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October 29, 2014

Jimbo Fisher

COACH FISHER:  Very excited to play Louisville.  Should be a great venue, a great opportunity to feature the ACC, two great teams in the league.  Very well‑coached team, talented team on offense, defense, special teams.  Playing very well.  Got the receiver back, the quarterback back, the runningbacks are healthy.  They're going to be a very healthy team.  They were very dynamic even before those guys came back.
They have an outstanding defense, number one in the country.  Do a great job on special teams.  Should be a great challenge for our team.
Hopefully we prepare well and practice well, which I think we have.  Look for the opportunity to compete on Thursday night, like I say, on a national stage in the ACC.
Questions, please.

Q.  I've been watching a lot of stuff this weekend.  With all the negativity with the program with the stuff with Florida State, how do you keep your players from listening to that garbage every day?
COACH FISHER:  We focus on the things we can control.  That's how we prepare and how we play.  That's part of growing up and maturing.  That's what we do.

Q.  Talk about Louisville.  How tough is Louisville, their special teams?  Something that you guys worked on last week in the bye week?
COACH FISHER:  Most definitely.  Louisville, all three phases, they're a very complete team.  You don't play the level of ball they play without being complete in all three phases.  Dynamic, have quick guys, dynamic punt returner.  No problem doubt we have to spent a lot of time on those special teams.

Q.  How different does DeVante Parker make them?
COACH FISHER:  Gives you another viable weapon.  They had Quick, he's coming back off his ankle.  The more people you put out there, just like us, when you start to see our wideouts, Travis Rudolph, Bobo Wilson, Rashad Green, Nick O'Leary, we have four viable big‑time options with guys coming off the bench.  With them, it just adds another dimension, another place your quarterback can go in certain coverages.  You can't always double cover the other guy.  Now they have another great option out there, gives the quarterback another place to go with the ball.

Q.  Regarding Louisville's defense being so good.  They have talent at just about every spot.  Can you talk about what they do that makes them so effective.
COACH FISHER:  I think they do a really good job of moving people around, being multiple.  They're very physical up front in the run.  They mix coverage in the secondary.  They're very athletic.
On the third down, they have exotic packages, try to create matchups by moving their big people around.  They're very creative with what we do with great athletes.

Q.  Rashad Greene, your wide receiver, the Biletnikoff awards, he's had a terrific season so far.  Talk about his value to the team and his leadership.
COACH FISHER:  I think his value goes way beyond the numbers on the field.  He makes plays in big‑time situations, no doubt.  Keeps just being that guy.  But off the field he does a great job with focusing our players, keeping them in the team concept.  Almost like EF Hutton, when he speaks, everybody listens.  Great respect in life, great representative of our program.

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