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October 22, 2014

Jimbo Fisher

JIMBO FISHER:  Again, very excited about our team and the way we played against Notre Dame and how to compete in the game.  It was a very‑‑ it was great for college football, I think, two brand‑name teams, national brand name teams, two top‑five teams going toe‑to‑toe for the entire game, and it was a great contest.  It was great for college football.  It was great for the ACC and great for us to be able to come out victorious.
Notre Dame has had a very good team, very well‑coached, and like I say, it was a great venue.
Fans were great in that game.  I think the home field advantage was very critical, and our fans did a great job in the game.
Saying all that, we're looking forward to getting back this week, getting back to fundamental things, working on some Louisville things, but working on fundamental things like you're able to do on an off practice or two as far as that game preparation, to keep staying fundamentally sound in a lot of things you do and trying to get some of our guys that get nicked and knacked at this time of year, try to get them fully healthy.  Got a very important stretch run.  Got a great opponent coming up in Louisville.  Louisville is a heck of a football team.  They're doing a tremendous job on defense.  Bobby Petrino does a great job as a head coach.  He's a terrific offensive mind.  They've got their quarterback coming back, they've got their big receiver coming back.  They have a lot of weapons and have a great atmosphere there and good on special teams.  We'll have our hands full.
But we've got to get healthy this week and get ready to go out and play.

Q.  I know the ACC meetings in July, you talked about how the College Football Playoffs were going to be uncharted territory, but you were excited about what it might bring.  Now that we're on the verge of the release of the first poll, knowing full well that there's a lot of football to be played, as a fan, are you excited to see what the committee is going to produce next Tuesday when it's announced?
JIMBO FISHER:  I don't know if I'm excited, but, yes, we're all anxious to see what the criteria is and where things are going.  Again, those are things we can't control, and we have to control how we play and how we prepare.  I'm interested to see what the standings and what the criteria ‑‑ I think we'll get a first sense of how they look at things.

Q.  Just wanted to go into a little bit of Karlos Williams and just what he's been to you not only in a game in general, but at the end of the game, what he did against Clemson and of course what he did against Notre Dame, I should say.
JIMBO FISHER:  I think Carlos is the ultimate competitor.  I think he's a total team guy.  I said that to him yesterday.  I pulled him aside and said, boy, you played one heck of a football game.  He only had 25 yards, but the type of runs when he had them, picking up blitzes, two critical catches in a game, and he was coming off an injury that most guys miss a lot more time with than he did.  I think that's a great tribute to him as a person and as a teammate to how much he cares and how much this team means to him and the way, how hard he plays, and I thought he played very well in our football game.  It was a huge part of our success.

Q.  And then as far as the team as a whole, just everything on and off the field that you've dealt with, the team has had a great response to adversity.  What can you say not only with yourself as a coach, but with the rest of your staff and the team coming together and playing in games like this and being able to compartmentalize things and be able to go forward and win games like this?
JIMBO FISHER:  I think that's one thing you hit dead on.  Our staff does a tremendous job with it.  Our players respect our staff, and our staff respects our players, and they do a great job of getting these kids in the right mindset and making adjustments during the game and coaching and being with them all week as far as, not just as players, but as people and helping them keep things in perspective.  Our staff does a tremendous job, and we have a great group of players who believe in the system and the things we're doing and have a lot of character, and they're able to do that.

Q.  Jimbo, as you've started to look at Louisville on defense, that's kind of been the story for them this year.  What's stood out at you so far in what you've seen on the tape?
JIMBO FISHER:  Not many people get many points, and not many people get many yards.  They're very good.  They're multiple up front, three down, four down, a lot of blitzed packages, mix the coverages up well, and have very good players.  They're a well‑coached, well‑disciplined, really good football team.  They really are.

Q.  Have you faced Todd Grantham a lot in your career?
JIMBO FISHER:  No, I haven't.  I've known Todd a long time.  Todd's a friend.  I know him, and his brother Tony actually GA'd for us at LSU.  He was on staff with us.  I have a lot of respect for Todd.  He's a very good coach and a good guy.

Q.  Jimbo, you've had‑‑ Florida State's had a host of great receivers over the years.  Now Rashad Greene holds all the receiving records.  What has enabled him to do that?  How has he separated himself?
JIMBO FISHER:  One, he has great ability.  I mean, he is very talented.  He's fast.  He has all the physical skills.  But Rashad is a relentless worker.  He's a great teammate, how he practices, how he prepares.  He has a drive inside to be great.  He's selfless, and in those big moments, he's an ultimate competitor.  Even though he's quiet, that guy competes.  He's tough.  He has all the intangibles you just talk about over and over and over.  And the way he practices, he practices every play like it's the National Championship, and that's the way, he prepares that way, so he ends up playing that way.  He's a tremendously selfless guy.
The thing about him too, he's very intelligent.  You can move him to a lot of different spots and teach him a lot of different things.  He's a very intelligent young man.

Q.  How does that preparation and work ethic rub off on other guys?
JIMBO FISHER:  It does tremendously.  I always say, you guys want to do this, this is the best number‑wise that's ever played here.  Maybe ever.  It's all an opinion, but guys, look athow ‑‑ it's no ‑‑ it's the reason why he is great is how he prepares.  If you want to have that kind of career and be thought of that way, do the things he does.

Q.  Question for you.  For last week's tough game against Notre Dame and such a hype and all that stuff, how can you get your players ready to go for next week knowing you have a week off and play Louisville on Thursday night?  How do you get everybody on the same page?
JIMBO FISHER:  You have to do it every week.  That's what we do every week.  You know everybody is going to bring their A game to us.  Everybody is going to play well.  It's a big game.  It's an important game.  If you have your goals and aspirations of where you want to go as a team, and to get there, you're going to have to go through it.  It's going to be very difficult.  We talk about those things all the time and get ourselves mentally and physically ready to play.  That's just what we do here at Florida State.

Q.  After last week's game, the final minute with the passing interference call and all the great battle back and forth, did you take some time off and think about how great that game was for you as a coach and also for college football?
JIMBO FISHER:  I think I felt it at times for college football.  As I look back on it, it was great for the game and promotes the game.  Someone told me it was like the highest rated game that's been on TV, a non‑BCS game for the last two or three years or something.  You had two brand names.  Like I said, I was blessed to be able to coach in a game like that.  I'm very fortunate.  That's why I love being at Florida State.
But you don't have a lot of time.  You reflect on the things you did well and the things you did poorly, and like you said, we don't have time to get ready for Louisville.

Q.  Have a great bye week.
JIMBO FISHER:  Thank you. 

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