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October 25, 2014

Blake Martinez

Oregon State ¬Ė 14
Stanford - 38

Q.  Given the dynamic about rivalry, how quickly are the guys on defense talking about that?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  It will probably start tomorrow right when we step into the training room to check in and everything.  But it's going to come down to everything we did this week, just working on everything from the little things all the way up to the big things, looking at tendencies that we can look for and kind of putting everything together to be able to make the plays we did today.

Q.¬† I noticed you guys came out in the first series at least in more‑‑ it was a different formation because I think you were a little thinner on the defensive line.¬† There were more linebackers, right?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:¬† We didn't put anything new in this game, not too much, but I think it's just some guys from the linebacker spot had to play more D‑line positions to go in since they've been both those in the past.

Q.¬† So I see, you're kind of‑‑
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  Just swapping, exactly, so they can play.

Q.  How do you guys feel about players like Harrison?  I know he's a little on the lighter side, but Coach Shaw seems to be pretty happy with him.
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  He's a great player.  He comes in every day working his butt off to be able to perform and step up to our level because he knows we need to have him step in to be able to make those plays.

Q.  I think it's kind of a theme with this defense, you lost so many pieces, yet the system seems to just kind of feed off of itself.  Guys like you are making big plays.  Do you think that helps that he's entering this kind of a system?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  Oh, it's huge because we have this motto, the next guy up is the best guy up, and to be able to see the young guys be able to transition pretty quickly is a nice thing to see.

Q.  So given all the losses but given the system, how would you evaluate your confidence level heading into Oregon next week?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  We always have the best confidence we can have, as long as we're with our family, we've got the brothers behind us to be able to make those plays, and we trust one another.

Q.  How about the offense?  You guys finally got some help.  Did that help the vibe on the sideline?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  Oh, it was huge.  Once both of us are clicking, nobody can stop us.

Q.  Allowing just 12 yards rushing against this team, what's the key to this run defense?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  It was just all of us working together as one guy doing his job and all 11 going and rallying up to get the tackle, and it was just a great win.

Q.  Six sacks, Coach Shaw said it had a lot to do with coverage.  Talk about the secondary and how it goes hand in hand with you guys.
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  Oh, it comes down to just Coach Akina's coaching throughout the week, giving us the tendencies, then all the rest of the coaches helping out throughout to make sure everyone is in the right spot at the right time.

Q.  Did you guys see something special in their offensive sets that allowed you to be so effective today?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  I wouldn't say anything special, it was just kind of once we got those certain calls, just people executing this week, and it worked pretty well.

Q.  Were you guys doing more blitzing today than in previous games?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  I feel it just came from how the game went, and once they saw there was openings, we kind of just kept flowing with it.

Q.  Sean Mannion is obviously a pocket passer, so the key was just blitzing, and talk about what was the strategy going into this game?
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  We knew once we can stop that run, we knew it was going to come down to just seeing if we can hold down the secondary end, so once we can do that, we brought it.

Q.  He's a different quarterback than Mariota you'll face next week.

Q.  Talk about what you're going to see from Oregon on film.
BLAKE MARTINEZ:  He's a great player, dynamic player, dual threat, so we're going to have to have those guys contained, and back end needs to be covered as long as possible.

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