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November 8, 2014

Kevin Wilson

Penn State – 13
Indiana - 7

KEVIN WILSON:  Guys battled hard, tough loss.  They made plays more than we did.  Tough game.  Pleased with the way we played.  Got to keep working on it.

Q.  Talk about how your defense had 11 or 12 stops, couldn't have asked too much more from them except for that one play?
KEVIN WILSON:  Yeah, and they just‑‑ we didn't mean to.  They kind of read a lead draw iso play, and I think one of our young backers thought it was a split zone look and just didn't properly fit in the right area.  We were in a quarters two‑deep look, and their back is a solid player and just hit the seam and had the one big play.  Other than that, the run defense was okay.  Got our hands on some balls, got some pressure, but those kids played hard.  It's something to build on.
Penn State, I know they've got some line injuries, and like ourselves, I know they're still kind of working through some offensive issues, but it's something to build on, and that's what we talked afterwards.  It was nice to see, but we expect to see that.  We want to start seeing more consistency like that, and those guys really need to start up and start playing some good Big Ten defense.  We haven't had that.  We've had a couple good days.  We need back‑to‑back with at least three games remaining.  Appreciate the way they played.  Want to build on it.

Q.  A couple key drops by your receivers during your second half.  How do you evaluate the play of your receivers?
KEVIN WILSON:  Again, tough, and real young.  You talk about the quarterback not doing well.  I thought the one play in particular gets us down an easier scoring opportunity.  We went for a long field goal after that, and we could have with the wind tried to sky punt it.  We thought we had the leg to get it there and didn't.  It didn't hurt us as far as them scoring after that, but that was a nice one.
Again, time on task.  Young receiver, that was a freshman receiver, it's a freshman quarterback.  They've still been here long enough, they've all been here through summer, they've got five months on task.  They need to be a little bit better.
They had some drops, but we need to clean it up, and everybody talks about the quarterback, but when protection firms up, you can see Cam make some plays and he can run around, and he'll need to get better, but his surrounding players need to play better.  That hurt him for sure.

Q.  What did you like (inaudible)?
KEVIN WILSON:  Well, for the most part at the end, we tried.  We tried one route at the end, put one in the middle late and got a pick.  I appreciate the way our defense, two times bowed up for the stop and bowed up fair for a field goal still giving us a chance at 13‑7.  Even only a minute left, still a chance, and that's all‑‑ if you've got that, at least you've got a shot at it.
You know, he didn't force the ball, played‑‑ I think the more you can tell in warm‑ups, I think he's more used to, just like I was laughing, it's amazing how you're only three weeks in, but he's just more comfortable.  He's gaining on it.  We'll keep doing some things with him, but we've got to keep finding ways.  Penn State is a good defense.  They can stop the run without overloading it, so as we threw the ball, they still had the leverage on receivers.  We didn't have a bunch of wide‑open guys.  We did have a couple drops on some intermediate passing.
I appreciate the way Zander played and battled.  He's getting better, but he's got miles to go between now and Saturday.  He's just a freshman.  Our whole offense has got a long way to go.

Q.  One offensive touchdown in the last two quarters.  What do you have to do to get that going?
KEVIN WILSON:  Well, getting hands on it for sure.  You know, we've went round and round between different formation groupings, and of course our passing game has got a little limited in what's going on.  Maybe we've got to do some things defensively.  Got a defensive score today.  We're going to have to create some kicking opportunities, whatever.  We're a little bit different right now.  It just is what it is.  Again, we threw it, we had 40 runs, 28 passes and a couple of times Zander ran, so we had a little bit more balance in the attack today without getting wide open.  He didn't get sacked a lot.  He moved around okay.  But again, we've just got a lot of work with that crowd right now, just piecing it together without getting fragmented too much.

Q.  You talk about quarterbacks, and it's important to hear what they see out there.  Is he starting to see a little better?
KEVIN WILSON:  To some degree, but at the same time I still think there's just a lot going on.  He can go the wrong way in a heartbeat or get bluffed a little bit, so time will test.  But the more he plays, the more relaxed he's getting.  I think the more he plays, we're doing a little better trying to help him out, but we've got to keep helping him and he's got to keep coming along and his teammates got to keep helping him.

Q.  How would you assess Tevin's play today?  Still under 100, but it seemed like he ran hard.
KEVIN WILSON:  Yeah, he always does, and again, we're not necessarily trying to always get his stats as much as win the game.  We try to get some few screens out there and he was negative in the pass game to get the ball on the perimeter.  We just had a hard time getting the ball outside, and they're pretty stout.  We didn't block them inside.  He ran hard, had a great week of practice.  Again, I think he's a phenomenal player.  They were giving up 77 as a team.  He had 70 on him.  So he had a solid day, but I know he's going to be disappointed because he wanted to win, and that was a game we needed to win.  We needed to make some plays, we just didn't quite get it done.

Q.  10 penalties, can you talk about that?
KEVIN WILSON:  Yeah, I think the last four games we had three, four and five, so I don't know what happened all of a sudden.  So our track record was we had three, we had four, and we had five, and then all of a sudden we had 10.  It wasn't like, well, we had great coaching to get to three, and all of a sudden it was bad to get to 10, but all of a sudden it was three, four, five, and it was 10 today.  It is what it is.  Hands outside, hands to the face, a couple procedures.  That's just the nature of the game.  Didn't really affect the game.  Maybe sometimes we had a drive going and got a 2nd and 15, 20, and that was kind of hard to overcome, but other than that, that's a good team, and sometimes when you play hard, your hands are going to get outside and you get something.  I didn't have an issue with anything other than just the way we just played.

Q.  Did anything happen to Nick?
KEVIN WILSON:  He tweaked a ham the other day.  They didn't know if he could go.  He warmed up and looked good, and as a matter of fact he kind of went in thinking he wasn't going to go.  He was available, but at the same time he actually tweaked a ham last week, he didn't‑‑ he did some light work all week.  We really warmed him up and he looked very good in warm‑ups.  I asked him if he was ready.  He said yeah.  I think Kevin just felt not having practiced in all of that time, and it wasn't nothing he had done.  But the way he warmed up, I sense he'll be good to move forward this week.

Q.  If Zander had gotten dinged would you have had to use Cameronor Walker?
KEVIN WILSON:  Yeah, that's kind of our next deal.  It would be Danny first.  We just got Zeke Walker from high school to do some of that stuff, and then we've got Bryce Smith, the walk‑on.  So that's the four bodies we've got right now.  That's what we're working.  But Danny is the second guy right now.

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