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November 1, 2014

Quandre Diggs

John Harris

Texas – 34
Texas Tech - 13

Q.  Someone said you may be the angriest man in Austin.  Did you take it out on Mahomes?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  It was just a good hit.  Came in, saw he was running, did what I was supposed to do to get my team fired up.  That's plays I need to make each and every week to get the guys going and do what I do.

Q.  What kind of a turning point was that for the team to get the momentum going?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  I think it was huge.  Anytime you can get the ball back for the offense and great field position, you know, is a great feeling, and just getting another take‑away in the game, we win.  Getting that opportunity to make a play was fun to get it done, and I'm sure John and them appreciated it.  If.

Q.  John, can you weigh in on that?
JOHN HARRIS:  That's something we expect.  Those guys play physical like that in practice every day, so it's nothing new when we see it on the field, and that's just the type of intensity our defense plays with.  It's fun to watch Quandre get big hits like that and get the ball back to our offense.

Q.  John, what was the difference with the offense this week?
JOHN HARRIS:  Just the rhythm.  We had a rhythm going there in the game.  Our defense, they kept fighting even when we didn't get anything clicking.  When we finally got something going, the ground game was working and the pass game was working, so we were in a rhythm today and everything felt comfortable.

Q.  When Tyrone threw the 68‑yarder, there was somebody in the press box that said, he's not open.  Did you feel like you were going to catch it all the way through?
JOHN HARRIS:  The way we run it in practice, that ball goes to Ship, so I was kind of in shock when he threw it.  But he was expecting me to go make a play and those guys on defense were expecting me to make a play, so that's what I gotta go do.

Q.  Do you feel like it was your night especially on the first of drive, the ball was through the wrong shoulder, you have to come back around.  After you make that catch, you're off and running at that point?  The?
JOHN HARRIS:  Yeah, once you make a big catch you got to get relaxed and keep playing.  Anytime I get a big catch even if I start off with a small catch, I'm going to keep playing and keep waiting for that moment.

Q.  First time you guys (No microphone.)
JOHN HARRIS:  They ran behind their passing tonight, they were physical running.  We helped them out, the wide receivers helped them blocking and digging out the safeties, but Malcolm and J. Gray ran hard tonight.

Q.  Is this the fist complete game that this team has played all year?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  I wouldn't say complete.  I think we can all get better in each phase of the game, but we played a well‑rounded game, and we got tog get back to work this week and be can't just‑‑ we are going to enjoy this one right now, but once tomorrow hits, we gotta get back to work.

Q.  You guys had some awesome chances with dropped balls and interceptions, even though you won and it was a good game, do you feel the sting when you watch those go through their hands?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  I laugh at them because I tell them they don't have any hands.  I feel like I got the best hands on the team, including, John, so I give those guys a tough time all the time and Duke, he's wracking up PBUs, and when you wrack up PBUs, that means your hands terrible.  I just give those guys a hard time, and I expect them to go out and make those plays, and I know if they get the opportunity next week, they will go out and make them.

Q.  (No microphone.)
QUANDRE DIGGS:  We just always say we need a place to stand, need a place to standing and out and play defense and go out and have fun.  That's the thing I love about this team, as a coaching staff and on the side lines, we're cracking up and having fun.  When you can be lose like that you go out and play the game and just have fun.  So definitely the coaches rub off on us and we want to go out and have fun and get a great stop.

Q.  Do you feel like you are released from the pressure after tonight?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  I would hope so but you have to have the same mind‑set going into next week and go out and make plays.

Q.  What's thekey to building on this win?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  We can't rest it on it.  It's one win, we going to have fun tonight and enjoy it, and tomorrow get back to watching film and learn from our mistakes we made tonight.

Q.  Talk about Swoopes bouncing back after the ball goes out of the back of his hand.
JOHN HARRIS:  We told him to calm down and play the game that you know to play.  He's been in tough situations this year so that was nothing knew to him so all he had to do is relax and get in a rhythm and make some plays for them and we did that and he was fine the rest of the game.

Q.  On offense, it seemed like you were balanced, good pass and run game, what was the key to that?
JOHN HARRIS:  Just the run game, when you your run game‑‑ when you're moving the ball on the ground like that they can't load the box.  They're going to have to respect the pass down the field and they're going to man you up one‑on‑one.  When your run games running the ball, you have a rush over 100 yards, that means guys are in the box.  That's putting receivers out there one‑on‑one and giving you the opportunities to make plays.
QUANDRE DIGGS:  What you gonna do, John?
JOHN HARRIS:  Make a play.
QUANDRE DIGGS:  John makin' John

Q.  Freshman quarterback making his first‑ever start, you get another freshman that's never played before, you guys pinning your ears back at that point?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  Just go out and have fun.  Could have got the starter.  We gotta go out there and play football.  I don't worry too much about who lines up.  I want to make a play and compete.  It's fun, talk some trash and have fun.

Q.  What was Charlie's message in the locker room after this?
QUANDRE DIGGS:  That's for the locker room.

Q.  (Quesiton about feeling bad about Mahomes getting hurt.)
QUANDRE DIGGS:  He signed up to play football.  Sometimes that happens.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, guys.

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