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October 10, 2014

Connor Halliday


Q.  It's been awhile since you have been hit like that that many times, was it something the offensive line wasn't doing or were they just in your face every time?
CONNOR HALLIDAY:  That's just a really good defensive front.  Nothing our offensive line did wrong, they're just a darn good front.

Q.  Do you think their physicality threw the offense out of sync a little bit?
CONNOR HALLIDAY:  I don't know if it threw it out of sync, but it limits what we can do.
We can't call down field passes, we don't really have time for down field passes.  We got people open all night, we were just unable to hit them.  Didn't have enough time.  I should have done a better job trying to scramble around with trying to miss a guy here and there and I didn't make enough plays.

Q.  It seemed like when you did hit a guy down field, that they, there was a lot of leeway between what the defensive backs and wide receiver could do physically.  When you see that, does it just kind of tell you that you can't even try those passes?
CONNOR HALLIDAY:  A little bit.  You kind of you need to tell how the game's being played.  There's always certain ways that different games are called and played.  So you definitely got to figure that out.  But we need to do a better job after the catch.  We didn't have enough yards after the catch out in space and didn't make enough plays.

Q.  The touchdown play where you threw across your body and ran to your right how much of that was drawn up and how much was ad‑libbed?
CONNOR HALLIDAY:  None of that is drawn up.  We had a three by one formation to the right and a little post with a corner and kind of a sit down route and one of their guys came free, so after that just instincts take over and you just try to make a play.

Q.  Did you go into this game knowing that you probably weren't going to get too many runs?
CONNOR HALLIDAY:  Yeah, they don't give too many good run boxes.  They rarely had five in the box.  A couple times they did, I did call runs.  That was Jamal's bigger run and I think Gerard had one, too.  But, yeah, they don't really give us the run.  They're so physical up front and that's tough to ‑‑ it's not exactly what we do anyway, and then they kind of dictated the way the game was being played up front.

Q.  You didn't really have your receiving corp today, how much did that affect you?
CONNOR HALLIDAY:  I don't know how much it affected me, but you got to find a way to battle through that.  We got to find a way to make plays.  I got to find a way to throw some better balls.  We got to find a way to make some catches and we got to find a way to sit that pass rush down a little bit better.  So it's on all of us.

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