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November 1, 2014

DeAndre Washington

Texas – 34
Texas Tech - 13

Q.  Of course you've been running tough all year, but that series after Vincent came in, all the big plays that you made, did you tell yourself that it was the third‑string quarterback, you needed to step up and make things happen?
DeANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, it's kind of ironic because going into a season you never think you'll be down to your third quarterback.  I knew it was just another opportunity for me, and I just was trying to do whatever I could to spark the offense.

Q.  When Patrick got hurt, how did you feel he reacted to some of the things that happened, dropped passes and things like that?
DeANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, he had a great week of practice.  He definitely came in prepared.  He started off and he did some good things early, just kind of unfortunate that he got knocked out early.

Q.  How different was practice this week with Patrick getting snaps as opposed to Webb, just the game planning, the offense you ran in practice?
DeANDRE WASHINGTON:  Not much different.  We were going to run our offense, it was just Pat does some things differently than Webb does, so we had a couple different packages.  But there were no major changes.

Q.  What was Vincent's demeanor, presence like in the huddle at the line of scrimmage?
DeANDRE WASHINGTON:  Yeah, he came in excited.  I mean, he knew going into the game he was one play away from getting in the game, and like I said, unfortunately Pat got knocked out early so he had to come in and step up.  He came in early, he came in ready, he came in ready to lead, and things didn't go our way.

Q.  How much does that change the offense, to have a quarterback in there, a third‑string quarterback in there?
DeANDRE WASHINGTON:  I mean, I think it definitely changes it.  Like I said, you never would think you would be down to your third‑string quarterback, but at the same time, it's the game adjustments, and that's what we had to do tonight, make an adjustment.

Q.  The fumble recovery for a touchdown, how much momentum did that provide y'all today?
DeANDRE WASHINGTON:  On the defense?  It was huge.  I think at that point in time we were struggling.  I think it was like 6‑3 at that point in time or it might have been 0‑3, but that was huge.  It kind of sparked the offense, got things going.  We just couldn't capitalize on it the way we would have wanted to.

Q.  Were you surprised you didn't run the ball more early, like from the get‑go?
DeANDRE WASHINGTON:  I mean, I feel I got a fair‑‑ my fair touches early on in the game, but you know, I mean, that's up to the head man, and whatever he calls, I'm going to run it.

Q.  Does the bye week come at a good time?
DeANDRE WASHINGTON:  Definitely.  At this point of the year, how things have been going, it couldn't have came at a better point in time.

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