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October 20, 2014

Pete Robertson

Q.  These guys are talking about not looking at the stats and all that stuff, but at the same time, you know it's there.  Kind of talk about your performance so far.  How does it make you feel?
PETE ROBERTSON:  I feel good, but the most important thing, I'd just like to win for my team.  I'm doing everything it takes to help the offense and defense out to win.
You know what I'm saying?  The stats, let's say, I'm leading the Big 12, but that's really not my goal right now.  My goal is to just get through the second half of the season for my team to go to a Bowl game so we can have a really good season at the end of the season.

Q.  Overall, what's your assessment of how your defense has played, especially since you all are improving from game to game to game?
PETE ROBERTSON:¬† We started off slow this season.¬† We started off really slow.¬† The last few weeks, we're stepping it up, everybody playing fast.¬† Everybody is out there having fun. ¬†As a total defense from the D‑line to the linebackers, to the safeties, we're all just out there having fun.

Q.  Have you started watching film on TCU yet?
PETE ROBERTSON:  We actually started today.  Right before practice.  We already know.  We watched TCU play against Baylor and Oklahoma State.  They're a high power offense.  They made a lot of improvement.  They've got a lot of guys that can fly, and they've got a really good quarterback.
But we'll start all our film sessions today.

Q.  Has the defense when facing a quarterback like Boykin kind of alter the approach?  You're talking about a guy that's a mobile guy.  He can get out.
PETE ROBERTSON:¬† One thing about Boykin, of course we all know he can run.¬† He's got incredible speed.¬† And just with a pass rusher, we just can't have any fly‑bys.¬† Fly‑bys, where you can't get around the offensive tackle, but just get out of your rushing lanes and give him a gap where he can run through and make plays with his feet.¬† So you've got to be fundamentally sound on pass rushing.

Q.  Some older guys like yourself, you've had two shots to play against Boykin on the field.  Does that help you having seen him actually up close and personal those two games?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Yes, definitely.  Last year we game planned against him last year pretty much.  He got out a little bit, but we kept him in the pocket.  We threw him off his keys.  Like every year it's a different year.  He's a totally different quarterback, and he come with a mindset to win, which we've all seen it on TV.
So it's going to be probably about the same thing, switch some more things up,  see how Coach Smith wants to go with it, and we'll just play with that.

Q.  Where do you see TCU poses the most challenges for you, especially on defense?  I know you mentioned the mobile quarterback.  Do you see anything else?
PETE ROBERTSON:  From their wide receivers to their running backs, everybody have incredible speed.  And the wide receiver is going to catch it downfield, and the running back is going to make plays.  And they've got a quarterback that's going to make plays also.  So it's their whole offense.

Q.  That being said, how important is it to you guys to limit the penalties again like you did this last week?  Four for 22 yards.  How important is it being on the road?
PETE ROBERTSON:  It's very important.  Especially being on the road against TCU and playing against a team like that.  We can't afford to have the penalties we've had the past two games with a team like this because they'll run up the score.  We've just got to come out and play our game and play smart.  Just come out and play and have fun the whole game.

Q.  You talk about Catalon's game, and obviously he's kind of a shifty guy out in space.  He's a guy you don't want to see out in space basically.
PETE ROBERTSON:  Yeah, definitely.  I'm not going to say he's not going to play because guys like that will make plays any game.  Get the ball in his hands, he'll make plays.  We're going to try to keep a good key on him also coming out of the backfield with him and Boykin run the read draws, where he just hands it off to him, throwing screen passes.
He's just a good player.  It's a lot of players like that in the Big 12, and we just got to keep a key on him and Boykin also during the game.

Q.¬† Have you had that experience out in space where you have to make a one‑on‑one tackle?
PETE ROBERTSON:  When we played him last year, I didn't get that encounter.  We ran up to each other inside.  He's not a big guy.  So running up inside him with the line was going to help me out a little bit, slow him down.  But outside in space, I never had an opportunity to go against him outside in space.

Q.  Have you all talked about putting one person on Boykin and having that person watch him exclusively?
PETE ROBERTSON:¬† We got a couple of calls where we do spot a quarterback, but we haven't really just‑‑ we don't just put one person on another person because it's football.¬† So you need every single person on the field to just do their assignment.¬† I feel like, if everybody comes out and do their assignment, do their job, we'll be good during the whole game.

Q.  How are you going to do that in practice this week?  This is a big week for you guys, bouncing back from Kansas.  How do you guys do that, focus on your fundamentals throughout this week of practice?
PETE ROBERTSON:¬† It starts today in practice.¬† Everybody's got to be locked in.¬† Coach Smith will talk to us today as a defense when we get in.¬† He's going to let us know, we can't have no fly‑bys by another defense.¬† Me or Branden Jackson, everybody got to have a rush lane.¬† You know what I'm saying?¬† We got to be locked in.¬† Everybody got to be prepared to play with this type of team because we know they can make plays any time during the game.

Q.  Crazy game last year.  What do you remember most about that game against TCU?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Two overtimes, I want to say, last time.  Three?  Three.  It was a crowd, basically.  It wasn't packed, but the crowd was into the game the whole time.  They had guys that also made plays there.
So it was a good experience playing them, but they got grass, and I really don't like grass.

Q.  How satisfying is it knowing that you guys can't win?  Are you guys going to be able to take that attitude down with you?
PETE ROBERTSON:  Absolutely.  We can't live on the past, but the past is still there.  We beat them twice.  But they're coming to look for revenge.  We're going to their home stadium, so they're going to have the home field advantage.  We've got to go in with a level head and just be ready to play ball.

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