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October 11, 2014

Everett Golson

North Carolina – 43
Notre Dame – 50

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  Come in here and talk, I got it cleared up, things like that.  Right now I'm going to‑‑ (Away from mic.)

Q.  What can you do to try to alleviate the problem?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Change it around, stop the bleeding.  I understand it's(Away from mic.)  Like I said, it's up to me.

Q.  How excited are you about the opportunity for next Saturday night?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Very excited, very excited.  It's going to be a big game.

Q.  How do you regain composure after being down 14‑0, the way it happened?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Just having that faith, and not believing that we were going to lose this game, that we were going to find a way to pull it out somehow.
I think my teammates are doing a good job of keeping their heads up.  Sometimes you (Away from mic.)  We definitely have a great group of guys, high‑character guys and that's what it takes to win.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  Yeah, like I said, I think to me it's justif you take away those three turnovers that I had, the score looks a little bit more(indiscernible).  Like I said, I will do better for sure.

Q.  Everett, reflecting on the game and then on practice this week, what will you work on?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Just continue to try to have a better delivery, try to make an effort to take care of the ball.

Q.  You took a good hit after you fumbled the ball and then you guys ended up getting it back.  You were on the sidelines and how close were you to not coming back in?
EVERETT GOLSON:  No, I told him I wanted to come back in.  I was not going to let‑‑ I'm you a competitor, I'm not going to let(Away from mic.)  I remember telling him "I'm good.  I'm going back in."
Q.(No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  Yeah, you know, I think he does a great job, I don't want to say taking advantage of it, but just coming out on top against his opponents.  A couple of throws I missed for sure.  I got to get the ball up to him more.  Instead of 15‑yard penalties, we should be getting touchdowns, and that's on me.  Like I said, I got to be more crisp and utilize more series.

Q.  (No microphone.)

Q.  Talk about his ability to make plays.
EVERETT GOLSON:  He's definitely a playmaker, and we have a lot of them on our roster, on our team.  Him and Greg Bryant and Tarean did a good job tonight, and a lot of people that we have and it makes me relax, to be honest.  I understand I don't have to do it all.  I can give the ball up to them on a screen, and he takes it to the house and gets the job done.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  Yeah, I think he closed the day for us, to be honest.  He came in at a big moment, so my hat is off to him.
I think a couple of runs that he had, like the one where he kind of slipped through there and stayed in bounds when he was running out to the right, I think he did a great job all night, really.
And I think what makes Tarean himself is he's a very patient runner and he's also powerful.  I think he ads another dimension to our offense.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  I'm definitely excited.  Definitely excited.
Justit goes back to me.  I just got to prepare.  I think the game is big, but this week is going to be big in how we prepare and how we kind of take care of our business.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  Yeah, I'm going to do a better job, for sure.  I think I said it earlier, but I come in here kind of every week for the last couple of weeks saying I have to do a better job.  Right now, it's time for me to stop saying that and time for me to put my words into action and actually do that.

Q.  Coach Kelly said he was pretty tough on you.  How do you negotiate that?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Just kind of, you know what you're going to get with Coach Kelly.  (Away from mic.)  I knew what I was going to get.  I understand the severity of it.  You can't turn the ball over, especially in that type of field position.  I got to do a better job.  I think I have to be patient.

Q.  Everett on Tarean's touchdown and catch there in the fourth quarter, you looked up and he was wide open.  Did he come back and say something to you?
EVERETT GOLSON:  No, it was a different play.  I think I try to take advantage of my match‑up on the play before (Away from mic.)

Q.  Yeah.
EVERETT GOLSON:  Didn't turn out how we wanted it to turn out, and I actually look over to him and I thought‑‑ (Away from mic.)

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  I had a conversation with him.  But I saw him over there.  I saw nobody was over there.  I just asked him, you know, (Away from mic.)

Q.  How good was he off the line today?
EVERETT GOLSON:  I think we did some good things, got to clean up a lot of stuff.  And that comes with me, too.  I'm in charge of setting protections and things like that, but I got to do a better job.  Just got to do a better job.

Q.  50 points, what a great balance of rushing and passing the ball.  With that kind of balance, how dangerous can this offense be?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Definitely dangerous.  Adds that element, if I don't turn the ball over, I think we have something pretty special going.  Like I said, I have to do a better job, and we definitely got some pretty goodthrows.

Q.  Red zone tuck talk about the success there.
EVERETT GOLSON:  That was big, turning it into points.  I think we did a great job of that all night, goes back to playcalling and our guys executing and just having that will to win.

Q.  When you think about Will emerging as a "go to" guy of sorts‑‑
EVERETT GOLSON:  He has some special talents and he does a great job of winning against his opponent.  (Away from mic.)  taking advantage of times where he's open.  I definitely got to do a better job of getting the ball to him.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  More aggressive.  I think at times, we ‑‑ I also feel it's a little more balanced to be honest.  We kind of put it together as far as having to‑‑ like I said, rushing and(Away from mic.)  That's what makes it dangerous.  Both dimensions obviously, passing the ball and running.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  I think it definitely does.  DB, that's hard to cover.  15 second, whatever it may be, definitely hard to cover, especially these guys.  Definitely hard to cover 'em.  I try to do what I can and let guys get open.

Q.  Is the playbook expanded?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Yeah, for sure.

Q.  In what areas?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Just different things.  We learned two tight‑end sets, two back sets, you can do a lot more.  And that's what makes it hard to prepare for us, because we do so much out of different formations.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  I don't really remember.  I think I just kind of knew what I was going to get when I came to the sideline.  But basically the conversation was, between me and him, I told him, we gotta go deep(Away from mic.)  Kind of one of those things where(Away from mic.)  That was definitely competition.  We got to go deep.

Q.  Did they fluster you at all?  I think it was the first time you kinda got pushed all season.
EVERETT GOLSON:  I don't know if they flustered me.  I said I have to get out of my own way.  Like I said, I have to stop turning the ball over, things like that.  Once I do, I got to forget about it because the game still goes on.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  I think it's definitely developed.  Not as much as I want it to, to be honest.  He does a great job of getting open and I haven't taken advantage of that as much as I want to.
So I think it's definitely something that feels good in progress, but I got to do a better job.

Q.  (No microphone.)
EVERETT GOLSON:  Just ready to go, not even just Oklahoma (Away from mic.)  Just ready to go, anxious, just ready to start getting prepared on a pretty dominant team in college football right now, in Florida State.  So just anxious and ready to go.

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