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October 25, 2014

Sean Mannion

Oregon State – 14
Stanford - 38

SEAN MANNION:  I think the first drive we kind of shot ourselves in the foot a couple times in a row.  That didn't help us.  But then I think we did some good things.  I think it's just a matter, again, of just being able to put consecutive plays together and try to just keep eliminating negative plays, whether it's a penalty or a sack or a negative run.  We can't be hurting ourselves, and I think at times we were good, and at times we kind of shot ourselves in the foot, so to speak.

Q.  You obviously knew that Stanford had a great defense coming into the game.  What specifically about what they were doing against you guys was giving you difficulty?
SEAN MANNION:  Well, you know, I think they just‑‑ they're physical, they're tough up front.  Their front seven is very, very good, and then I think you look at their secondary, they're not really going to give up much, kind of going to force you to play things underneath and not give up a big play.  So I think we just had‑‑ it was a game where we kind of had to take what they were giving us, and then when we put ourselves into long yardage situations, it gets harder and harder to do that.  If we can just keep even little positive plays, we can get into shorter situations where we're taking what they give us will result in a 1st down and we can keep moving the ball.

Q.  Were you having trouble finding receivers downfield?
SEAN MANNION:  I don't want to‑‑ I wouldn't put it like that.  I think it was just a matter of their defense isn't going to‑‑ they weren't really giving up anything deep, and like I said, it was just the kind of game where you have to keep taking what they're giving you and just methodically move the ball down the field, and I think when you do that and then you take a negative play of any sort, it makes it harder to do that.

Q.  Talk about the pressure; they got to you seven times.
SEAN MANNION:  I thought our O‑line for the most part held up pretty well.  It's just for me, what I can control is getting the ball out of my hand fast.  We'll have to look at the film and see what happened on a lot of them, but we've got to eliminate negative plays, like I said.

Q.  Reflecting on your overall year, what specifically do you think you learned about yourself this season?
SEAN MANNION:  Just keep playing football, keep studying the teams that we're going up against, just try to be accurate with the ball, play fast.

Q.  Are you frustrated, and if so, how do you deal with frustration?
SEAN MANNION:  I mean, I'm frustrated we lost.  That's what I'm frustrated about, especially a couple tough ones in a row.  You know, think point there's nothing we can do about it now except for move forward and try to have a great week of practice and then prepare.

Q.  How do you do that?
SEAN MANNION:  For me I just try to watch the tape of this game and learn from it and do my best to just forget about it.  That's easier said than done for sure, but I think that's the challenge is to just be able to refocus week after week, and whether it's good or bad, just treat each week as its own team, its on challenge.

Q.  In some sense are opportunities like this the reason why you returned for your senior season, opportunities to rally the troops and be a leader during tough times?
SEAN MANNION:  Well, there's a lot of things that went into that decision, but honestly at this point I just want to help this team win games.  I feel like as a team and as an individual, we can all play better football.  I know it's something that as long as I've been here, I just try to be the best player I can be and try and do whatever I can to help this team win games.  That's what we've got to get back to on Monday.

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