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October 10, 2014

Zach Hoffpauir


Q.  (No microphone.)
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  You just got to prepare for it.  It's basically playing basketball and football.  You're dogging guys the whole time.  The rushers got to do their job and get home and the DB's got to cover and we all work together and we usually get a good result.

Q.  After Halliday throws for an NCAA record last week, to see what you did this week, what does it say about the level of this defense?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  I think we're executing pretty well, doing our job, not trying to do too much, play within the defense.  Doing what Coach Anderson and Coach Akina are coaching for us.  They're doing a great job of scheming for us and helping us play fast.

Q.  Do you take a level of pride when you're facing a guy who is throwing the ball like crazy right now, video game numbers basically?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  We take pride in everything we do, every game.  We got to be very prideful and know that we're going to play well and play to your highest level so that the team can win.

Q.  14 tackles, most by any Stanford player, how did that feel tonight?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  Felt good.  I didn't even realize how many I had, just the ball kept coming to me and I ended up making the tackles, didn't miss many, I missed a few and I can still get better.  But it was cool.

Q.  What have you been preparing in order to get you there?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  To get myself personally?  Just working on it.  Every Monday we have a fundamental rotation, just work on fundamentals and just everyday practice trying to get better, work on something each day.

Q.  Have you ever had a game this good at any level you played?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  Obviously, high school I had a few good games.  But it was nothing like playing in college and having a good game.  Especially with the nickel position, I'm covering a lot, so it was fun being able to get in on some tackles.

Q.  You've been playing a lot of run coverage over the last few weeks, getting the additional reps against the pass this week, how does that feel for you?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  It was good.  I can get better at coverage, for sure.  That's always real tough.  But I felt like I played pretty well and covered decent.  I could get better, definitely get a lot better but it was fun.

Q.  Zach, were you conscious of having 15 tackles in this game?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  At the end guys came up to me and told me.  I wasn't sure.  I knew I had quite a few, just because like I was around the ball a lot.  But I wasn't sure how many, just it was kind of a blur.

Q.  You had a couple of pass breakups, too.  Do you think you played a perfect game?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  Absolutely not.  I'm striving for it, but definitely a lot of improvement coverage‑wise, missed a couple tackles, that can't happen.  So not close to perfect, but pretty good game.

Q.  What is it like to be out there and defending against this Washington State passing offense?
ZACH HOFFPAUIR:  It's fun.  It's a challenge.  It definitely tests you mentally, because they throw a lot stuff at you and also physically because they got good receivers.  You got to play your technique right, use your help in the middle of the field, whether it's the safety or a backer or whatever it is, and be sound.  Every single play you got to focus.

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