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November 1, 2014

Le'Vander Liggins

Trent Taylor


MODERATOR:  Questions for Le'Vander, please.

Q.  You're kind of the senior statesman on the defense.  You've seen some other guys get some interceptions.  You've had a lot in your career.  Did you know today would come for you?
LE'VANDER LIGGINS:  I expected it.  I just knew I had to be patient, that my time would come.  I was really just playing off of the guys' energy.

Q.  Pregame they were playing the coach's show.  You were on the show this week.  He talked about watching you grow as a football player and man.  What was it like hearing him say that Monday?
LE'VANDER LIGGINS:  It was humbling, I mean, to know that he actually was there for me.  I went from coach to coach.  I just had to grow with him like he had to grow with me.  For him to actually work with me, help me develop as a man on and off the field, I commend him for that.

Q.  You and Xavier practice those pitches in practice?
LE'VANDER LIGGINS:  We practice it every day.  We practice tip balls, pitch‑backs.  We just have to make sure if there's one man to beat, let's beat him.

Q.  Is it coached that if you get a turnover, free play, you try to get a score?
LE'VANDER LIGGINS:  Yes, sir.  We try to score on defense as much as possible.  He always coaches turn defense to offense.  We're looking to get the ball in the end zone any way we can.

Q.  What can you say about Coach Diaz?  Coach Holtz just cold him a rockstar.  What has he done that made you respond to him so well?
LE'VANDER LIGGINS:  I think he's brought more discipline to the team.  We hold each other responsible for more things than just on the field.  He brought us closer, I would say.

Q.  This is your third defensive coordinator at Louisiana Tech.  Has it been very different with all three?
LE'VANDER LIGGINS:  Yes, sir.  Different coaches like different setups.  Coach Diaz, you just got to do your job.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Q.  Bowl‑eligibility, the past few years you missed out, has to feel good?
LE'VANDER LIGGINS:  Oh, man.  Awesome feeling.  Can't wait.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Trent Taylor.

Q.  Can't help but think back before your senior season when you were at camp, just seeing you go out there.  What does it feel like to be the first guy since Quinton to have the three touchdowns in a single game?
TRENT TAYLOR:  Yeah, I just remember at that camp Quinton Patton was over there talking to me a lot, trying to egg me on to the coaches or whatever.
He's a real good leader, a really cool guy.  Just to hear that stat, that's pretty cool.  Mentioning my name in the same sentence as his, I know that's a big deal.
He's a great leader, a great receiver that will go down in the history of Tech.  I guess we all strive to be like him out there at the receiving position.

Q.  Last week when I'm sure one of your best friends Hunter went down with the broken collarbone, he made a pretty inspirational speech at halftime, you came out with a heck of a performance.  Have you kind of been playing for him?
TRENT TAYLOR:  Yeah.  To see a brother go down, a leader on our team like that, it hurt.  It hurt him.  It hurt the inside receivers.  It hurt everybody on this team.  He had the most passion I've ever seen anybody play with out there on that field.
I knew that was a big role for us to fill out there on the offense.  I believe a bunch of guys have stepped up to that call.  Yeah, we're just out there trying to make Hunter Lee proud.

Q.  Coach talked about the relationship you and Cody have developed.  Did y'all just get together in the summer and work on routes?  What was the secret to y'all's development?
TRENT TAYLOR:  Cody's a really hard worker.  I just know every day we were out there in the summer, we didn't let any day pass, it was out there getting worked on.  We're not slacking at all.  That was just him.
He kind of got the whole team to tag along with him with his hard work.  Just with his leadership on this offense, it's really helped us improve a bunch throughout the year.

Q.  Coach mentioned earlier, says that you have a lot of dog in you, a lot of no quit, you're fearless.  Where does that attitude towards the game come from?
TRENT TAYLOR:  I just love the game of football, I guess.  Since I can remember, I was always out there in the field playing football with my dad.  My dad played football at Western Kentucky actually.  It's been a big part of my life ever since I was growing up.
Just to be able to continue that and play Division I football, I just take advantage of every opportunity that I get.

Q.  Evangel, talk a little bit about the coaching staff, what experiences you've taken from high school that have taken you here at Tech?
TRENT TAYLOR:  I believe Evangel is a huge part of getting me here to the next level.  The coaches, couldn't ask for any better coaches there at Evangel.  They definitely prepared me for this Division I football level.  I'm very thankful for them.  They were great leaders, great father figures to everybody out there on the team.  They helped me to grow as a man and a football player.
Just very thankful for them to help me get to where I am today.

Q.  (Question about the pick with Le'Vander.)
TRENT TAYLOR:  I was watching that on the sideline.  I was so let down when he dropped that.  I was praying he would get another pick out there.
He did his job out there.  That was good to see.

Q.  Since your dad played for Western Kentucky, did you have this game circled on your calendar, did you talk some smack to your family members?
TRENT TAYLOR:  It's good, I'm always going to have this game on my dad now.  I can always bring that up to him.
He was kind of talking a little trash to me.  I didn't know if he was going to root for us or the Hilltoppers.  Yeah, it was fun playing against them.  There were some coaches on the other sideline that came up to me that coached my dad way back in the day.  It was a cool experience.

Q.  Your dad was not wearing red before the game.
TRENT TAYLOR:  All right, good (laughter).

Q.  Your first touchdown catch, you were in the center, back of the end zone, right there wide open.  Was that play by design or did you see an opening and know Cody would find you?
TRENT TAYLOR:  That was a designed play where I was the most inside receiver.  Run a little corner route.  The outside receivers kind of ran in.  The corners, they bit hard.  The safety, I guess he stayed inside.  It was just a great executed play by the whole offense.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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