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October 11, 2014

Davis Webb

West Virginia – 37
Texas Tech - 34

Q.  When it was 4th and 3 at the end of the game, would you have liked to have gone for it?
DAVIS WEBB:  No, that's Coach Kingsbury's decision.  We support that decision, and if we didn't it, that's a heck of a field position for them, so no, we should have completed that pass.  That's my fault.

Q.  You're confident as an offense, though, on 4th and 3; that's something you go over all the time and you feel like you can get‑‑
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, we should have got that 3rd and 3.  I missed that slant a little high, and they just got us.

Q.  You started off hot in the second half.  Did they change anything up on you?
DAVIS WEBB:  Not really.  They started bringing a little pressure, I guess, and they did a good job coaching us up and really responding that second half, and we didn't.  We went down and had two good drives but ended up in three points instead of seven.  We've just got to score when we get down there.

Q.  Coach Kingsbury said one of the reasons you didn't go for it on 4th down is because the offense has struggled lately against the man coverage.  Why do you think that was?
DAVIS WEBB:  Man, they did a good job coaching us.  Nothing you can really say about that.  They one‑on‑oned us and we didn't make plays.  Bad throws, didn't catch it, just they won the one‑on‑one battles.  That's the bottom line.

Q.  How frustrating was it to battle all game long, to see it come down to that kick at the very end?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, that game has been great, and we battled our butts off.  It shouldn't have ended like that, but we had plenty of chances to make it like that.  We were up by two touchdowns and they went down to score, and then we kind of stalled and they scored again, so it's all the credit in the world to them, but we had plenty of chances for it not to come down to that.

Q.  In the second half you came off hobbling.  After that to what extent did that affect you?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, I rolled it last week in the third quarter and just reaggravated it.  No excuses, got it taped up and just got to make some completions at the end of the game.

Q.  Did you feel better connection with your wide receivers this week?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, we came out really hot and just got to keep the pedal to the metal.  We kind of laid off a little bit and they did a good job responding.  But yeah, you see how good our offense can be.  That first quarter was Texas Tech football, so we've got to play three more quarters like that.

Q.  What did you think of DeAndre's performance?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, he ran the ball great.  It was one of the emphasis we had last week going into this week.  We didn't run the ball expectedly last week, and DeAndre really did a great job.  MJ, Stock, Q, Kenny back at running back, they all did a great job.  Our receivers blocked for each other, and it was a good performance from him.

Q.  Can you talk about Lauderdale, your confidence passing to him this game?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, he got open.  That big long one, had a nice little screen and he worked his butt off.  He got benched early in the season, and ever since then he's kind of been motivated, and he went off today, so really proud of him.

Q.  DeAndre ran the ball quite a bit today.  Did that take some of the pressure off you?
DAVIS WEBB:  Oh, for sure.  If DeAndre can run for 130 every game, we're going to be able to move the ball offensively pretty good.  I'm really proud of him, and that lightened up the box pretty good, but again, we have to make plays one‑on‑one, and we did not.

Q.  How does losing a last‑second game like that kind of affect the mindset of this team?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, we've got to come together.  No one believes in this team besides those guys in that room, and we've just got to stay strong and get ready for Kansas because it's going to be a good game back at home, and just got to get ready for those guys.

Q.  This is the first time Texas Tech has started 2‑4 in 20 years.  How big does this mountain feel like it is to climb?
DAVIS WEBB:  We'll respond next week against Kansas.  It's a great opportunity at a great platform to play at home and really try to get our first win in the Big 12 conference and go from there.

Q.  Given where you guys were in the fourth quarter, are you shocked with this defeat?
DAVIS WEBB:  It doesn't feel great.  This is by far the worst loss I've ever had in my life.  I've lost on a last‑second field goal before, but it doesn't come close to this because we had so many opportunities to put this game away, and we just didn't execute.  That comes from me, and we've got to get better.  We're close, close, close.  We've got to get ready for Kansas next week.

Q.  Was the player meeting the other day helpful for you guys?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, for sure.  We're not going to be able to (inaudible) at a player‑only meeting, but you could tell we started off hot.  We've just got to know how to finish games, and we learned our lesson today.

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