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October 15, 2014

Frank Beamer

FRANK BEAMER:  Big, big game tomorrow night.  We'll be traveling later on today to get up to Pittsburgh.  We've got a lot of respect for their program, the way they play, how well they're coached.  Just a good, solid‑‑ very good football program.  We know the challenge we've got in front of us.

Q.  We saw the injury report says Marshawn is out.  Who will start at running back for you and how do you plan on rotating Coleman and Caleb?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, I think J.C. will probably end up being the starter, depends a little bit what grouping we have out there.  Sam Rogers, we'll get him in there a little bit more.  We're having the daggonedest time.  We brought Jerome Wright up.  I was trying to red shirt him, but we're going to take him on the trip just in case everything blew up, and he pulled a hamstring yesterday.  We're just having a hard time with our running backs right now.

Q.  Was that Travon McMillian you were thinking about bringing?
FRANK BEAMER:  No, Jerome Wright.  Jerome was a little further advanced.  I'm going to check with our coaches here.  We may need to get Travon on the trip, too.  We're trying to red shirt him, too, so we'll see.

Q.  Michael Brewer, obviously when you have this movement at running back and trying to find what's going to fit you right in this Thursday game, what can you say about your quarterback and how much you can lean on him in a situation like this if there is some struggle in the rushing attack?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, you know, it's just a fact, and we know around here for sure that when you can run the ball and know what you have, it just makes playing quarterback a lot easier.  You know, he doesn't have it easy right now, but he's a level‑headed guy.  He's a smart guy.  He doesn't get rattled.  I think he'll go play as well as he possibly can play.
You know, he's a guy that likes a national audience.  Thursday night, probably the only game playing or one of a few, so I think he welcomes that opportunity.

Q.  When you have an opportunity on a stage like that like was mentioned before, being 20‑7, having the best record when it comes to those Thursday ESPN games, what can you say about your team and your efforts, and I know you have some team between this game and your last game, but even next week you have another Thursday game.  What can you say about how maybe you have to retool the week to make sure that you give them enough time to be ready?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, we stay in a rhythm.  This is Thursday for us‑‑ excuse me, Friday for us, and tomorrow will be Saturday, game day.  We always talk in those terms, so whatever day the game is, that's always Saturday and work backwards and stay in a routine.  I think really it helps the players as far as knowing exactly how they should feel at that particular time of the week.  I think that helps.

Q.  What do you see on film from Pitt and how they might give you some problems tomorrow night?
FRANK BEAMER:  Well, I think you see a typical Pitt team:  Big, tough, offensive linemen, got a terrific playmaker in Boyd at wide receiver, quarterback is very level‑headed and handling things.  They've got Conner, 250 pounds, and he's not an easy guy to bring down, plus I'm impressed with some of the other tailbacks, too, their quickness and so forth.
Defensively I think they're like sixth in the country in defense.  Just a hard‑nosed, tough crowd.  That's the way they play, and that's who they are.  You just have to have a great, great preparation mentally and physically to get ready to play a Pittsburgh football team.

Q.  I know coaches don't like to brag, but do you like playing on Thursday nights because it seems like you guys own Thursday nights a lot during the football season.
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, I do.  I like it, and then when you can get them back to back, you get a few days' rest here in the middle of the season before you play a Thursday night game, and then you get a few days' rest after you play the second Thursday night game.  I think that helps particularly this time of the year.  And then if you're the only game on, if you can go out there and win it, I think it helps every part of your football program.  You've got a chance for recruits to watch, and most people will be thinking or saying something about Virginia Tech Friday morning.  Whatever they're saying, you hope it's going to be good, but you've got to go play good for that to be the case.

Q.  With 22 interceptions that Brewer has thrown, have you broken those down or is there a common thread that runs through many of them?
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, you know, I think just going through his progression and making sure that he's not jumping is the biggest thing.  And you know, he understands.  He can figure it out and understand it.  You know, we're hoping that the second half of the year here that we won't have as many as we had the first half.
I don't think we will.  I mean, I just have a lot of confidence in the kid knowing how to play football, being a smart guy, not making the same mistake twice.  Hopefully we'll cut those interceptions down.

Q.  He seems to be a little bit different than the last couple of quarterbacks you've had with Logan Thomas and Tyrod Taylor.  His skill set seems to be a bit different.
FRANK BEAMER:  Yeah, he's good enough.  He throws the ball very well.  He's athletic enough to pick up some yards there, get himself out of trouble, and he's heady.  He knows how to play the quarterback position.  We're sure glad he's here because‑‑ and our second guy, Mark Leal, he's been in the program a long time and we have a lot of confidence in him, and Brenden Motley is a guy that's big, can throw, and I think he's got a good future.  And then we've got a couple freshmen.
I think the quarterback continues to be a good position for us.

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