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November 1, 2014

Kliff Kingsbury

Texas – 34
Texas Tech - 13

Q.  The offense today, just 13 points.  What did you see there?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Yeah, obviously when you get to your third string quarterback it's going to get taken down a little bit, but I thought for the most part he handle himself well.  I thought he had a good drive there to end the first half, but it's hard to execute at the level you'd like with a young guy like that.  But I was proud of the way he handled the moment.

Q.  Did Davis participate at all in practice this past week?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Not really, no.

Q.  Did you have a change of plan after (inaudible)?

Q.  Can you talk about the defensive effort tonight?  They certainly gave you guys more than an opportunity throughout the evening with the stops that they got.
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  They played better.  They definitely played better.  You still can't give up 34 points, obviously, and have a chance to win in that situation.  But I thought as a defense we came together, had some big stops, especially in the first half, and second half they got tired, we put them on the field a bunch, and it was just a tough second half.

Q.  On the 4th and 1 play blitz, was (inaudible) the first option?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Really looking short to long, but I thought he got out, we were trying to take a shot, and he took it, and we just didn't hit it.

Q.  Do you have an official diagnosis for Davis and also Patrick Mahomes?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  I don't have an official diagnosis, no.  I know Patrick had some sort of head injury and Davis has some sort of lower leg injury.

Q.  In the play that knocked Patrick out, did you think that should have been a penalty?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  I didn't really see it to be honest.  I was too busy trying to get the other quarterback ready to go.

Q.  What do you feel like keeps you guys from establishing more of a balance offensively?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  You know, tonight, just I'd say the situation that occurred.  When you get to your third‑string quarterback who hasn't played much and is a true freshman, it's going to be a tough situation.

Q.  When you get to your second or third stringer, do you have to find a balance as far as compensating for them and not getting too far away from them to keep some confidence going?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  I think so.  Vince got some reps this week in practice, but this is the first week he's really repped, so when he got in, we tried to lean on the run a little bit.  We had to mix it in because they were stacking the box.  Like I said, I thought he handled himself well.  We just weren't able to make enough plays.

Q.  Did De'Andre pick up a knot there at the end of the game?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  No.  I think he should be fine.

Q.  At what point did you say Mahomes is going to start Saturday?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  You know, I would say late in the week.  We were just seeing how Davis came around.

Q.  Looking at Davis on the sideline on crutches, do you think it's conceivable that that Vincent might be the guy in the Oklahoma game, too?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  No, I'd say the bye week is going to help, definitely.  If we were playing next week, maybe that, but with the bye week I think we'll be ready to go.

Q.  What's Dominique Robertson's status with the team?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  He wasn't suited up this week, and so he's really week‑to‑week right now.

Q.  What is his issue?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  It's in‑house.

Q.  So you could foresee him potentially playing next week or at the Oklahoma game?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  We'll see.  We'll see.  It's week‑to‑week.

Q.  Can you talk about Micah Awe?  He had 12 tackles, 11 unassisted.  Seemed like he was all over the field tonight.
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  He was.  Proud of the way he's played.  He stepped up.  With Sam being out, we asked him to step up and be a leader on that side of the ball, and he was flying around, and he's very talented.  He just needed to keep coming as far as knowing the scheme and how to execute it.  It was good to see that tonight.

Q.  Can you kind of define the pass interference call that Jakeem got early on in the game?  It was a nice big play for you and seemed like it was almost a similar play to what happened to Notre Dame last week.
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Yeah, it looked like it was a late flag.  I didn't see a flag and looked like somebody got talked into it.  That's a big part of the game now in college football is that type of play, and it's all about timing.

Q.  You've got this week off.  How are you going to keep them motivated?  
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  They're resilient.  It's senior night for that OU game, so we'll get back, get a bunch of reps in next week, try to improve and come back, but they owe it to those seniors to play their best game when we play here against OU.

Q.  How much did it change your game plan offensively play‑calling‑wise just having to go from Mahomes to Testaverde?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Yeah, a lot, a lot.  Anytime you play a true freshman, who this is his first week to rep and he's your No.3 guy, it's going to change your calls.

Q.  How much did it change from Webb to Mahomes?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Not much.  Not much.  Like I've said all along, he's been getting pretty close to equal reps during practice, so he stepped up, had a great week of practice.  I was excited to see him play.  I thought he was doing some good things early on.  Just unfortunate when that happened.

Q.  You had an issue again with a lot of dropped passes, particularly early.  (Inaudible.)
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Yeah, I don't have any answers.  Once again, we've tried everything.  We've tried to overemphasize it, not emphasize it, and we've got to make plays when the ball is there, and you're struggling with that.

Q.  Could you bench some guys who keep on dropping passes to give some other guys a chance?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  If we had more guys that could play, we would, but we've got what we've got right now.

Q.  Is your locker room staying together?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Yeah, I thought they came out and played great early on.  I thought the energy was good, crowd was incredible, and they were playing to win the game, and then had some unfortunate events and didn't get it done.  But they've practiced hard, they've worked hard, and it's a good group of guys.

Q.  Losing Mahomes, did that take the air out of the sidelines?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  I'm not sure.  I thought we did a good job responding at the end of the first half and scoring some points.  We just came out the second half and offensively weren't able to get anything going, and the defense had to play way too many snaps.

Q.  Do you think the offense (inaudible) Testaverde that caused (inaudible)?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  You know, that's tough when you have a young guy who's trying to figure it out.  But once again, I thought we moved the ball well at times, we just didn't put it in the end zone.

Q.  What did you think about the play of Tyrone Swoopes?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  I think he's much improved.  I said it all week.  I thought he threw some really nice passes, for the most part protected the ball, throwing it, had the one fumble, but took care of the football and made plays with his feet, and he's gotten a lot better.

Q.  Coming off the 82 points that they gave up last week, probably had to be pretty proud of how the kids came out and played tonight.  You have to feel pretty good about the way that they responded.
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Yeah, like I said, they came out early with a great look in their eye and were playing to win.  We just had some unfortunate events happen, but we've got to have other guys step up and make those plays.

Q.  Going back to Testaverde, is it difficult for you to trust him in that situation, or is it a no‑brainer and this is a guy that's giving you some confidence?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  Yeah, we're going to play to win, and he can make that throw and make that read, and we had the look we wanted, we just didn't hit it.

Q.  Can you talk about Ryan Bustin missing an extra point and field goal early in the game?  Do you feel like that let some of the air out of the offense at all?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  I don't think so.  I think we had a chance to finish that drive that we missed the field goal, didn't make a play down there in the end zone, and thinned the extra point.  He's just got to hit it.  He's been a good kicker for us for a long time, and he'll get back.

Q.  On the play when Mahomes got hurt, was that a called play for him to roll like that, or is that something he checked off at the line?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  No, he had a read and saw it and kept it.  He just didn't see the guy coming it looked like.

Q.  Do you give either Mahomes or Testaverde the leeway to check in and out as you would Webb?
KLIFF KINGSBURY:  I do Mahomes.  Testaverde, as you saw, we huddled, which we're not a huddle offense.  Called him over to the sideline a bunch, and just wanted to give him that situation to be successful, and that's what we tried to do.

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