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October 29, 2014

Mike London

COACH LONDON:  Obviously a road game for us heading down to Atlanta.  A Georgia Tech team that has done great things on the football field in terms of their offense.  It's one of those offenses that not only the triple option or spread option aspects to it, they're throwing the ball more than they have in the past.  So it's important for us in a game like this that our assignments, responsibilities be carried out.
We're looking forward to it.  Even after a disappointing loss last week, there are still opportunities to win football games going down the stretch.  But we have to play our best football.  We're excited about the challenge that Georgia Tech presents.
I'll take questions now, please.

Q.  Georgia Tech has a lot of big plays this season, I think almost 50 that have gone 25 or more yards.  What is the biggest key to being able to limit that and make sure you don't get hit for a bunch of big plays?
COACH LONDON:  Like I was saying, they've done a good job with their offense.  There's a few formations that they've shown that they haven't shown quite as much.
When you gear up to stop the run or try to get an extra safety down, try to do some things to affect the running game, they've done a great job with the play‑action pass off of that run action, been able to get behind defenders and throw the ball vertical.
It's important that whatever keys you have as an assignment for you, whatever things your eyes tell you, you have to be sure that you're on point with those things.  Again, it's a type of offense that it calls for assignments and responsibilities, but at the same time they can affect you if you take your eyes off your keys.  They've done a good job of explosive plays by utilizing the mistakes that defenses have made.

Q.  With Gooch being out, who are you looking to kind of step up, replace some of his production?
COACH LONDON:  It's been kind of a group by committee with a lot of receivers that we've played thus far.  Obviously a guy like Keeon Johnson who we're expecting to step up and have a breakout game, to do something that we've seen during the course of practice and early parts of camp.  It's time for him to do something.
We also said we have to increase the roles of Doni Dowling, Jamil Kamara, do other things with guys that have been in the game, but now they have to take up the slack.
For us and the receiver corps, each one of them has to collectively step up.

Q.  With Keeon, he had some good games for you last year.  Surprised he hasn't followed it up this year and shown some improvement for you?
COACH LONDON:  There's got to be consistency.  The thing that happens is if guys in front of you, Canaan Severin, Miles Gooch, are performing at a level that they're going to get snaps, you have to surpass that with your effort and play‑making ability or you stay at the level you're at.
We've challenged Keeon to step up and step out and get out of a comfort zone because he's got the size.  Pound‑for‑pound, he's one of the strongest guys on our team.  But we have to be able to see that on the football field.
So the challenge is there.  We'll see how he responds to it.

Q.  How do you prepare for Georgia Tech?  They have the option.  Is there a way you get ready to prepare for a team that has the option?
COACH LONDON:  Game week expectations of just doing it the game week, there's some things during the course of early camp, during an open‑week period, there's elements that you just have to make sure your players are exposed to rather than the week you play, all of a sudden you want to run their offense and try to do things that can help the players do their assignments.
It's a process.  It's a gradual process.  Obviously game week, open‑week periods, you try to do some things to give you an accumulative amount of reps.
Again, they protect their offense.  That's what they do.  They do it well.  Anytime you try to simulate that with scouts, a look team, at of times it's hard to do.  You rely on coaches' experience of places they've been before, try to come up with a game plan to hopefully minimize any issues that would cause you issues during the game.
But it is difficult sometimes to prepare for a team that you don't play those types of teams during the course of a season.

Q.  What type of coach is Paul Johnson?  He's been successful everywhere he goes.
COACH LONDON:  Obviously you look at Paul's track record, his tenure, things he's done, he's been very successful.  He has a unique style of offense that's been successful.  You just look at what he's done.
I consider him a very, very good football coach.  There's a lot of good football coaches in the ACC.  He has a system and a scheme that he's utilized to get the most out of his players, and it's been productive for him.

Q.  Your starting quarterback, Greyson Lambert, talk about how he played coming back Saturday against North Carolina, and your thoughts moving forward.
COACH LONDON:  Grades and things coming out of the game, I thought he did a nice job.  He actually threw for over 200 yards, which is more than he's had since he's been playing.  You want to take back one of those throws that resulted in that turnover at the very end right there.  Looked like he was moving around pretty good.
It's all about him making the decisions and getting those completions, things like that.  He's done a good job in practice.
Matt Johns, he's fine, he's ready to go as well.  But, again, Greyson is the starter.  We'll see if there's opportunities to get Matt in there, can't be shy about putting him there.  But making sure against a good Georgia Tech defense that will come at you in different kind of ways, show you different fronts, that we are in tune to what they're doing.  That will be key for us.

Q.  What kinds of things does Greyson give your offense?
COACH LONDON:  Well, there's the familiarity that he has with it.  There's a poise that he has.  He's one of our team leaders.  Again, in order for us to be very productive, he's got to be efficient.  Whatever quarterback is there has to be efficient.
If Greyson is productive and efficient, he executes the things we've asked him to do, our offense will be productive and efficient.
It's important that you have good quarterback play.  Last week wasn't a win for us.  We had to do better.  The good thing about football, competition, is there's always a next opportunity.  The next opportunity will be in Atlanta this week.

Q.  With regard to Miles, you indicated you were waiting for the swelling to go down before you can get any clarity on what he's dealing with.  Have you learned anything in the last couple days?
COACH LONDON:  It's still the case.  When we're clear on what it is, out of respect for him and his family, what the next course of action will be, then we'll make that announcement.
As I said, don't expect him back anytime soon.  Again, it's unfortunate that this type of situation has happened to Miles.  He's a great young man, good player, good teammate.  We're all rallying around him to provide him the type of moral support that we believe he needs.
At the appropriate time we'll say exactly what it is.  Again, I wouldn't expect him back anytime soon.

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