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October 10, 2014

Mike Leach


Q.  In your opinion what was the difference in this game?
COACH LEACH:  I think the difference was the physical nature of the Stanford players.  Our technique has to be sharper, we have to play harder, we got to play better.  I think their defensive line and their offensive line exposes any weakness and we have to be sharper technically in order to offset, because their bigger and stronger than we are.

Q.  What you disappointed in your team's execution and physicality or were they just that good?
COACH LEACH:  No, I'm disappointed.

Q.  Were you surprised by the physicality that was allowed between the secondary and receivers on both sides of the ball?
COACH LEACH:  That would open an entire can of worms, I could go on hours for that.

Q.  The punt with 2:15 left, had you kind of conceded that it was over at that point?
COACH LEACH:  No, he was limping around and we were backed way up and the hope was we could stop them three and out and ‑‑ next question.

Q.  Number 16.  How is he doing?
COACH LEACH:  He's fine.  He's a hundred percent healthy.

Q.  Your defense seemed to play really tough against Stanford.  What did they do ‑‑
COACH LEACH:  At times.

Q.  What was different compared to last week?
COACH LEACH:  Well, I think for one it was a matchup between defensive lines, which I think ‑‑ or offensive line and defensive line.  I think our defensive line did some good things in the second quarter.  I thought they played pretty well in the second and third quarter.  But the thing is, we just got to play a whole game.  You got to get a whole game out of it and it's going to be physical and nasty and Stanford's got the luxury of playing a lot of people, but we have to stand in there with what we got and do better and be more complete.

Q.  When White went out of the game you get even more younger back in the secondary.  Do you ever ‑‑
COACH LEACH:  Well we got to quit being young.  Young is young, but the other part is a state of mind.  You got to come out of that, I mean that's just who, that's who we have and we got to go play the best we can and we don't have time to do all that.

Q.  Based on the status of your team right now, is this a good time for a bye week?
COACH LEACH:  Yeah, I suppose.

Q.  You were within a touchdown in the fourth quarter.  Do you feel like you're right on the verge of a break through?
COACH LEACH:  We're on the bring of doing a lot of good things, there's no question about it.  We just have to, like I say, mature more quickly and part of that is a state of mind.  And as we as coaches got to get that out of our players and I mean, we got a bunch of guys that can be really good players down the road, but they can also be better players than they are right now.  Anus as coaches and players got to make that happen.

Q.  Halliday's touchdown throwing across his body, across the field, was that a designed play or was he ad‑libbing?
COACH LEACH:  Well, he knew where the guy was.  He knew where the route was.
Basically he had a chance to hit it underneath quick, but he got flushed by the defensive end.  Then he had to roll and then he found the corner route on there.

Q.  Very impressive, though?
COACH LEACH:  No, he does a good job.  We just got to do it together over and over.

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