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October 18, 2014

Pete Robertson

Davis Webb

KANSAS テや 21

Q.テつ Pete, it looked like you were in the back field all day long.テつ You had a lot of success today.テつ Was it just the match‑up was really good for you?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ No, you know what I'm saying, Kansas wasn't a bad team.テつ It was just we had energy today.テつ My team kept me going, so I had to bring it and just keep the team going and offense going.テつ Even though we had some bad plays and penalties, it was just high energy today, the whole team in general.

Q.テつ Is this the best you guys have felt all season long after a game?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ Oh, definitely, definitely because everybody played.テつ We came out and played hard and we had fun as a family.テつ We enjoyed that to the fullest from the first quarter to the fourth quarter.テつ We all had fun just playing the game of football.

Q.テつ You got dinged up a couple times where are you health‑wise?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ I'm good.テつ Just some little bumps and bruises.テつ I played through that.テつ I'm perfectly fine.テつ It's just that's the game of football.テつ You're going to get hurt.テつ Sometimes you might get hurt and bounce back up.テつ Sometimes you might get hurt and you have to lay there, but I'm fine.

Q.テつ Was it a stinger?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ No, actually, my own teammate, when I hit the running back, my own teammate came over top and hit me right in my chin, and that kind of stunned me, so I had to come out for a minute.

Q.テつ Is this the best the defense has played in the season today?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ Today, yes.テつ The most important thing was we got the win.テつ We just had high energy, like I said.テつ We were just out there having fun, and we know this is the second half of the season, and we're trying to come out with a bang, the offense and the defense.

Q.テつ After a rough four‑game losing streak, you guys are playing really well, and played well each of these past weeks.テつ But how much better does it feel after a win?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ It feels good.テつ That's winning on anything, any sport, a win feels good all the time.テつ We had the losing streak.テつ We were down for a minute, but we can't let them games slow us down for the games ahead.テつ So we came out of this game with a mindset to win, and we won the game.

Q.テつ What was the mindset today?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ Just to have fun.テつ It was a couple of games we were all up tight and we didn't want to let loose.テつ This game we just let everything loose and just to be excited to be out there and play football.

Q.テつ That started in pregame when you guys were all huddled up and Jared Kaster was there in the center and Branden Jackson, looked like a couple of those guys were really talking?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ Yeah, Jared Kaster and Branden Jackson are one of our two leaders, and we'll vibe off of them.テつ They got us pumped up and started the game off right.テつ You know, we just had a great time out there playing football today.

Q.テつ What's it mean to you personally just the last few weeks being able to get a sack each week?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ I'm just doing my assignment.テつ A sack is good, but I don't really set my mind on that during the game.テつ I just try to help my team out any way to get the win.テつ The sack's fine.テつ It's just at the end of the day I want to win for my team.

Q.テつ Is there anything schematically that's allowing you to have that success?テつ That's a lot of sacks?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ Hard work, hard work every single day, before practice and after practice.テつ Everybody gets it in, you know, it was just it's how bad you want it.テつ I just dedicate myself to this game and this sport.

Q.テつ You guys held them to 128 yards rushing.テつ That must be pretty satisfying?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ Yeah, the D‑line played great.テつ The D‑line played great the whole night.テつ It's like I said, defense was just playing as a family, playing together, swarming to the ball.

Q.テつ Four‑game losing streak, how tough is it?
PETE ROBERTSON:テつ It's very tough.テつ It's very tough.テつ This win was a good win for us to get us back on our feet, but we've got to let that game go.テつ This game is over with, and we have to get on to next week.テつ It's just another game.テつ We have to take it a game at a time.

Q.テつ Davis, how nice is it to be at the podium again after a win?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ Yeah, I haven't felt this feeling in a while.テつ That four straight was kind of hard.テつ I'm proud of my teammates for really battling.テつ We had adversity and highs and lows, but they kept a level head and we got the W.テつ So I'm just proud of my teammates.

Q.テつ How much confidence is that running game in the offense?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ Yeah, I knew going into the week there were going to be a lot of checks around the ball.テつ Dre had his best week this week.テつ He's doing a great job, and that's how hard he works.テつ The OL did a great job again.テつ When you don't have to stack the box and you have to drop eight every time, it's just a huge relief off me and we can move the chains better.

Q.テつ How big a sack was that today?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ I'm really proud of him and Cam Batson, because our two best receivers, No. 4 and No. 11 got hurt pretty early and those two guys stepped up and did a great job.テつ Ian had two big catches, I believe, that huge touchdown catch, and I'm just really proud of him.テつ He's coming here wanting to play, and he got a chance tonight.

Q.テつ Last year you all had those seven line plays in a row.テつ Was something said when you went out on the field?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ No, we called the first play, and we had success, our O‑line was doing a great job.テつ Rodney Hall was blocking great, Kenny Williams was blocking great, and DeAndre and Stockton, all those guys were running hard.テつ So we kept giving them the rock, and we trust our OL on that drive and really proud of them.

Q.テつ The two interceptions (Indiscernible) it seemed like (Indiscernible)?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ Yeah, that's one of the best players in the Big 12.テつ All week we talked about how good he is and when you actually see him play, how smart he is.テつ He picked a couple of our signals and he's one of the best players in the Big 12.テつ That's a lot of credit to him.テつ Yeah, it was fourth down, could take a sack, and he made a good play.テつ Read my eyes and stood right to him.
So I had to bounce back from that, and my teammates didn't give up on me, and I'm just glad we got this W.

Q.テつ Did you see him on the play?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ No.テつ It was kind of a weird deal they gave us.テつ We weren't really expecting that.テつ There was a window there, but I didn't see him.テつ Yeah, he made a good play.テつ He's a good player, so lot of credit to him.

Q.テつ Twice they pulled within six, and twice you were able to respond.テつ Could you just talk about the confidence that it gave you guys moving forward where you were able to put your foot on the gas and respond and not let them back in the game?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ Yeah, I think this team does great battling adversity.テつ Up by 14, up by 21, and then going back to six, we had to score.テつ There is no doubt in our minds we had a chance to do it.テつ We were moving the ball the whole day and really just beating ourselves, shooting ourselves in the foot.テつ Those two touchdown drives are huge for us to get this victory.テつ We've just got to be able to really just step on their throat.テつ Whenever they have that two touchdown lead, and we had plenty of chances to do that today, and we've got to be able to do that next week because next week will be the best team we've played this year, and it should be a lot of fun in Fort Worth.

Q.テつ Do you feel like you're getting better each game, each week?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ Yeah, I think I've gotten better every week, starting with Central Arkansas and then this game.テつ You can just tell that one throwaway, it was a roll out to the left, and earlier in the season I probably would have thrown a pick to Devin Lauderdale in the end zone, and this week I throw it away.テつ Just doing better each and every week and each and every play doing what I'm coached to do and giving our guys a chance to make plays because I know they can.

Q.テつ How quickly he might be back (Indiscernible)?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ Yeah, I haven't talked to my roommate yet.テつ He's in high spirits.テつ I think he's okay.テつ Yeah, he's one of my best friends and he's a competitor.テつ One thing that you probably didn't see on TV or in the game was him pumping up Ian Sadler and really getting in his head, hey, Ian, you got this.テつ Look for this, watch out for this.テつ He's a great teammate.テつ That's why he's a captain, and I'm really proud of him as a best friend and roommate.テつ He'll be okay though.テつ He's tough.

Q.テつ You threw to Devin Lauderdale and scored touchdowns and you spread it out to different receivers.テつ Can you talk about the receiving corps as a whole?
DAVIS WEBB:テつ Yeah, I don't think we have one standout guy like some teams do, but we have four or five really good guys.テつ When they get the ball, stuff can happen.テつ Dylan Cantrell had another good game, blocked well.テつ Reggie Davis had a great fade catch, Ian Sadler stepped up, Jakeem was hurt the whole game and battled.テつ All those guys are great receivers.テつ Got to give them the ball.
I'm not going to run it for a hundred yards a game, but those guys can break a hundred yards receiving in the game.テつ So give them the ball as quickly as possible and watch them work.

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