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November 3, 2014

Kevin Wilson

COACH WILSON:¬† You guys ready to go?¬† Recapping last week, our performance at Michigan.¬† Defensively, thought three players played well in Bobby Richardson, Timmy Bennett, Chase Dutra.¬† Chase was our defensive player of the game.¬† Those guys had winning performances, we need more than just three.¬† Not just because Chase had to pick.¬† He had some good opportunities to help make some plays one‑on‑one, make some plays on the ball.¬† And really just did a nice job, good to see and thought he played really, really well, Timmy and Bobby were solid as well, but only one guy gets player of the game.¬† Typically give that to one or two.
From an defensive standpoint, some missed opportunities.¬† Chance to get some stops, got hands on the balls, got position to do some things, gave the quarterback several times way too much time to protect in a four‑man pressure.¬† Didn't like the last possession.¬† The game was at hand, give up basically half the field, 50 cheap yards on two runs, didn't like the week before.¬† Hung in there, played and won some defensive battles.¬† Our red zone defense, we got to get some stops, hold 'em to three after two turnovers, get a stop, get a block or turnover.¬† We've allowed people to score when they get down there, so we're going to play in some games, have a chance to be close, we gotta get some stops, minimize points.¬† So from a defensive deal, missed some opportunities.¬† Red zone defense has to be more consistent and last possession we didn't like when they hit the two runs on us when the game was kinda over.
Offensively we didn't recognize anyone as a player of game.  From across the board, up front, perimeter, skill players, issues there, we didn't like the two fumbles, gave them the ball on the 27 and the 20, for 14 other points in general across the board, didn't play physical like we needed to, up front, running game, perimeter, run or pass play like we need to physically, hard, going to work hard to address that with four games, one third of the season remaining.  Passing game, balance, it's obvious there where we're at, we gotta got a lot of work to do, but we keep at it, and get the ball down the field and stay more consistent than the last two games.
Really for the year, we have had a couple of decent outings, but we got to be better with our young receivers and putting the plays together.¬† Special teams, we didn't recognize a player of the game, but we did think our special teams ‑‑ we missed a field goal that bounced off the cross bar but we didn't have a lot of critical errors.¬† We just didn't think we created anything positive in the kicking game.¬† Didn't hurt is us, didn't harm us, but at the same time, when you are on the road in a conference game, got to make a play or two, had one decent return by J‑Shun, one decent return, a punt by Shane Wynn, but really didn't have anything ‑‑ didn't have bad performances, didn't have a lot of things glaring we didn't like, but didn't make anything we needed.
Scout players of the week, Tony Thomas, Tyler Briget on defense.¬† Our second and third year guys, walk‑ons, defensively doing a good job.¬† Offensively, Chandler Miller, back‑up receiver, non‑scholarship player and Wes Martin, a guy that's doing really well, we're red shirting, that we're excited about, and he's playing guard and learning some center, so he's going well for a young guy, behind the scenes.
Penn State this week, coming in, they've lost a few, but like our opponent last week they've lost to good teams.¬† They're 4‑4.¬† Coach Franklin has always done a great job through his career, not just as a head coach but as an assistant, so a lot of respect for he and their coaches, in their first year.
Hackenberg at quarterback, one of the better players in our conference, going to throw the ball quite a bit.  Their running game, one of their backs, a good player got injured a week ago.  They do some things at Wildcat, they do some stuff to get the run game going, but they do some stuff that starts with the quarterback and getting the ball down field to some young receivers that are very, very good.  Strength in their team is a very, very strong defense, I think first in our league, sixth or seventh in the country in rush "D", 77 yards a game.  Very good in scoring defense, less than half the time, people getting touchdowns in the scoring zone.
So an outstanding defense that does a great job in run "D" and every game very, very close, very manageable took Ohio State to overtime a few weeks ago, so the games they've lost have been close games and starts because they play great defense.
And then you guys are, I guess aware, behind the scenes last week, Murphy got recognized.¬† That's a pretty neat deal for him.¬† The National Football Foundation deal that came out Thursday, it's a huge honor.¬† Great student, solid player, tremendous honor for him and I think he's the fifth Hoosier, I think Ben Chapel so it's a great thing for he and his family and this program.¬† I think that Tevin Coleman was named a Maxwell Finalist, so he keeps getting some deserved recognition, so we will keep him trying to play, keep our team getting a lot better.¬† One‑third of the season, when you play these last four, finish strong, get these seniors out of here in the right way, and keep pressing this program, and get us into a bowl keep moving here.¬† Questions?

Q.  In terms of pass protections, what kind of changes have you seen in the past couple of weeks?  It seems that in terms of problems he's had, he also doesn't seem to have as much time to throw it.
COACH WILSON:¬† And even if ‑‑ good question, because the thing we've talked about, we've got to find some ways, and Penn State is very solid up front, they're one inside player, Zettel is tremendously active, great player but even when maybe it's not necessarily breaking down, it's collapsing, so it's kinda like a previous boss of mine once said, it's like you're throwing out of the well, he can't step, and you feel like things are in your face.¬† So we talked about firming it up.¬† Now, we missed one the other day on a blitz and just kinda got loose on our sacks, but, you know, in general, when you think you're not throwing well, you look at quarterback protections, as much as anything, then it's route and route timing and syncing procedures, and then it's does the quarterback see it and deliver it, that's really the last part of it.¬† So we have talked about it here since Sunday what can we do to help ourselves out.¬† We tried to move the pocket the other day, wasn't that good.¬† When you start moving out of the pocket, that's nice.¬† You think you can get out of it, you think you can see, but then also the defense can flood and cover half the field.¬† But we have talked about our protection needs to be a lot firmer, second play, third play of the game, basically, was a flare route our protection was so soft he would not throw the flare, because the rush defender was up the field he didn't want to throw it over the guy, and it should be almost like a run block.¬† So we got some things to clean up across the board.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH WILSON:¬† Again, activity, not working the edge of the "O" linemen, not getting thick, not working half a man.¬† The other day, there was ‑‑ we sacked a guy at 7 seconds.
So our coverage was ‑‑ typically we tell our quarterbacks at about 3.5 it needs to be gone, and 4 is pushing it.¬† So we had several plays the other day that were 5 and 6 and 7 or 4‑man deals.¬† Now Michigan did some max protection, kept the tight end in, gapped it up, worked some things loose and kept some things firm, and we really didn't get penalized with a lot of passing plays in that deal, but we've got to get them.¬† Because if you say you're going to blitz to create pressure, fine, you're hanging your coverage out.¬† So you gotta do a little bit of both.¬† But that was one of the disappointing things to me Saturday was not that we didn't have more sacks, but he had too much time, and whether we get the sacks, you know, you gotta stop the run and run it and offensively you gotta protect your quarterback or get after the quarterback, and to me I think that's where it starts, and from there it's ball security and scoring.¬† From a defensive deal your ability to stop the run and make the quarterback uncomfortable and that should be the gist of coach's thoughts and playing every week.¬† Last week we had a couple of activities on Gardner, and we got him a little too comfortable and I think Christian Hackenberg is the same way, I don't care if it's Peyton Manning and Tom Brady yesterday, playing in their game.¬† If a quarterback throws on his terms, he can ‑‑ eventually there is a lot of space in the grass with the nuances of today's passing game, guys are going to get open.¬† The best thing to do is to minimize that time and make that quarterback work. ¬†So we'll look at it.¬† I don't think pressure is our answer, but we gotta find some ways to continue to get there, and some of it is going to be in player development and recruiting.¬† We gotta get a little bit more dynamic and players making some one‑on‑one plays.

Q.  Can you give us the health status on Adrian Drew?
COACH WILSON:¬† You know, he's okay.¬† He doesn't have ‑‑ he's got a shoulder sprain, but the deal is, it's just all inside, so as you go through the week you know, if it's the left side, you can probably do some things, 'cuz it's right, just going to have to wait to see how he can throw the ball as we get into Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.¬†

Q.¬† What about ‑‑
COACH WILSON:  Wilson?  He's good.  He's good.  We had light work last night, and he was good to go.  He's got kind of a bum knee, when he gets rolled up.  Tough kid.  He should be good to go.

Q.¬† Are you getting Cameron more first‑team looks in practice this week?
COACH WILSON:¬† Well, you know, they're getting reps.¬† If you say first, it's taking away from Zander's time, he plays first, so we are trying to get them as many plays as we can, so yesterday there was a point in time yesterday, they're on the field 30 or 40 minutes more, just working footwork, drops, handoff mechanics, so many things you take for granted when you're young, and when you're laboring on, what's the cadence, what's the snap count, then your rhythm drops your reach, your progression and the more you keep thrusting them to do stuff, and we are limited to hours of what we can do.¬† We got the rules and guidelines we have to follow, and we can't overpractice them.¬† He's gonna get reps.¬† I guess by rotation he got snaps in the ones, it's kinda 50‑50 and it's just because they both need reps.¬† You would like to go 100, 100, you'd like to have two practices going at once.¬† It's kinda splitting down the middle right now and it's still Zander's deal.¬† We'll keep bringing him along, based on Nate's status.¬† Bottom line you gotta protect the quarterback, keep him upright, keep him fresh, keep him clean.

Q.  How tough is it this season?  You are shuffling quarterbacks, shuffling offense.  How tough has it been this season?
COACH WILSON:¬† I mean, it is what it is.¬† So you deal with it.¬† What you try to do though is you try to deal with it within the framework and structure what you do.¬† So you don't want brand new jobs for the other ten people.¬† So we have some direct snaps and called it Wildcat whatever last week, but there was not one play that was a new block play.¬† In fact, our runner sometimes panicked and instead of running where he was supposed to, runner took off, bouncing outside, when it's an A‑gap, inside play or a cut‑back play, whatever, so as we try to evolve and do what we can do, and give us a chance to score, we got to get the ball to our running backs, we gotta get the ball to Shane Wynn, gotta get the down the field, and at the same time it doesn't need to be a new play for the left guard or the right tackle.¬† Fortunately we have been here long enough that those kids know a lot of the concepts and each week's concepts are different based on defense.¬† This week, Penn State's defense is not exactly like Michigan's, it's ‑‑¬† there are similarities, but not exactly like it.
So each week offensively, certain run plays or routes or protections get up or down based on the structure of the team you're going against and how you wanna attack it.  Right now as we keep evolving it's trying to find more ways to have some balance get the ball down the field, get it outside, got to throw it more, but it's a little bit of a confidence factor, I mean he's, like you say, protection breaks down he takes off runnin' around.  You got one quarterback hit, how many times we wanting the next quarterback getting hit.  So you just got some dynamics you're doing at the same time we can't go into a shell and get three plays and punt, we got at that get the ball down the field, gotta get the ball in the end zone.  It's going to be tough against these guys, but we're gonna find some ways to do it, we got to.

Q.  What are your thoughts on Cameron's mechanics?  I know you weren't looking to play him this year, but how are his mechanics coming along and what are your thoughts on that?
COACH WILSON:¬† Yeah, and I don't know what, I mean say you're not looking to play him, whatever.¬† He graduated early, he throws it well, he's got a strong enough arm to do some things but right now with protection and with his footwork, he missed a wide‑open stop route the other day just instead of throwing it too, he's stepping over here so it's kinda like, you know, in Don's Golfing World, I think I know I'm hitting it down the middle but I'm pointing 40 yards left of target with my body and I go to throw and I'm off target.¬† So as you're young and you're a little bit all over the place, just your foot work and things get out of place.
It's not an excuse, it's just things that you take for granted when you're laboring on everything, working to get the snap count, communication, what's going on, take a deep breath, where's the coverage, what's the rotation, what's going on and now play the game.¬† The more he plays, the easier it's going to be, that's the issues with Dan Cameron.¬† Danny hadn't played yet, so you throw him out there, hey it's not just put the next guy out there.¬† It's a lot going on, you put him under fire as much as you can, we will do as much this week as we can this week, so they feel people, we've been doing that, we try to get our defense to feel people coming at you so you've gotta make shots.¬† Of course you get in the game and your urgency and stress levels even increase more, because of practice mistakes, it's a practice mistake but‑‑ you get in the game and it has major ramifications to the outcome of the game so you get hesitant, you get all over the place.
Again, mechanically he's good, he's got to get bigger, stronger but again as far as ‑‑ if we're throwin the go ball, if we're throwin post, he's got the arm strength to do some stuff, same time when the pocket is breaking down he starts running for plays, not good, when he gets hyper and doesn't set his feet, his rhythm gets out and no one is good, and that's kinda where he is right now.¬† In practice he's looked if good but that's practice, you can throw like that forever.¬† He's got to take that into the game environment.¬† We'll see if we can keep getting him there, because we're going to have to throw a lot better Saturday.

Q.  (No microphone.)
COACH WILSON:  We'll have Danny go down there once in a while and we're going to do a little bit of good on good.  At that time of the year there will be some things, for example defensively and offensively, like hey they run this formation, this play, we'll run it for your defensive.  Hey, defensively they like this coverage or front or structure, can you run it for us.  Sometimes you can get a little bit of your practice in good on good.  That's good for the young quarterback because you get a little bit more of game speed.
We've got Bryce Smith who is our next guy who is a walk‑on kid from down state, from Southern Indiana.¬† He's been our scout team guy, has been it for the last week or two, but that's what it is right now but we will do a little bit of good on good to manage it.¬† We will do 7 on 7 good on good, because the quarterback needs to feel the speed and the defense needs to feel some route running so we do half of our stuff good on good.¬† One's on one's, two's on two's.

Q.  You talked about it before, but when somebody fumbles, is it the coach's discretion how long they sit out?
COACH WILSON:¬† Yeah and that goes back ‑‑ I mean, Coach Walker did that, well Coach Mallory did it to Coach Walker, I think the exact words were, "By God Walker, don't you fumble that ball."¬† Coach Mal, when he did the ol' spittin' and pointing at it.¬† So that's how Coach Walker, and McCall, when he fumbled, came out.¬† Travis Burnitz came out.¬† Damien Anderson, Northwestern, came out, Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma, came out.
So didn't matter who it was, where it was.¬† Navy, a couple years ago, we're trying to get a first down, Tevin as a freshman goes the wrong way, Steven Houston left the ball on the ground the drive before, that's why the freshman was in the game.¬† That rule has never changed because if we allow fumbling, it's just ‑‑ Buck can tell you ‑‑ I mean, that was your rule, right?¬† You don't let go of the ball, and it was taught by Coach Mallory, right?¬† It doesn't matter, you don't let go of the ball.
And the only guy that gets a break is the QB because he's so dynamic to everything, you just gotta bust his chops in practice.¬† But doesn't matter whether you're a tight end, receiver, returner, ball security is utmost, and we do all the drill work, but there needs to be something to that.¬† Those guys know it, and that's why we've actually again been ‑‑ if you look at our track record, a pretty good small fumble team in our time here.¬† You don't talk about, but there is things we need to create more defensively, but that's how we were raised on it, coached on it.
And, again, it could be for‑‑ matter of fact, FYI, we went Wildcat to get him back in the game, and I made that call to get him back in, that's how we broke the ice the other day, hey, I'm goin' Wildcat, let's go, because I had both tailbacks out.¬† So that kinda, sudden play call in the second drive.¬† So we gotta make our point, but we'll lose the game if the best player is allowed to get a break, and we'll keep losing games.¬† We told him a couple of weeks ago when we recognized how good he was, that meant he had the bullet on his chest, and he needs to be held to a higher standard, because when you are the better player it's a little bit of everybody is watching your work habits.¬† He's the greatest worker on our team, he's the best player on our team.¬† At the same time he's human, and we gotta stay with that, and that ‑‑ that's the way I've been taught since 1990, that's the way it's always been, and it's never been inconsistent, didn't matter the game, the opponent, didn't matter where.¬† And that's why we like D'Angelo Roberts as a good back, and that's the way you go.¬† It will be that way every game.

Q.  Maybe it's a Big Ten secret, but the Big Ten Network showed a picture of play calls on the Indiana sideline, and it was a picture of four female sportscasters.  What does that signal?
COACH WILSON:¬† Well, if it's blonde hair, does it have an "L" going left, and if it's red hair does it have an "R" going right, or ‑‑ if I told you everything we would have to kill you.
Like who all is hurt, and who is practicing.  They don't give us an update of every injury.  Looked like Hackenberg hit his head pretty hard next to last play, fumbled the last snap, did he have a concussion Saturday?  Why don't you guys check that out, let me know if he's in or out this week.  He snapped his head on the turf.
You got those boxes up there, and everybody does it and it could be numbers, names, words.¬† They just know when to look at that, when not.¬† Is it dummy?¬† It's a part of your‑‑ it's also an indicator of where the signals are because it helps us‑‑ if you were actually on the home side, it would protect them from stealing your signals, because you're holding signs up where the people in the box are looking at you can't steal your stuff, and on the other side they're looking at you.¬† It has several purposes.¬† It can serve where signals are, it can be a way of disguising, although we're always on the visiting side, so they can see you.¬† Because people got eyes on you trying to figure out what your play calls are.
Our guys just know when to look up and what does the Twitter signal mean.  Does it mean anything?  And sometimes it's just like when Peyton Manning, and around this world saying Omaha, does that mean anything or is it dummy language?  A lot of times things are dummy, but it's all part of the disguise and the mechanics of play calling, and using your language and your signaling and your information signal, to not make it so obvious what you're doing.  You guys good?  See ya.

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