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October 13, 2014

Davis Webb

Q.¬† After looking at the film, kind of getting a chance to break some things down, kind of talk about ‑‑ Kliff said he doesn't give an overall grade but talk about maybe a grade as a quarterback for your team?
DAVIS WEBB:  The first half was good, we still missed a couple opportunities especially at the end of the half.  When I threw the interception.  But the second half was just poor performance.  We kicked two field goals and had a couple opportunities at the end of the game, about two touchdowns, and we couldn't really get that first down.  It took some time off the clock, make them use some timeouts.  They kept all three and they drove down there and kicked a heck of a field goal.  So, no grades or anything like that, just got to get better.
(This is Davis.  Quarterback.)
Q.That first half you guys had really good balance, rhythm looked really good in the offense, then the last four drives, three out of the four ended in punts.  How do you think you guys sustain that rhythm and that balance through four quarters versus Kansas this week?
DAVIS WEBB:  That's something that we're just not used to doing the past couple games.  We have been down by so many.  Going in this game, we had a chance to run the ball a lot.  And this game, I checked a lot more plays than I usually do.  I think that's why we had more rhythm in the first half.
The second half kind of got away from that.  Just got to keep with the game plan and keep doing what I'm supposed to do.  We got to finish games from now on.

Q.  Despite the result, do you feel a lot more confidence in your offense after that performance on Saturday?
DAVIS WEBB:  We always knew we could be a good offense when we're on, we're on.  But we got to be able to finish games.  We had a two touchdown lead with six minutes left, and we should be an able to put that one away, but we just didn't do it.

Q.  As a player going to practice this week, how do you help coach finishing strong, making sure that you guys get that message for Kansas?
DAVIS WEBB:  Just got to take every play like it is your last.  Just when we're going against the ones every day, treat it like we're playing Kansas this week.  Treat it like we're up by 14 or down by 14.  If it's a pass play, we're down by 14, we're up by 14, it's a run bay play.  You got to take every play like it is your last.  Don't get too high, too low, keep level headed because you never know what's going to happen.
They played good though.  They came back and battled back from 14 point deficit, and you have to give them all the credit in the world.

Q.  Talk about the DeAndre Washington, and his ability to help you kind of take the lift off your shoulders being able to run the ball like that?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, going into the game I knew that I had a chance to check a lot of runs this game.  I told him that.  I said, make sure you get your beauty sleep on Friday night, because you're going to get a lot of carries this game.
He was up for it, did a great job and took a lot of weight off my shoulders.  Yeah, I expect him to have another good week this week.

Q.  Obviously, two very different kinds of losses the last two weeks.  K State was pretty one sided, and then Saturday was a heart breaker.  Are all losses the same or is a loss like Saturday a little harder to bounce back from?
DAVIS WEBB:¬† I would rather lose by a hundred than one.¬† All losses suck, but that field goal was pretty rough.¬† Especially how good we played in that first half.¬† Just knowing that we left points on the board, especially we had a chance to win that game and get our first win in the Big‑12 conference play and really just kind of start from there.¬† It was just not good.¬† All losses suck.¬† We all have a 24‑hour limit, and after that it's over and now we're on to Kansas.

Q.  (No microphone.)
DAVIS WEBB:¬† All we're worried about is Kansas right now.¬† If you ‑‑ I know with the next one, you got three more left.¬† So it's going to be a tough test.¬† They really battled Oklahoma State really well, and they're a hungry bunch, and we are just worried about this Saturday.

Q.  Is this a game where you can see your team turning the season around, kind of getting that confidence that you guys need?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, I think last week we got a lot of confidence.  Our defense played so well in the first half, and our offense obviously did pretty good.  We struggled a little bit, but we see what kind of team we can be, when we're doing what we're supposed to be doing.
The effort's been great the whole year, just limiting that penalties in the first half.  I thought we only had two in the second half that went a little overboard with eight or something like that.  Just being disciplined.
We have confidence, and we can see what kind of team we are when we're disciplined and don't turn the ball over, and we got to do it on Saturday.  Because if we do that, then we'll lose this one.

Q.  How big of a goal is it to get to a bowl game?
DAVIS WEBB:¬† We don't focus on that.¬† Just try to get better every day.¬† We just don't really focus on that kind of stuff.¬† Really, the off season, we're just really about winning games in the Big‑12, beating Texas, beating Oklahoma, beating all those guys.
We all know that every game this year is going to be tough.  We all knew the conference was pretty much the same.  You can see it, every week someone has a chance to win, someone has a chance to lose.  Kansas almost beat Oklahoma State last week.  Baylor/TCU was a great game.  The conference is pretty even and you got to play your best every Saturday.

Q.  Your ankle all right?
DAVIS WEBB:¬† It's fine.¬† I re‑tweaked it and I got it padded up and it's fine.

Q.  Coming in this week, was it a point of emphasis to get Devin going, or did he just make plays when he was open?
DAVIS WEBB:  Dylan was starting, but Devin went in for a couple fast plays and like that quick screen and that deep throw, it was just, he was open, he made a good play, and I'm really proud of him the way he stepped up this week.  And I'm looking forward to seeing how he practices today, and how he continues going into this game.

Q.  How important is that time after the last regular season game, before a bowl game, to help you not only prepare for that bowl game, but going forward into the next season?
DAVIS WEBB:  I want to be a future coach later in life, and I can see all the coaches talk about how those extra bowl practices get freshmen and guys like that a real chance to get ahead going into the spring for next year.  That's just a huge part for our team.  Just getting those young guys get practiced and extra reps.  But right now, we're worrying about Kansas, because if we don't win this one, we're in a lot of trouble.  They're a good team, and I think we are too.  So, it should be a good game.  And it's a home game, so that's always fun.

Q.  Finishing games has been stressed by coach.  But have you guys, as players, talked about the importance of finishing out the whole season strong?  Because it's still a lot to play for at this point.
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, we talked about it last week.  We had a seven game season left and now a six game season left.  We got to take each game like it's our last, and you never know when it can be.  Because this Saturday is going to be a very important game, and now we got to take each practice like it's our last.  We got to finish practices every day, because Kansas is going to have a great week of practices.  They had their best game of the year last week.  We know their confidence is high and ours might be a little shaken right now because of that last second field go.
So we got to get back on it and really rally the troops and come together as a unit, because this Saturday is a big game.

Q.  Being able to finish games, is that something a coach can coach?
DAVIS WEBB:  Coaches coach and players play.  So, that's really on us.  That's on our leadership as a group.  That's on me, and we didn't get the point across enough that we had two touchdown lead.
I think when Stockton had that huge 60‑yard run, it felt like the air on the sidelines was like, hey, we got this one in the bag, and we still had a lot of time on that clock.¬† And we knew how explosive their offense was and they went bang, bang, bang, and scored.
We had a chance to really kind of ice the clock a little bit, we didn't do it.  So we just got to keep a level head, there's highs and lows in football.  It's really about who keeps that level head and they did that.  They were down by a lot, got off to a sluggish start, but they finished strong and that's what got them the win.

Q.  (No microphone.)
DAVIS WEBB:  He's one of the hardest workers on our team.  If you work hard, good things happen to you.  I'm really proud of him as a teammate, as one of his best friends, and as a teammate.  Just really proud the way he's matured and led this team so far.  You can see it on the sidelines.  He's being more vocal, and he's realizing that he's only got six games left in his college career, and he's really motivated for this one.  I expect him to have a huge week this week.
That sums up Brad as a person to me.  He was behind the yardstick, I don't know how many yards.  I didn't see it until film the next day, but he was three or four yards behind that first down marker, and he dragged that guy.  That's just his motivation, his determination, his passion is just second to none.

Q.  You and coach have very similar numbers to this point in your career.  How much does it help having him there with you as you go through these early parts of your career knowing what you're capable of going forward.
DAVIS WEBB:¬† Last week though, really worried throwing all those interceptions was kind of like, I wasn't really expecting to do that and it kind of got my negative side.¬† Sunday, I was beat up and I went in and talked to him and he said, what's your e‑mail, and he sent me an e‑mail and said the stats of him and Graham and those are two most like quarterbacks and greatest players to ever play at Texas Tech.
So seeing my numbers stack against them‑‑ I think they're a lot better than I am, but just seeing that is kind of the eye opener to stay on course and keep working, because good things happen to guys who work.¬† And so I just kind of motivated me for this week.¬† I feel like if ‑‑ I feel a pretty decent game this Saturday and just eliminate a couple bad plays.

Q.  Obviously, the two minute drill wasn't what you would like it to be, especially in this offense this past week.  Is this something you do, maybe after practice pull guys aside and work on that?
DAVIS WEBB:  We worked on it all fall camp, all spring, we work on it all the time.  Just with 45 seconds left, two timeouts, we got to drive down and score get a field goal or something.
When we saw the clock, 1:57 left, the one timeout, we thought it would be easy.  We do this every day in practice.  And we had a couple good plays in that drive.  The catch with the guy on his back, I don't know how he made that.  D.J.'s little stop route on the right.  We got to convert that slant.  It was a bad throw, and we just got to convert that third and three, because if we do that, we set up a game winning shot.

Q.¬† Pretty aware about Baylor‑TCU game.¬† The Oklahoma State and Kansas game.¬† Obviously, some comebacks this weekend, is this going to be something that you have to master to win some games in the Big‑12 obviously?
DAVIS WEBB:¬† I mean UTEP was a prime example of that.¬† The second week of the season, that place is a hard place to play.¬† And the crowd was pretty into it.¬† We were down by something like a touchdown or four points or something like that.¬† We drove down there and scored.¬† We knew we had done it before in a real game situation.¬† It's different in practice and all that stuff, we did it before, so we had confidence going into that drive, just didn't make plays on one‑on‑one battles.¬† They manned us up at the end and we just didn't get it done.

Q.  (No microphone.)
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, I watched every game of his so far.

Q.  Do you talk to him much?
DAVIS WEBB:  We text probably 30 times since that game.  Just how proud I am of him.  I know how hard he works and I know how much this means to him and I know he's excited for his first touchdown and the sky's the limit for that guy.  So he's just got to keep working.

Q.  What has he said to you about things?
DAVIS WEBB:  Just sawing he misses us and he'll be back the Oklahoma week.  So he's excited to come back and see us.  Just saying keep working.  He's saying what he sees and what he's learned throughout his four or five games in the envelope and you know fall camp and stuff like that.  Just helping young guys out like Brad, receivers, and Ian and stuff like that, just telling them, hey, this is what I learned now that I wish I into you in college.  So, just get his viewpoint from a couple things and just it's a blessing though, a guy like that.

Q.  Knowing that your receivers are going to get a lot of man probably against Kansas, how do you help them, do you change up your game a little bit or change up their game, what do you do to help out for them to be successful?
DAVIS WEBB:¬† I know coach has a great game plan going this week.¬† We got to ‑‑ we do one‑on‑ones every Tuesday and Wednesday and a lot of them are really hovering those receivers, taking it like it's a game day.¬† Because that's what's going to ham, they're going to man up and say hey, beat us.¬† That's a great way to coach defense.¬† That's what I would do a couple years from now.¬† I don't hate on T I think it's very hard to get a quarterback's timing when they press on the line of scrimmage and stuff like that.¬† They're well coached and I know they're a hungry team and they almost shocked the Big‑12 conference by beating Oklahoma State.¬† They were really close.¬† So, yeah, as a skilled skill group we got to be ready for those one‑on‑one matchups.

Q.  Going through a tough losing streak last season, what do you take away from the last season's losing streak and apply it to this season trying to turn things around?
DAVIS WEBB:  That losing streak last year is not close to this one.  Three of those four games right now, we should have won those games.  We had every opportunity to do so and last year I feel like on that Texas game for instance that Baylor game, they were just, it was just, we just lost.  Nothing you can do about it.  But these games, just we're so close and we got to put it all together because we're running out of time.  Halfway through the year and we only have six games left, so we got to make the most of them.

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