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October 18, 2014

Alex Barrett

Quinn Kaehler

Lloyd Mills


Q.  (Question off microphone).
QUINN KAEHLER:  I don't know if there was a key.  I think we just executed better.  And he made a great play on the touchdown.

Q.  (Question off Microphone).
QUINN KAEHLER:  Yeah, no, it felt good when I let it go.  I was just giving him a chance and put it in a pretty good spot, but he made a really good play on it.

Q.  Overall, how did your control feel tonight?
QUINN KAEHLER:  It felt pretty good.  A little sore.  But it didn't hinder me at all.

Q.  How important is this game, the run game has paved the way for you guys the last three games, just the things you do, what does it do for you guys?
QUINN KAEHLER:  Makes it pretty easy for me, especially that last drive when we can just run the ball when they know we're going to run the ball, that first down.  Makes it real easy for me.  Obviously we can move our offense if I'm struggling or if the pass game is struggling and still be successful.

Q.  Alex, talk about on defense.
ALEX BARRETT:  We played pretty good.  First half we gave up that big pass.  That goes both ways.  Our backfield and up front D‑line could have got more pressure.  But we did good enough to win the game tonight, for sure.

Q.  (Question off microphone).
ALEX BARRETT:  So far I mean we're good enough to win these games.  They're sort of close.  Coach Long is proud of what we're doing, but there's always room for improvement.  And that goes with our backfield and up front.  We just gotta win the line of scrimmage defensive line‑wise and defensively, still lots of room to improve.

Q.  Was (indiscernible) tonight.  Seem to be getting close and putting good pressure on him.
ALEX BARRETT:  He's an illusive quarterback for sure.  We just had to collapse the pocket, that was our goal.  We didn't execute it too well tonight.  We're definitely going to improve on that.

Q.  What would you say the defense has done best this season that you might not have predicted at the beginning of the year?
ALEX BARRETT:  Just playing as a unit.  I mean, overall like overall defense I think we're doing pretty good.  We've had strengths in our backfield.  We've had strengths up front but I think just as a unit we're doing‑‑ that's why I feel like we're improved on that for sure just as an overall defense.

Q.  Alex, you guys go against D.J. in practice.  You watch him from the sidelines, is there anything he does that surprises you?
ALEX BARRETT:  It's kind of expected, honestly.  He makes big plays.  We get the ball to him.  He keeps us off the field.  And as a defense we love that.  But lots of credit to the offensive line for sure.  Because we go against them every day.  And we get the best of looks.  But I mean D.J.'s doing really well.

Q.  Lloyd, what are your thoughts on watching him?
LLOYD MILLS:  He's a really good player.  He's amazing.  He's fast, illusive, quick, can catch the ball.  He's a player that can do it all.

Q.  Touchdown catch, first of the year, obviously return to (indiscernible).
LLOYD MILLS:  It feels good to contribute, help the team win.  But I'm just excited that we won.  If I would have had five touchdowns and we would have lost, it wouldn't be as good as if I had one and we win, is the only thing that matters.

Q.  (Indiscernible) did you feel you had to somewhat readjust coming back a little bit?
LLOYD MILLS:  A little bit but not much to affect us.

Q.  What do you think as a unit, wide receivers (indiscernible) what do you guys think you have improved (indiscernible) and what do you think you need to work on a little bit more?
LLOYD MILLS:  We need to work on being in the right spot.  Still had a couple of plays we should have came down with.
One myself, Quinn gave me a chance earlier in the game to go up and get the ball and I didn't.  As long as we continue to make plays, that's where we can continue to improve.  Where we got better is just playing.  There's no substitute for this game and actually playing in the game.  So the more we play the better we'll get.

Q.  Quinn, four completions to Lloyd and nine other guys top passes.  As a quarterback, do you enjoy seeing a stat like that, that you spread the ball around and (indiscernible) does it show something?
QUINN KAEHLER:  I'm excited that a lot of different guys get the ball and they enjoy that.  The other thing is it's really good to keep balance.  Especially because the defense can't key in on any one guy or any two guys if we spread the ball around a lot it keeps them off balance especially when we ran the ball so well, if we can spread the ball around in the pass game, pick up short yards and manageable situations it helps our offense out a lot.  So in terms of that sense I think that's the biggest help to our offense.

Q.  Quinn, in terms of the shoulder, what percentage, where do you think you are now?
QUINN KAEHLER:  I don't know.  I can throw the ball like I normally can.  It just gets a little sore.  But it's hard to tell because it feels fine on game day.  I just wish I could get more practice reps and then I think I would play a little bit better.  But it feels fine during the game.

Q.  Does it hurt you to throw?
QUINN KAEHLER:  No.  It feels fine during the game.

Q.  How big is this bye week for you, will this help you?
QUINN KAEHLER:  Yeah, no, when I came back, we were kind of excited that we were getting through this week and then we were going to have the bye week and hopefully it heals up all the way and there won't be any pain afterwards.  But it will be nice to have the bye week.

Q.  What does it mean to have a quarterback these last couple of weeks who is not 99percent but still out there grinding it out?
LLOYD MILLS:  It shows how tough he is and how devoted he is to the team and his ultimate goal winning games.  Because for him to go out there and put his body on the line for us shows he's really bought into the program, bought into the team and the offense and he'll do whatever he can to make sure we win games.

Q.  Is there a sense of (indiscernible).
LLOYD MILLS:  There's momentum since we're in first place our division.  And we can control our own destiny now.  As long as we continue to come out here, improve and practice every week, continue to win games, we'll have a shot at winning the conference championship.

Q.  (Question off microphone)
QUINN KAEHLER:  Their defense is always a good one.  I remember from last year they're a very physical team.  I remember being pretty beat up after that game.  So they do a really good job.  And they have a couple of guys that their secondary who are really good, too.  So their defense these last two years that I've played them has been really good.  One of the tougher defenses we see all year.

Q.  (Question off Microphone).
QUINN KAEHLER:  Yeah, no, it was the plan all the way.  Unless something unexpected had happened, I was going to play this week.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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