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October 21, 2014

Tracy Claeys

Q.  When you go back and look at the film from Saturday, what was your biggest take away difference how you played the first half and how you played the second half?
COACH CLAEYS:  The first half, a lot of that was my fault.  Just as far as from the formations that we didn't get a chance to work on enough.  So whenever there's confusion, ultimately that's my responsibility.
So we got it worked out at halftime.  And I thought the kids played awfully well the second half.  So that's really the biggest thing.  It just wasn't simplest correction by one person.  I need to do a better job.  And we can prevent some of that.

COACH CLAEYS:  It really is.  You have to be careful what you do, because you always have to have somebody help the quarterback in a pinch.  The place where we doesn't make very good decisions, you can get away with some things like that.  But they make awfully good decisions with it.  And Bill, we faced him before, and he's very good at what he does, he uses formations and things to get you in a situation where the offense becomes a problem.  We'll have to spend a lot of time on different formation adjustments.

COACH CLAEYS: ¬†Yeah, it's the same thing, though, even though no matter how well you run, you have to take care of your responsibility first.¬† And it's impossible to take care of two of the three or all three yourself.¬† And that's the thing that some kids got to learn is that take care of your part first, then you can go help somebody else as far as ‑‑ instead of thinking you can take care of all of them.

Q.¬† Boddy‑Calhoun, seems like he's overshadowed by Murray, you were raving about Murray's NFL potential.¬† What do you see about Boddy‑Calhoun about what you're seeing week to week?
COACH CLAEYS:¬† You know, I think at corner we played awfully well, even Gaelin has.¬† So we talked a little bit on Sunday.¬† I never get a chance to watch the NFL, so I don't know what they're looking for.¬† It's a different game.¬† All I know is secondary‑wise between Briean and Derrick Wells, Gaelin and Eric, they've all played extremely well and made some plays.¬† If we thought there was a big difference, we would move them around a lot on certain people, but right now we're working about whatever they have to do.¬† I think they're all very similar in that regard.

Q.¬† Boddy‑Calhoun weights 200 and all that, but his ability to make plays, just ‑‑
COACH CLAEYS:  The open field tackles.  Like I say, any of our kids we've had in that situation have made those plays.  Tell kids all the time, I don't know who is going to make plays in this game.  All depends on how they decide to block or the type of routes they decide to run, as to who is going to have to end up making the tackle.  Just so happens the last couple of weeks, we've got a lot of bunch routes Briean has been the one in that position that's made those plays.  But they're all playing very well.

Q.  Can you talk a little bit about the difficulty in making the adjustment in the first half?
COACH CLAEYS:  I've said this before, and it's hard to believe this that adjustment is overrated at every level.  It's all about getting kids comfortable, having good players and running and chasing the football.  That's really what it is.  And a couple of their motions caused a little bit of confusion at first, and they took advantage of that.  And I say that's my fault.  So it's not so much the adjustments we made is making sure that the kids knew how to react to the motions that they were seeing.

Q.  Going on the road, and knowing your schedule in November, is this the kind of game that makes you nervous?
COACH CLAEYS:¬† Here's the thing, we don't ‑‑ have two different quarterbacks that are completely different.¬† They've had two weeks to prepare.¬† Bill does a good job, again, with formations and motions.¬† So it will be a challenge, especially coming out of the gate again.¬† We need to handle it better than what we did last week, and hopefully I do a better job getting practice organized where we understand things a little better coming out of the gate.
But there's no question that with the two weeks, and playing the two quarterbacks, we're really not for sure everything we're going to get.  So that's why you get good players and hopefully they'll make some plays for us.

Q.  Talk about how different the two quarterbacks are.  Is it tough to simulate?
COACH CLAEYS:  Yeah, whoever you play, when we decided to play Tony Romo, it's hard to simulate him at Eastern Illinois, you have to get guys to line up on game day and it takes a little bit of adjustment at the beginning of the game.  I tell kids all the time the first two or three series, you've got to survive and see what they're going to do and.  And get lined up from there.

Q.  Talk about Cockran, talk about his performance?
COACH CLAEYS:  I think he's done pretty good.  We have to get people in more longer yardage situations on third down, like we did in the second half.  And I think we'll see those go up.  So right now we've got to play better on first and second now for the stats thing to get where it needs to be.  At the same time we've got to throw the ball out quicker than they have in the past, and as long as the ball comes out quick I'm not worried about the sacks so much.

Q.  Do you use stats as a motivator with the players?
COACH CLAEYS:  I don't.  Whether that's right, wrong, because everybody thinks they should intercept one ball a game.  Somebody intercepts seven, you lead the NFL for 16 games, it's a great year and they pay millions of dollars.  So I really do.  I looked at third down conversion which we did awfully well in the second half and points scored is really the only two stats that I look at.  I think the rest of them there's a lot of untruths.

Q.  What do you think of the younger players, how they've progressed so far?
COACH CLAEYS:¬† I think they're doing good.¬† Most of them are up front, we're playing.¬† And so I think they've continued.¬† That they've held in there good.¬† Again, we're going to see a team that's mainly one back and does some things like that.¬† The ultimate test will come after the break, and seeing how well they hold up with Iowa, which will be the first true come downhill two back team we've seen.¬† I think they get better each week.¬† I don't think ‑‑ that shouldn't change this week, because very similar type of offense.¬† So our next game we'll see how they do.

Q.  Tracy, can you compare Purdue's speed on the perimeter with TCU's?
COACH CLAEYS:¬† I don't know.¬† I think they both run pretty good, but CCU has been a while, you know.¬† One thing I'm pretty good at is when I get up the next morning, that damn game is gone.¬† I move on to the next one because there isn't anything I can do about it.¬† It would be hard for me ‑‑ if you talk about playing five wides on the field or four wides at a time, TCU is right up there, you know.¬† Just because they play almost all wide outs all the time.

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