy like that that just, you know, hey, it's 3rd and 20, I've got Rashad one‑on‑one, I've got a good match‑up.  Same with Nick, those guys that I've built trust in, guys that I've had in the past, but those young guys, man, they're coming on.  Travis Rudolph was kind of silent tonight, but that guy is a player.  Ermon stepped up big‑time with that high.  I think it was a 3rd down, he caught a pass and almost took us to the house.  He looked faster than he did in the Wake Forest game, I'll tell you that.

Q.  You guys have Miami coming up next week.  During the media day, ACC in North Carolina, you said that is one of the games you come to Florida State to play.  Is it going to be any different this week getting ready for Miami?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, the mentality probably will be different because we've got players from the state of Florida that know about this rivalry and just live and breathe this rivalry.  It's definitely going to be a great experience for me to go to Miami and play against those guys because they have a great team, and they're looking to be the team to beat us.  I think we're going to have a great week of practice.  We're going to go to Miami, and we're going to play good Florida State football.

Q.  Does Jimbo do or say anything different the week before a rivalry game?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No, not at all, man.  I mean, me and Coach Fisher, we're just alike.  These big‑time games, we live them.  That's probably why he has his job and that's probably why I love playing at Florida State.

Q.  Is there any extra motivational speech or anything?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No.  If he's motivated, he gets more aggressive, he gets more anxious to play that game.

Q.  You've got three regular season games left.  Is the prize in sight?  Are you counting on that yet?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Taking one game at a time.  You know, we've got to take one game at a time.  I've got to stop turning the ball over, and we've got to start making some noise in the first half.  But the good thing is our defense is playing lights out.  They continue to play better and better, but my job as the leader of the team and as the quarterback of this team, I have to put both sides of the ball in good position to win the game.

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