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October 25, 2014

David Glasco

Jens Jeters


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  David, what is it you see with the running game that you're not able to get things rolling in that respect?
DAVID GLASCO:  Unfortunately things just aren't going our way right now in the running game.  I don't know what the problem is.  But I'm sure that the coaching staff will find a way to improve.  We have a very talented backfield.  I'm sure we'll find a way to get through it.
Yeah, it's a problem right now.  We got a bye week, so we're going to get it fixed.

Q.  Jens, can you talk about their quarterback.  He seemed to be able to get out of the pocket and avoid some of y'all's pressure.  Probably the key to the game for them.
JENS JETERS:  Yeah, we let up a couple big plays early.  Other than that, we slowly contained him.  But just in that first half, you know, they came at us with different formations we've never seen.
We knew they were going to spread us out.  They had a bye week.  We expected what they were going to do.  But, yeah, we contained him after that.

Q.  David, I asked the same question to coach.  You think back to the start of this year and how much momentum you had coming back from Houston with a dominant victory there, then you were up on a very good Arizona team.  For some of your fans I think it might be hard to understand what's happened since then.  Can you summarize what you think has happened in that time.
DAVID GLASCO:  Well, we do apologize to the fans for our performance.  But it's been hard on us as well as a team.  It's not like we come in the Alamodome, go away to any game, saying, Let's trying to lose by this many points.  We play to win.
This season has been a very poor reflection of that, but it is the truth.  I'm very genuine when I just say that we are trying our hardest, we really are.  It's just we're not getting it done.  It's that plain and simple.
This group, I've been with these guys five years.  I know we're resilient.  It's very tough times right now.  But there's one thing I'm sure of, we're going to get it together.

Q.  Last year is last year.  You went over there and beat them decisively, hit them in the mouth at their place.  They came here into your house, did they surprise you in any way?  From the get‑go, seemed like they took it to you.
JENS JETERS:  On the defensive side, we take responsibility for those two big plays, with those touchdowns, big balls.  Other than that, we weren't really surprised.  We stuck together.  We went in at halftime and Richard Burge, he got all the seniors together, the team together, We got to rally together, we got to wake up.
Those two big plays surprised us, yes.  Other than that, we shut him down after that.

Q.  Is it a matter of you guys getting together as players and keeping the coaches out of it for a second and talking amongst yourselves to finish up the season the way you'd like to do it?  Is that something you do already or something you may do from here on out?
DAVID GLASCO:  We're a family, win or lose.  We're down right now.  Some people are going to take this time to walk away from us, stop supporting us.  We understand that.
As far as this coaching staff, these players, we're all a family.  In terms of that, we're just going to stick together.
I mean, we've been discussing things.  But it's a step.  I mean, nobody likes what happened today.  We know it feels like crap.  At the same time, with that said, we're going to get better.  I promise y'all that.  It's just a steppingstone.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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