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October 25, 2014

Mike Riley

Oregon State – 14
Stanford - 38

MIKE RILEY:  They played well.  We didn't play well.  We didn't tackle well.  We killed ourselves with penalties.  We started off right away with jumping offsides.  And then special teams wasn't very good.  I'm very disappointed in all that.

Q.  What do you attribute the inability to run the ball to?
MIKE RILEY:  Well, part of it's Stanford, for sure.  They're good.  But obviously we did not execute blocking well enough to make yards, and again, that's a big, big factor.  It was a big factor.  We all knew going in that if you didn't and you ended up in a protection game, and you ended up in 3rd and long, you were going to have a hard, hard time, and that's what we did.  It's exactly what happened to us in the game.

Q.  Defensively is Stanford the best team you've faced?
MIKE RILEY:  Yeah, and we've seen what are the four top ranked teams in the league.  You know, there's always increments of how good they are, but Stanford is ranked No.1 and deserves to be there in our thoughts, too, after that game.  Utah and USC are also very good, and we didn't exactly move the ball great on either one of them, either.
But these guys are‑‑ you know, they're very, very good.  They can play in every game because of that.

Q.  Your defense obviously has been so good all season long, and it's really the first time it's really struggled.  Were you surprised by that?
MIKE RILEY:  Yeah, I was.  I thought tackling‑‑ I was surprised by the fact that we missed tackles.  We let what would be relatively‑‑ just run a curl route and catch a ball and tackle them, we let those be big plays.  I can't think of anything that was very good today.

Q.  This is about as low as I've seen you.  How do you rally yourself?
MIKE RILEY:  Well, I'm just facing the reality of what happened today.  We'll be going onward tomorrow.  We've got the last half of the season to see what we can do with it.  I'm excited about that.  I think that we've got good people, and we've got to work real hard.  We've got to have a great week.  We've got to pull all the different parts back together, and you know, I think we're capable.  This was not, obviously, a good match‑up for the Beavers, this team.

Q.  I believe you're 1‑8 in your last nine Pac‑12 games.  Are you concerned at all about the direction you're going?
MIKE RILEY:  Sure.  We've got to turn this thing around for‑‑ I don't think about it in big general terms.  I'm just thinking about this 2014 team.  This is a big time for us.  We're in a position where we're, what, 4‑3 right now, and as we go into this next phase, it's going to tell a lot about what this season looks like.

Q.  What's Wood's status going forward?
MIKE RILEY:  I think he's going to be okay for next week's game.  He may have to wear a brace, but I think he'll be okay.  We were conservative with him today.

Q.  I know you never see anything like this coming, but how would you characterize the mood on the sideline, and was there a spot where you saw kind of the mood go south?  What was the team morale like throughout the game?
MIKE RILEY:  You know, obviously when you're getting beat like that, it's not‑‑ I think there were people still fighting and trying to rally and all that.  I didn't note anything like that.  I think that as it wore on, there was a lot of disappointment, which is good, because it was very disappointing.

Q.  As far as pass defense, what problems did Stanford present?
MIKE RILEY:  Well, they won all the one‑on‑one match‑ups it seems like.  They made the plays, and they blocked up the blitzes, and then the quarterback made the plays and the guys made the catches.  I thought they executed on all that well.

Q.  How would you assess Sean today?
MIKE RILEY:  You know, I thought he battled in there pretty well.  We didn't protect him very well.  Like I said, we put ourselves into horrible situations that are lethal against Stanford.  I mean, that's exactly‑‑ they want to have a great 1st and 2nd down, which they did against us all day long, and then get you in 3rd and long and then win, and they did.

Q.  When he came for a recruiting visit, I was able to speak to Sean way back when.  Feels like 10 years ago.  But from then to now, especially after a game like this, how do you feel about your career, and talk about going through a game like this, which nobody could have fore seen.
MIKE RILEY:  Well, that happens to everybody if they stay in it and play as many starts as he's‑‑ this isn't the worst necessarily game we've ever had since he's been there.  It's bad timing for him during his senior year, but he will bounce back big‑time.  He's going to end up being the career leader in passing in the conference.  His career in total will not necessarily be marred by this game.
Now, how we finish will tell him a lot about how he feels about everything, I'm sure.

Q.  He took seven sacks.  How did you feel when you see him taking a hit?
MIKE RILEY:  Well, none of us ever like that.  We knew we needed to avoid all that.

Q.  This is probably not a team you want to play from behind.  The way they started, they came out, spread the field, played no‑huddle.  Do you think that's‑‑
MIKE RILEY:  Well, I thought they made the plays they needed to make in that thing, and I think that gave them a little confidence.  Now, when we intercepted the next two balls, I thought that should have been great for us because that kind of turned that thing around there for a second.  Not obviously for very long.  But you're right about‑‑ you don't want to either play from behind the sticks on way 3rd and long, nor from behind on the scoreboard against that team given what they are capable of physically.

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