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October 10, 2014

Greg Taboada


Q.  Did you have a sense that this was going to happen, just the red zone struggle and you guys as a group needed to get involved to get them going.
GREG TABOADA:  Yeah, coming in this week we did put a little bit more red zone plays for the tight ends.  But we have always been working trying to get those tight ends into the game this year.  So we put a couple more plays in and it worked out.

Q.  Is there pressure, like knowing that the Tight End U reputation, the guys that you followed and people knew that you guys were young and tall and talented, but when was it going to, when was it going to have fruition?
GREG TABOADA:  We have pressure, but you got to go out there and work hard every day to just try to get to that point.  You just got to try to get to their level and work hard and watch them and see what they do in the NFL and do the same thing.

Q.  These were your first two career TD's, all in one game.  Does something like that, you only had two catches today, but for touchdowns, but does that, do you think that going forward, that you will have a certain amount of confidence that you might not have had otherwise?
GREG TABOADA:  Yeah, you definitely gain confidence.  Most of my plays were more in the red zone, so you have to be ready for that type of stuff.  But, yeah, you definitely get a couple catches, have a big game tonight, that will definitely give some confidence.

Q.  You're almost like a closer in baseball.  Come in for only pressure plays.
GREG TABOADA:  When they call your number, you just got to make a play.

Q.  Do you like that?
GREG TABOADA:  Yeah.  I don't really feel the pressure, we do it so much in practice, when you do it in the game it's just automatic.  But the big thing is actually making the plays.  And it worked out tonight.

Q.  Your background is interesting, with your parents from Spain and all that stuff, as a kid did you sort of envision that you would be involved in major college football make?
GREG TABOADA:  Not all.  I grew up playing tennis first, then soccer then switched schools and then started playing football in 7th grade and just was mostly to make friends and then it turned out I started playing more and more and started going good for me and then now I'm here.  So it worked out.

Q.  I need to ask you a political question, Real or Barcelona?
GREG TABOADA:  Real.  All the way.  Easy.

Q.  Was it the fact that you were growing, like it's hard to be a tennis player at 6‑6.
GREG TABOADA:  Yeah, going into tennis, my brother played college tennis.  I saw what he was going through and home school and traveling all the time, I just didn't think I could do that.  I decided I needed to be on a team sport, so I'm glad I got the opportunity.

Q.  Did football find you or did you find it in 7th grade?
GREG TABOADA:  Definitely found me.  Growing up playing a bunch of sports, so I had the athleticism and that, I went to a great high school that encourages that.  It was a perfect spot for me.  I figured out after a couple years that tight end might be the best position and now we are here.  So it's great.

Q.  Kevin said that you guys were really practicing these plays all week, but in the game, under the spotlight, that they worked better.  Did you feel the same way?
GREG TABOADA:  Yeah, you just got a little more adrenaline, everything comes into place, but you really feel like you're moving faster and the ball's coming faster and you have to be a little more focused and just make the play.

Q.  David Shaw, your coach, said that he is hoping that this is just the beginning of a lot more, you and Eric, are you expecting now that the tight ends are going to show themselves?
GREG TABOADA:  I mean, we have plays in there, it's just getting the calls.  But we can't do much.  If they feel more confident in putting in a couple more plays, we'll work on them and make the plays and hopefully share it all over to Hooper and Cotton and all of us, so we can really cause a big difference in the offense.

Q.  A little bit, could you walk away feel like it's a little bit of a statement game for the tight ends?
GREG TABOADA:  Yeah, I guess we kind of made some plays tonight.  But they were great looks, great calls by the coaches and they made it pretty easy on us, we just caught the ball.  So it's going to have an influence on the game like we did, but we got to go back Monday and do the same routine and hopefully do it again next week.

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