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October 25, 2014

Christian McCaffrey

Oregon State ¬Ė 14
Stanford - 38

Q.  Describe that play.  Was this something that they put in this week, especially for you, or has it been there all along?
CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY:  No, it's been there all along.  We've had it in the books and finally got an opportunity to run it, and luckily it went well.  Kevin made a great throw, and I just tried to use my abilities to do the best I can.

Q.  You had to make a spin away from one guy.  Describe that move.
CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY:  I don't know what to tell you.  The game goes so fast, instinct kind of takes over, so I didn't have that planned, just kind of did it.

Q.  How about your block on the punt return for Ty?  How did that go?
CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY:  It was good.  We had set it up all week to where we were either going to try to block and return it.  If we were going to block it, I was going to be in the box and try to make a block.  It was ugly, but I got the job done, and Ty is so good, he made the rest happen.

Q.  How good was it to bounce back in this game, especially going into Oregon?  How badly did you need a win?
CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY:  Definitely.  We would love a win every game, and some things haven't gone our way this year, but we're surrounded by such a great group of coaches, such a great group of players, we're not going to listen to the outside voices.  We're going to, like Coach Shaw said, keep it in the locker room.  That's what really matters.  We just kind of rallied together, to get a win today was really important.  I think heading up next week to Eugene, it'll definitely be a big one.

Q.  How would you rate these guys relative to the guys you played last week?
CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY:  You know, I think Oregon State has got a great football team.  I think Arizona State has got a great football team.  I think our worst enemy right now has been ourselves, and that's the way it's been all year.  I wouldn't know how to rate them.  I'd have to go and sit back and look at the film.  Really what we focused on this week was just cleaning up mistakes that we can control and focusing on the little things.

Q.  Talk a little bit about the game tonight.
CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY:  It was a great team win.  We kind of just focused from Monday on to just refocus on everybody to get the fundamentals down and get everybody going on the right page, and we got it done today.

Q.  You had a couple of sacks, right?

Q.  It was impressive.

Q.  Was that easier on you guys today than it was last week?
CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY:  I kind of think that we kind of had that full team effort, and we just all clicked and kind of got the right plays at the right time and did what we needed to do on those plays.

Q.¬† Did you feel like things were sort of going your way this week?¬† Last week it seemed that every time something happened, it just was a bad‑‑

Q.  Bad call or a bad luck or bad bounce.
CHRISTIAN McCAFFREY:  We kind of don't like to make excuses.  We just have to make those plays if it happens to us.  But yeah, this game, we did things we needed to do, and the football gods came in our favor.  It was great.

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