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October 22, 2014

Al Golden

THE MODERATOR:  We'll start with questions for Coach Golden.

Q.  Just wanted to look at the key areas during the bye week that you assessed that have helped you moving forward.
COACH GOLDEN:  Again, I think from an overall team standpoint we assessed certain areas that we wanted to improve.  I asked the coordinators to do it for the units, then I asked each position coach to think about two or three things they needed to get improved during the bye week.  That was our main focus.

Q.  What were some of those areas, more specifically?
COACH GOLDEN:  To me, what we're obviously trying to execute tomorrow night.  It's not really something I want to discuss.

Q.  Lane Stadium is obviously a very loud stadium.  How did you prepare your kids for going into such a loud crowd?
COACH GOLDEN:  Again, it's a great environment.  Our kids are looking forward to the challenge.  Obviously the tradition and everything that Lane Stadium has become.  We're just going about our business.
It's really important that we maintain our poise and communicate, control the things that we can control.

Q.  This is obviously a division game, but two teams that have already lost twice in the conference.  Can you talk about the balance of the coastal division and both of these team are still in contention for this division.
COACH GOLDEN:  I mean, obviously there hasn't been one dominant team the last couple years.  There's been multiple winners.  As I've told my team, I'm sure coach has told his team, this is far from over.  We just got to take it one game at a time, control the things that you can control, don't worry about the rest of it, it will sort itself out.

Q.  It pretty much makes this game not quite an elimination game for the division title but pretty close to it, doesn't it?
COACH GOLDEN:¬† When you get in the tournament, they're all must‑wins at the end of the day.¬† Each one of them is important.¬† That's all you can control.¬† You can't worry about must‑wins and all that.¬† Each game is critically important.¬† That's the only one that matters.
This is a must‑win because it's the next game on the schedule, period.

Q.  About your quarterback, how have you seen Brad's growth at this point in the season.  There's been struggle on the road.  Where is he at going into this type of game?
COACH GOLDEN:  I think he's protecting the football better right now, playing with more confidence and more poise.  I think overall the offense is doing a good job supporting him and running around him.
I think he's grown throughout the year.  He's got to continue to protect the ball and take what they give him, not try to force anything.

Q.  Talk about Frank Beamer's teams.  Are they different all the time?
COACH GOLDEN:  Are they different this year?

Q.  Every time you go there, does he throw a curve ball that you don't see when you study film?
COACH GOLDEN:¬† Obviously it's predicated on attack mentality.¬† Starts on defense.¬† A lot of eight‑ and nine‑men fronts.¬† A lot of activity up front.¬† A lot of man on the back end.¬† Excellent special teams.
From an offensive standpoint, we're moving forward as if the runningbacks are going to be back, the runningback situation is going to be different than it was last week.  We're getting ready for the offense that we saw the games prior to last week.
Obviously hard‑nosed, physical offensive line.¬† Good running game.¬† Excellent play‑action off of it.¬† He's got receivers that are really stepping up for him.

Q.  Seems like when the Hurricanes go to the Blacksburg, they struggle in the stadium.  Is it the atmosphere, under the lights Thursday night?  What is the problem with you playing there?
COACH GOLDEN:¬† Is that true?¬† I've only been there once.¬† I think we lost a 38‑35 game.¬† Last time we were there it was a heck of a game.¬† The rest of it, I can't even comment on what transpired then.
Again, we know what the environment is.  We know what kind of team we're playing.  It's going to be a great challenge for us.

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