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October 28, 2014

Trevor Williams

THE MODERATOR:  We have junior cornerback, Trevor Williams with us.

Q.  Hey, Trevor, I know from talking to you guys for a while now, Ryan Keiser is a guy that you guys always talked up his football IQ.  How do you anticipate losing him in the secondary?
TREVOR WILLIAMS:  Ryan Keiser is definitely a great leader for our secondary and also the defense.  Not having him out there, we knew it was going to be an issue as far as communication but Marcus Allen stepped up big time for us and we just all rallied behind him, and he rallied behind us and I think that helped us out as far as the secondary goes.

Q.  Can you tell me what your relationship is like with Adrian Amos and how has he helped you here at Penn State?
TREVOR WILLIAMS:  Just playing with Adrian since high school days, it's been very competitive.  I learned leadership skills from him and just the in's and out's.  Adrian is a great person on and off the field, and I'm just fortunate enough to have the opportunity of playing with Adrian.  It's going to be‑‑ I want to send him out on a winning note this year, got nothing but good things to say about Adrian.

Q.  Being from Baltimore does this game mean something more to you?
TREVOR WILLIAMS:  This definitely is going to be a competitive game because I'm familiar with a few guys on the Maryland team, and it's going to be very interesting and Maryland is a good team coming in and we're going to be prepared.

Q.  Have you guys talked trash back and forth this week?
TREVOR WILLIAMS:  I haven't.  That's not really my thing.  They can talk all the trash they want but I've come prepared, this whole team will be prepared Saturday.

Q.  And you talked about Marcus Allen earlier.  Was there a point this year maybe in camp or earlier this season where you knew that Marcus was a guy who could help this team out?  What do you remember when he first started practicing?
TREVOR WILLIAMS:  Marcus, he's been working on that since he got here.  Coach Shoop, he's done a great job putting him in position and getting him prepared for the moment.  Marcus Allen, he's a great kid, a smart kid, and being under Keiser's wing, I think that's helped him out a lot.

Q.  What about communication issues without Ryan, how does that work?  I know he was the quarterback of the defense as far as the calls and stuff like that.  And Mike Hull is involved there, too.  What's that process like?
TREVOR WILLIAMS:  Mike Hull is a great leader for our defense, and Ryan Keiser, he is also, but Coach Shoop does a great job putting us in position, calling‑‑ any call he calls is going to put us in position.  I think we have to rally behind each other and have each other's backs regardless of who is in the game and who is not in the game.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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