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October 11, 2014

Larry Coker


COACH COKER:  Just another easy victory (Laughter).
I've been around this thing for a while, but I've never been prouder of(tearing up) can't even say it.
It was a hard‑fought victory.  The guys, we talked about it all day long, we made some mistakes, had some opportunities, didn't take advantage of it.  But find a way to win, find a way to win.  We had some opportunities and again, they are a pretty good football team and I give them credit for that.
But our guys, somehow we found a way.  Duke Wheeler, walk‑on player for us created the turnover late and we were able to kick a winning field goal.  Sean Ianno and of course defense comes out and uses up the last 50 seconds.
I just can't ‑‑ I can't say enough about our football team tonight and our coaching staff.  Did we need a win?  Sure we did.  Need to get our MoJo back, our energy back, our belief back.  We got a lot of tough games to play, we know that, but again, this will help us get jump started.

Q.  Can you just talk about the effort of your defense tonight?  Seemed like when the offense couldn't get things going, the defense was always there to keep you guys in it?
COACH COKER:  Well, they were.  They played just a phenomenal game.  Our defensive staff have just done a great job with our defense and they did that.  We sputtered, and I tell you, the defensive guys are never pointing fingers at the offense.  They said Coach, we got your back, we got your back, we got their back.  So I knew we had an opportunity there.
And then Robert Singletary for one just had a phenomenal game, I think four and a half sacks and forced a couple fumblesand had 10, 11 tackles.  Triston Wade I think had 11 tackles, so defensively we had a lot of opportunities and they took advantage of it. 
And I tell you, Florida International, they have a good football team.  The running back is very good and also the quarterback is a good, young player.

Q.  How difficult of a stretch has it been, all the losses here lately; that some of the emotion you showed here to start, just real gritty effort?  Can you talk about bouncing back tonight?
COACH COKER:  Well, you're exactly right, and I hurt for our players.  I really do.  Because they work hard and we've had good practices.  We haven't folded.  And I hurt for our players.  The effort would have been the same, had we not won the game ‑‑ great effort and a great showing.  But to be able to win the football game, I just felt like how we were going to make a play and do something to win the game and we were able to do that.
Of course, again, the defense just made a super play.  And how about Sean Ianno?  I mean, that's, what, the third game he's won for us with kicks and he's just a fantastic kicker.

Q.  Talking about the adversity and the emotion, we saw you down there in the third quarter, don't know if I've seen you that animated yelling at the crowd and telling the crowd to get into it; was that just something in the moment?  And if you can give us a quick update on some of your guys came out kind of banged up, any status.
COACH COKER:  No, not yet and I think again I just want to say I can't say enough about our crowd because they really got into it.  Made a huge difference in the game to have our crowd, especially get out coming out from the end zone or going in to score and they were just fantastic.
I can't say enough about them.  And maybe I was animated but I tell you, maybe I was‑‑ like I hit on the sidelines so maybe just kind of add a little bit, I don't know.

Q.  Wanted to ask you about Austin Robinson, playing the way he did:  14 for 17 throwing the football; he ran the football well, pressed into action tonight.  Talk about him.
COACH COKER:  Well, he was pressed into action.  I'm very proud for Austin because he's an exceptional young man and a good student and exactly what you like to see and for him to step in with not a lot of experience, he gets practice time and not a lot of experience, to step in and do what he did and how he did it, you can't say enough about that.  He did a phenomenal job and our guys really rallied around him.  He did a good job passing the football and obviously he's a good runner.

Q.  On that second to last drive before Sean's game winning field goal, can you give us a recap, I know it was nerve‑wracking but trying to purge it in from the four‑yard line, yelling big every single play, maybe your goal line‑‑ the second down quarterback sneak and then the speed option was almost a disaster and luckily‑‑ can you just go over that play calling?
COACH COKER:  Well, I think play calling was outstanding.  I think Dobbs (indiscernible) would have been a touchdown but got to have a good pitch, and we pitched it behind him.  They did a good job coming back and getting the football.  But I think we scored on the option play (ph) on the other end and I think we just scored on the option play (ph) on this end.
But again we have a goal line package and we think our offensive line gives us a chance to get us a crease and we have to be physical with our backs.  Again give them credit, they did a good job.

Q.  I know that the way Robinson played really got the team rallying behind him and found his momentum in the second half; is this a kid that you can go with?
COACH COKER:  Is this what?

Q.  A quarterback that you think you can go with in the next few games, keep some consistency at the quarterback position.
COACH COKER:  We'll see.  We'll see how the health of everybody is.  Yeah, I feel good about Austin.  Again, I felt good about it tonight.  Again I think he's a little different style of quarterback but Kevin knows that and really tailored some things toward Austin.

Q.  Can you talk to the health of Carter, when was he injured, and do you have a timetable for his return?
COACH COKER:  Don't have a timetable.  He was injured, you know, I guess a week ago.  Just need some time to heal up.  Wants to play and I think the thing, you continue to play and get hit and get re‑injured and those type of things.  But I expect to have him back soon.

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