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October 22, 2014

Frank Beamer

COACH BEAMER:  Without question, a critical ballgame here tomorrow night.  Two teams that have struggled at times.  I think Miami has played an excellent schedule.  You look at who they played, they played good competition for sure.  Just a game that means a lot.  I think both teams are going to play it that way.

Q.  Obviously in the last game against Pittsburgh, a little bit of a struggle there with their defense.  What can you take away moving forward from playing a team like that?  What did you learn from your offense?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, you've got to play better, play more consistent, get rid of penalties before the ball's snapped.  Need to be able to run the football.  You get that done, it takes care of some other things.

Q.  As far as this matchup with Miami coming in, what can you say about what you've taken away from them on film and how you define this team coming in this week?
COACH BEAMER:¬† Very athletic.¬† Very well‑coached. ¬†Like I said, they played a difficult schedule.¬† But I feel this way:¬† you get to be a better football team by playing better people.¬† I think they're improving all the time.¬† They're doing a good job with their program.
We know we have a tremendous, tremendous challenge here tomorrow night against Miami.

Q.  Frank, curious, after nothing having a Thursday night home game last year, did you ask to get another one for this year?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, we like them.  I don't know how it came about exactly.  The athletic director would be able to tell you that more.
I know we like Thursday night games.¬† I like it back‑to‑back, like the way it came around this year.¬† It gives you a little break on the front end, a little break on the back end.¬† This time of the year I think that's helpful.
Thursday night games, if you can win them, I think they're great for your program.  The one last Thursday wasn't too great for your program.  If you can be successful, it's great for recruiting.  Most recruits are watching.  Your fan base, if they're not in the stadium, are watching.
We like Thursday night games.

Q.  You have been successful at home with the Thursday night games.  What do you think are the biggest reasons why that is?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, I don't know if there's anything in particular.  But we got great fans.  They show up.  They help us win, not only Thursday but anytime with play in Lane Stadium.  They're very knowledgeable fans, know when to be loud, know when to encourage.  We appreciate them.

Q.  Frank, when you look back at that Pittsburgh loss, you have the sort of barometer of how your team played against Ohio State earlier this year, seems like there were some mistakes in the Ohio State game, but you were able to overcome them.  What do you think is separating this group from replicating that performance on a consistent basis?
COACH BEAMER:  Well, again, I don't think there's any secret about it.  I think when you have presnap penalties, you're not helping yourself.  When you struggle to run the football, that's not a great way to be offensively.  Give up long plays on defense, that's not the way to win football games.
We've been successful for the most part around here.  When you're successful, you don't give up big plays on defense, you're good in the kicking game, you're able to run the football, and don't work against yourself before the ball's even snapped.  I think it's pretty clear what needs to happen.

Q.  Is it encouraging to you that you've seen this team play at a level like that, or is it frustrating that they can't replicate it?
COACH BEAMER:  No, absolutely it's encouraging.  I said when the season started that we were going to go through some growing pains.  When you got young people, that's what happens.  You're up and down a little bit.
But we're to the point in our season where we should have grown.  We're at the point where consistency should become the way we play.  Hopefully that starts here tomorrow night.

Q.  Miami in their losses this year have struggled, especially on their run defense.  They gave up 300 yards to Nebraska and Georgia Tech as well.  How has the emphasis been on the run game in practice?  Is that a key to the game tomorrow?
COACH BEAMER:  Us running the football, is that what you're saying?

Q.  Yes.
COACH BEAMER:¬† I think it's key anytime.¬† Anybody that can consistently run the football, you've got control going.¬† The play‑action pass has become better.¬† You can be I think more creative.¬† If you're ahead of the chains, it's a lot different than being in second‑and‑nine, third‑and‑ten.¬† I think you can be more unpredictable calling plays.
It all starts with being able to run the football.

Q.  Duke Johnson, how do you stop him?
COACH BEAMER:  He's extremely talented.  He's averaging 112 yards, but 7.2 per carry.  That's the one that gets you.  A little over 7 yards a pop.
He's an exceptional player.  Didn't play against us last year.  But we played against him before.  He's an exceptional player.

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