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October 29, 2014

Frank Beamer

COACH BEAMER:¬† Anytime when you play Boston College, it seems like it's a big game.¬† This certainly is for them and us.¬† A team that's extremely tough, extremely big, extremely well‑coached.¬† Real impressed with what they do and how they do it.¬† So got to have a great week of preparation here.

Q.  I know you have had some issues defending running quarterbacks when you look at Carolina or Georgia Tech.  When you look at this kid at Boston College, what kind of challenges does he present?  Why do you think that has given your defense some issues?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, I think, again, who are the people around the quarterback?  If you got good people around him, then the quarterback's athletic, it just presents another runner back there.
This guy fits right in there.  I think he leads them in rushing, like 105 yards a game I think rushing, 130 yards passing per game.  The people around him are good.  They got big old wide receivers, tall guys, 6'6", 6'4", 6'5".  Runningbacks, they have kind of a group back there.  All together the tailbacks are getting about 170 yards.
They got good people around him.  Again, presents a big challenge to our defense, their whole offense does.

Q.  How important is Chase Williams and do you expect to have him this week?
COACH BEAMER:  He's going to try to practice today.  Today will probably determine whether he'll be able to go or not.
Like I have said before, feel like Andrew Motuapuaka did a nice job, can really run, kind of helps in here.  This is going to be a very physical game up front.  We certainly could use Chase's experience in that regard.

Q.  How close was Marshawn to 100% last week?
COACH BEAMER:  Oh, I think close enough.  He impressed me.  I thought he did a nice job running the football.  Hopefully he'll be ready to roll this weekend.

Q.  What was the difference offensively?  You were able to get things going in the second half, you had the fumbles, but you did gain more yardage in the second half than the first half.  What was the difference there?
COACH BEAMER:¬† Just the fact that you just need to be able to run the football.¬† If you can, everything gets to be a little bit easier.¬† Your play calling, you can be a little more unpredictable there. ¬†If you get some yardage on first down, it helps your throwing game, sets up play‑action passes.
We did a little bit better job running the football in the second half, and I think it gave us a starting point.  Now we just got to keep working at it.

Q.  Talk about playing against Boston College.  You used to play each other a lot in the Big East.  What is it like playing against each other in the ACC?
COACH BEAMER:  About the same.  Every time I've gone against Boston College, they really have good linemen, which they do.  They're very tough, which they are.  They're a hard team to beat, which has been proven over the years.
We changed leagues, but I think it's the same situation for the most part.

Q.  Is there one thing you have to work on this week?  Last week you fumbled a lot.  Are the runningbacks bringing the footballs to school this week to make sure they don't fumble it?
COACH BEAMER:  I think that was just one of those things.  They're young.  We have to make sure we're carrying it high and tight, all those things.  I think taking care of the football is critical for any football team, and certainly for ours.
You got to be very gap‑conscious for sure this year.¬† Last week we were a little slow getting to our gap at times.¬† Miami made us pay for that.¬† You just got to be very, very solid.¬† Got to be fundamentally sound.¬† They certainly are fundamentally sound, and we got to be that same way.

Q.  How different is it looking at Boston College on tape this year with a guy like Murphy at quarterback?  How much more complex are they offensively?
COACH BEAMER:  Again, his ability to run the football as well as throw it presents problems.  No question about that.  Even the quarterback last year, he hurt us running the football a couple times.
Just makes it difficult when that guy can get out‑of‑pocket, hurt you down the field running.¬† Makes it more difficult, that's for sure.

Q.  With so many teams running shotgun formation on so many plays, many teams do it in short yardage, is the quarterback sneak becoming sort of a dying play?  How difficult is it to run?  I think most people look at it as you're just falling forward.
COACH BEAMER:  Well, last year with Logan Thomas, that was a big, big play for us.  I think there is a technique as far as how you're going to block it, get some push.
But I think the thing with so much shotgun, you line up there in third‑and‑short, fourth‑and‑short, you're under center, it's probably a pretty good give away.¬† I think people have gotten away from it some.¬† It's kind of a giveaway if you're doing all the shotgun and not under center very much.

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