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November 5, 2014

Bobby Petrino

BOBBY PETRINO:  Well, we're excited to travel to Boston College.  We're coming off a tough loss versus Florida State, but I think our team has rebounded well.  We went out yesterday and had a good practice.  We know it's going to be a great challenge there.  They're a very physical team that can really run the football, and they play great defense.  We're looking forward to the challenge.

Q.  Just wanted to look at this upcoming match‑up with Boston College, just what you can say about Steve Addazio and what he's been able to do with that program and just how strong they've looked this year.
BOBBY PETRINO:  Well, he's done a great job there in a short period of time.  One of the things that's impressive about their football team is they continue to get better each week as the year goes on, and that means they're doing a great job of coaching.  They're very physical.  It's a little different game for us because they're big and physical and will run the ball and have the quarterback runs, so I think it'll be a great challenge for us.

Q.  And then as far as your team, when you look at the growth and you being in your first season back with Louisville, what have you seen the most, some of those key points that you've seen grow?  I know you talked about Boston College improving.  Have you seen any areas of steady improvement with your team?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Yeah, I think the last couple weeks offensively we've gotten into a little bit better rhythm.  We've gotten more of our players back off of injury.  We've struggled getting better early on offense because we had so many different parts every week, but we've kind of settled down now and continue to get better.
We've played great defense all year long, probably with the exception of the fourth quarter the other night versus a great quarterback.  I think defensively we've just got to continue to do the things we've been doing.

Q.  I wanted to ask you a little bit about, you mentioned it briefly in your opening remarks about how your team rebounded.  What concerns did you have about the way they would respond to this challenge coming up after coming off such a tough loss against Florida State?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Well, I think the concerns you have is that we put a lot into the Florida State preparation, you know, emotionally and on the practice field, and then going out and playing with great effort, so you just worry about how you rebound from that.  But I've been impressed with our leadership from our seniors.  I think our assistant coaches have done a great job getting them ready to practice yesterday, so we went out and practiced hard, practiced with enthusiasm, and really that's all you can ask of your team is to really focus and do what you need to do on the practice field.

Q.  Just to follow up about DeVante Parker, how impactful was his return to this offense, to this team in general?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Well, he lets us settle down a little bit and understand what we want to do.  It helps our running game, helps get the ball to our other receivers and our tight ends, and he's just a great player, so when we call his number he generally gets open and catches it.
One of the things that he's really impacted us with is his ability to run after the catch, something that we were really missing those first six weeks.

Q.  And in terms of the match‑up against Boston College, Coach Addazio has remarked about the level of defensive play, not only in the league but in this division.  In your first go‑around here in the division, is that something that has caught you by surprise, how tough defenses there are in this division?
BOBBY PETRINO:  It really has, when you look at our schedule and the defenses that we've faced and now you see what Boston College has been able to do in limiting people running the ball and converting 3rd downs.  They're a very good defense.  They're very smart.  They give you a lot of different looks and different pressures that you have to be able to handle, and they're big and physical, so it's a great match‑up.

Q.  You've had a very good run defense this year, but you've got to face that Boston College running game now.  What do you need to do better or differently than some other people in order to contain them this week?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Yeah, it's a different style than we face most of the year.  They give you a lot of different formations.  They also give you two‑tight‑end sets and bring receivers down and put a lot of people at the line of scrimmage, and the addition of doing that and the power run game, then you have a quarterback run game, so there's a lot for us to prepare for in a short period of time.

Q.  Just to follow up on the question from earlier about you mentioned the fourth quarter, your defense in the fourth quarter against FSU, when you go back and when you watch the film from that, did you take away that it was more just FSU being the reigning national champs or were there things on defense you weren't doing or maybe a combination of those two things?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Kind of a combination of both.  There was a few things we missed and we had a few assignment errors.  There was also a couple plays it looked like we would make the play and get an interception and the ball snuck through there, and then there was a question that made throws that most of the guys in the country can't make.

Q.  When you talk about Tyler Murphy from BC, what type of quarterback do you see on film?  Does he remind you of your quarterback right now?
BOBBY PETRINO:  He's been very impressive, you know, his ability to run the football and he's very powerful and fast.  One of the things that he impresses you with is his decision making.  He's been making really good decisions and been very consistent for them, and then his ability to execute their play action game.

Q.  How have you guys moved on from last week's tough loss and how do you get ready for Saturday after that tough loss?
BOBBY PETRINO:  Well, it was tough.  We had some extra days in there and we gave them a little bit of time off, and I was impressed the way we came back on the practice field yesterday.  We practiced with a good attitude, a lot of energy, and I think our seniors are providing good leadership for us.

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