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October 11, 2014

Sean Ianno

Austin Robinson

Robert Singletary

Q.  Talk about the defense today, the offense seemed to be sputtering a little bit there from time to time, but you guys always seemed to be there to pick them up, especially your play.  Just overall defense and your play today?
ROBERT SINGLETARY:  Played pretty well today on defense.  We just had an overall good effort.  That's usually what we try to do.  We just try to go out there and play hard at defense, and today we were able to do that.

Q.  Can you just talk about your game today started a little slow but looked like you found a rhythm and looked pretty sharp out there.
AUSTIN ROBINSON:  Yeah, Coach always says be ready.  And today unfortunately Blake did go down but I tried to play‑‑ drives (ph).  I just tried to get in a rhythm.  The first hit I realized, okay, this isn't practice any more, of course.  The guys aren't flying by me anymore.
So after that, I was like, okay, I have to calm down, relax and play my game.  I prayed a little bit on the sideline.  Of course, I have the defense there with me and I have the offense players with me, receivers and other quarterbacks and Coach Brown is up there and Coach Coker is telling me, relax, play your game, and I was able to settle down and relax and allow the game to come to me.

Q.  Just another day at the office for you.  You've kicked other game winners.  Looked like you just got off from the sofa‑‑
SEAN IANNO:  I try to keep it like that all the time.  About the game winner, I told Austin with about five minutes left in the game, I was like, "You ever made a game‑wining drive?"
He told me, "Yes, I was in high school."
I was like, "Well, they feel pretty good, so go do it."
We got that down and I'm glad we could just come out with the win and our defense could do an awesome job, and Austin stepped up really well.  I'm just proud of everybody.

Q.  What's the thought process with you guys when you tie the ballgame and it's tied up and you're taking off?  Obviously you get the fumble there, but is the thought process at that point in time, are you thinking over time in that situation?  What's the thought process?
ROBERT SINGLETARY:  Honestly, the thought process for us was once we got the turnover and we saw where we were, just get in Sean's field goal range and we have confidence in Sean and Sean stepped up, hit the field goal like he always does and it was pretty good.  Great win.
AUSTIN ROBINSON:  Take enough time off the clock, get him in position where he's comfortable.  And we asked him and he said, you know, I like it over here, so we're going to run the ball over here, have to get down.  You know, we tried to make everything right for Sean.
SEAN IANNO:  I think I got some pull around here‑‑
AUSTIN ROBINSON:  Just a little bit, nothing major (laughing).

Q.  Wanted to ask you about your journey starting out here, you came in a couple years ago, you've dropped a lot of sweat on that practice field and you got bumped down to No. 3 right at the start of the season and now here you are, you helped this team snap a four‑game winning streak, a big win for the team.  What is going through your mind right now and what do you think is in your immediate future like for next week?
AUSTIN ROBINSON:  Just like the first two snaps.  I came in about two years ago, and I read‑shirted and I asked Coach Brown, what do I need to do.  Tried to stay in the playbook, tried to stay in his head.
It has been a journey.  I believe I've stayed with the faith and been praying a lot.  And of course I stay after practice every day.  We're staying out there after practice every day.  I'm in there throwing with the receivers every day, and A‑Tay, Aron Taylor, call him A‑Ray, No. 17, work in on different routes every day.
But I feel like it's finally paid off.  It has been a journey.  I did get bumped down to No. 3 and that was a really humbling experience and made me realize that nothing is going to be handed to you and I actually have to work for it.  I think I came into fall camp too complacent.
But, you know, I think I'm getting back to where I was with my work ethic in high school and just staying with that.
The defense played wonderful tonight.  The special teams played wonderful.  The offensive guys did a wonderful job, guys stepped up to the plate.  We missed a few throws, a few catches here, but it's all going to be‑‑ it's all going to pay of and it's all going to come back to us.

Q.  Do you think you'll be quarterback next game?
AUSTIN ROBINSON:  I have no idea.  Right now it's in the coaches' hands.  If my number is called, I'll be there.  If my number isn't called, I'll still be there in support.

Q.  Robert, since you're a senior, you guys won this game because you had tremendous grit with all kinds of bad things were happening and you kept on it.  Do you think that the fella to your left there, Austin, kind of embodies the grit that this team has?  This team has always been a team of fighters, and today you're up against it, four‑game losing streak, people are dropping left and right.  Can you talk about the grit of this team?
ROBERT SINGLETARY:  I definitely think Austin embodies that grit.  I've been there.  I think we got here at the same time, I believe and I've seen Austin grind and do all the little things.  He stays after practice like he says.
As far as the team's grind, we started from nothing and went to the WAC and then we came to Conference USA.  Just every day is just a grind for us just to prove to people that we can play at this level.  We are a very good football team and we just try to go out there every day and show people that.

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