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October 7, 2014

DaeSean Hamilton

Q.  The week off, what were you able to do?  Were you able to go home and catch some football?  Did you stay here?  What does a week like that mean when it could be considered one of the biggest conference games of the year for you?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  The week off, it was good, time to go back home and spend some time with family and caught some football games.  The whole week I wanted to rest my body and get myself back to 100 percent.  The season is long and guys have got to keep their bodies right to make it through to the end.

Q.  Did you get a chance to watch Michigan/Rutgers?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Yeah, I watched it.

Q.  When you watch a game like that, how are you observing it?  Are you looking for anything in particular, or are you just trying to get the overview?  How do you watch a live game?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Well, since we're playing Michigan, I just looked at basically what their secondary is doing, what their defense is doing and Rutgers, they run a similar offense to us.
So it was basically almost easier to dissect what was going on on Michigan's defensive end, things like that.  When I watch games, sometimes I get caught up watching it just like a live television game but at the same time, I see things that we're basically looking for for breaking down film study at school and everything like that.

Q.  You have the new iPads to watch film, how is that going?  Have any of your teammates fried theirs or broken it?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  I don't know anybody has broken anybody.  We use them as much as we possibly can, and we use the app that we have to watch film, things like that.  We watch it on our own or sometimes guys get together.  Any time they are together, say study hall or something like that, we watch film or do homework or things like that on iPads.

Q.  This past weekend, just about every game was a good game.  I don't know how many that you watched.  You mentioned watching the Michigan one.  Is it tough to be sitting out for a week?  Does that help when you watch a weekend full of games like that to get back into the swing of things coming out of a bye?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Sitting down at home watching the games, it makes you anxious to get back on the field, watching everybody else play and have big games on TV.  You just want to get back to that and I think everybody's eager to get back this week and basically do our best all week and prepare for the game this weekend.

Q.  Earlier in the season, you talked about kind of having to work your way back into game shape because you have not played a lot in the spring.  Where are you?  Are you at 100 percent do you think or working your way toward that?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  I would say I'm at 100 percent.  I feel great.  This week off made things a lot better, as well.  But nothing that really is ailing me or anything like that.  I feel 100 percent and that I have the best of my health and things like that.

Q.  Going back to the point of watching a game like Michigan and Rutgers on TV, how different it from watching from the sideline compared to TV?  What's better and what's worse about watching it live?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Sometimes you can get caught up in TV film because whatever you see on TV is what you think is really happening.
But you go into a film room, you see basically like a behind the scenes type aspect of the game and really that's where you're not always going to believe what's going on on TV is really what the problem is or what a team is doing so great at.
When you go into the film room, you see every little aspect of what's going on and on TV copies, they basically see like from a fan's point of view.

Q.  Five games into the year coming off the bye week, how are you feeling as an offense in terms of is things really clicking at this point to where you want it to be?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  I think the offense, we still feel good.  Just have to bounce back from Northwestern, put that behind us just because we know what we're capable of.  We know the sky is the limit for us and we can go out there and play with the best of them and things like that.
So offense, we feel good.  We're ready to get back out there and prove what we can do.

Q.  Northwestern had a pretty good win over the weekend, as well.  Did you watch that?  Do you take solace knowing that it was a team that came in here, people thought it was struggling and put two pretty good games?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Northwestern is a great team.  I watched them play Wisconsin, as well.  They looked just like the team that we were playing last week.  They were out there and playing good fundamental football, things like that, and basically they came out there, they were the better team that week.  The defense is stout like they were last week against us and things like that.
Northwestern, I applaud them.  Don't want to say it makes us feel better to see them take down another team, but I applaud Northwestern for their efforts last weekend and this past weekend.

Q.  As a young player going into the Big House, do you see the crowd being a big factor?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Yeah, it's my first trip to the Big House, never been there before even in recruiting or things like that.  I'm looking forward to but at the same time I'm going to treat it like any other game and Michigan just so happens to be the opponent that we have at the end of the week.  It's not the biggest game on my schedule and not the least important game on my schedule.  It's just who we are playing on Saturday.

Q.  You've had a pretty good start to the year statistics‑wise.  How would you assess your individual performance so far and what's something that you still feel you need to work on in your game?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  So far in the season, I think, you know, basically just playing to the best of my capabilities, getting back and proving what I can do.  Basically I want to go out there and get off to a fast start.  The whole offense as a whole are having a pretty good year.  Geno is having a good year, as well.  I basically am having a good year because he's having a good year.  We play off of one another.
I can basically work on, I'd say, playing a little bit smarter.  When we break down film, there's a few mental errors that I commit during the game and things that are easy stuff that we go through during the week and I know that I can fix within days worth of time.
But like I always say, there's always room for improvement in every aspect of my game and I'm not satisfied with how good I've done so far.

Q.  You're on pace for over a thousand yards this year but you still haven't got that first year touchdown just yet.  Wondering if that's on your mind at all and if any of your teammates like Geno give you a hard time at all in a playful way about that?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  Yeah, the guys give me a hard time, you know, say I'm doing everything else right but I'm not getting a touchdown or anything like that.
But, yeah, I think about it a little bit but at the same time, like if I have a big play or something, it can set up someone else's touchdown if it's not my own touchdown or things like that.  I'm not really harping on it, not basically going out there to score a touchdown.  Just going out there to play and whatever happens, happens.

Q.  Coaches talk about how important it is for receivers to block.  How much blocking it you do in high school and how much of a challenge is it to learn to do that skill once you get to college?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  High school, I didn't do a lot of blocking.  I had two or three quarterback played Division I or division two or AA football, did a lot of passing and had a good receiving core, even when I was a young kid in high school so I didn't do too much blocking.
We come up here, we have the great running backs that we do have, Coach Gattis, we always go through blocking drills in the middle of practice early in the week and things like that.
And when we go out during the game you've just got to basically read the defender and see how hard he plays the run, because not a lot of DBs want to come up and play the run in the first place.
Basically just keeping him away from the tackle.  If you take one man out, he can sprint like an 8 auto‑‑yard run or big play at any given time.  Coach harps on us getting in our work and finishing the blocks.

Q.  I know C.J. and Anthony said they are in a little contest to try to get as many tickets as they can for the game.  Are they bugging you about tickets?
DAESEAN HAMILTON:  To be honest they are taking all the tickets from me because I have family in Chicago, and Chicago is an hour and a half, two hours away from Michigan.   I've been begging people for tickets all week and they are telling me they are giving them to C.J. and Zettel and I'm just sitting here like, man, what am I going to do for some tickets.  But I'll try to find as many tickets as I can and scrape them up by the end of the week. 

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