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October 18, 2014

Jameis Winston


Q.  Second half, what was the big difference from the first half and what happened (indiscernible)?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  The one thing that people need to realize about the Seminoles team is when we've got our backs against the wall, we always rise.  We start playing harder.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No.  Not really.  But I probably was more like them mentally.  This is a big game.  We're playing Notre Dame.  We're not playing a high school team.  So we had to definitely be prepared for this game.  And I'm proud we got a win.

Q.  How stressful was that final (indiscernible) from the sidelines, defense?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Not stressful at all.  We had all faith in them.  And when they had the touchdown, we were like, it's 17seconds.  They gave us too much time.  We're about to go down here and score.  Always positive over there, because we've got their back.  Those are our brothers out there.  And we're going to do whatever we gotta do to make them right.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No.  Never.  Never.  Every week preparation is the same.  You know, I had to be more mentally focused because‑‑ we're playing against Notre Dame.  Wow.  Just playing against those guys, such a prestigious college, and having the blessing to step on to the field with those guys was amazing.

Q.  How long did it take you to realize there was a flag and there was no touchdown?  Did you go get a ball and start throwing it and think you were going to be on the field?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I told the offense, I said get ready because I want to win this game.  I want to win this game.  We're with you, bro.  And we were like we want the defense to stop them, but we want to win this game also.  How crazy that would have been if we would have scored in 17seconds?
It didn't happen.  Our defense held.  It was an amazing experience.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  When you're a player, the main focus is doing what you can do to lead your team to a victory, especially being a quarterback.  And I felt that‑‑ we did a good job of just winning.  And that's one thing we've been doing.  We had our ups and downs this season but one thing we continue to do is win.

Q.  The first drive of the third quarter, Karlos‑‑ big catch for you and Bobo.  (Indiscernible)?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Chemistry, man.  That's chemistry.  The guy wanted to make a play for his brother.  Family.  You know, doing whatever you can do to make a play for your brother.  Make your brother look good.  You know what I'm saying?  That's big.  That's how it is.  It's family here.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Notre Dame has a great‑‑ they have a great football team.  They have a great defense.  But at the end of the day we made our corrections.  We stepped up.  I still have the best offensive line in the country.
I get hit a lot of times, but you know what I do, I get back up and I keep playing football and we keep winning.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  The main thing I said, I said:  Guys, we gotta win on first downs, because in the first quarter, like we just weren't getting any yards on first down.  So I said, guys, we've got to win on first downs.  We get yards on first downs, we stay down and distance, third down.  We cannot be stopped.  And they responded.  We got together.  They responded.  And three straight drives, man.  Three straight drives, not being stopped.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Just not only Travis, man.  Those young guys, like I say every week, I'm so proud of those guys.  You can't be prouder than a young guy just stepping up in the clutch time.
And I owe that to Rashad, because he's one of those wide receivers ‑‑ he started as a true freshman.  Takes them up under his wing and they listen to him.  And his their big brother.  And they follow in his footsteps.  And Travis Rudolph is going to be an amazing player.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I kept reminding them that you gotta do this for your coach, man.  And we have‑‑ like I said, it's a family.
And one of our, quote/unquote, dads was down.  Our daddy was down.  I was like you all gotta protect your daddy house.  You know what I'm saying?  I'm happy the way they played and performed.  I know Coach Trickett would be proud of them.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  We don't have anything to prove to anybody.  We just gotta keep playing and hopefully things will go our way.  But one thing we are consistently proving that we are winners.  And no matter what type of adversity we may face, we are a family here at Florida State and we play hard.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  It's not about those 23 games we have won.  It's about the next game that we gotta play.  Like I said, I'm blessed that our 23rd game was against Notre Dame.  That's a great feeling.
But that next game is the most important game.

Q.  (Question off Microphone)
JAMEIS WINSTON:  It's a family, man.  And I love that man.  I love my brothers.  And I'm pretty sure my brothers would defend me.  And I would defend my brothers.  This is a family.  It's not no one‑man show, man.

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