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October 6, 2014

Davis Webb

THE MODERATOR:  We're now joined by Davis Webb.

Q.  Davis, at times on offense, seems like you can breeze down the field with ease and other times it's hard to get out of your own way.  What is the biggest difference?
DAVIS WEBB:  When we're on, we're on.  And when we're off, we're off.  That's the best way to look at it.  The first drive we go three‑and‑out, get a one‑yard on that third‑and‑short, which is not good.
With a 5‑man box, when we're on, we're on, and when we're off, we're off.  We got to be more consistent and keep getting better.

Q.  The first drive, the first pick, did Bradley fall down or did you throw it in front of him?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, guy in my face, I rushed it a little bit.  I haven't taken a lot of sacks this year, but I think I forced it because of that.
So noticing that, and it was a bad play.  A good play by him.  He had a one‑handed catch, which is pretty good.

Q.  Any idea why the diversity affects you guys so much?  Seems like one bad thing and it's hard to regain the momentum you had.
DAVIS WEBB:  We're going to hold a player‑only meeting and discuss that.  We kind of went dead, and this week when we were down just by 17 points, this program has come back by a lot more than that in recent years, throughout our history, and "here we go again" kind of feeling.
We're going to have a player‑only meeting and we're going to discuss that.

Q.  What did you want to say in that meeting?
DAVIS WEBB:  That's a player‑only meeting.

Q.  How do you explain the disconnect from practice to the field, Davis?
DAVIS WEBB:  I think our practices have been really, really good.  We've gotten after it.  We got the scripts, our game plan has been fine.  It's just going out there and executing it.
We play a lot of young guys, the first time playing.  That's not an excuse anymore.  It's the fifth, sixth game of the year.  That starts with me, the offensive line, the running backs, the receivers.
We know how good we can be.  We can see it when we score on big drives and we hit little plays.  We got to get better at the little things, routine plays, routine drives, routine plays and see what happens at the end.
So, yeah, it's been very indidn't.

Q.  (No microphone.)
DAVIS WEBB:  Very, but we all know how good this offense can be, and it's exciting because we got another chance to prove it.  Seven‑game season left and we have to try to do our best this Saturday.

Q.  Have you and your teammates tired of hearing the coach saying, "It's on me" when you guys are the ones out there on the field?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, if anything it's on me.  I tell the team every day, it's not Coach Kingsbury.  He's the best offensive coordinator and best head coach in the nation.  It's on our players.
He calls great plays and we just need to execute them better, and it starts with the quarterback and goes all the way down.
No one puts in the amount of work he does and we all know that.  We all know how hard we works.  We just got to execute better on Saturdays.

Q.  Did your shoulder injury impact your play last week?
DAVIS WEBB:  No, bothered me, not much.  I have to play better.  I'm not the first person to play with a shoulder injury.  I won't be the last.  Not an excuse.  Got to play better.

Q.  (No microphone.)
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, that's another thing I noticed is I put too much pressure on myself when things aren't going right and guys aren't getting open as much as they usually do or we aren't running the ball as we usually do.
I put the pressure on myself and say, We've got to make a better play and force this, instead of just calming down and let our guys make the plays.  They're Division I athletes, too.
I know how good our receivers are.  Instead of just letting them play and do the routines and go, I have to, because they're a good defense.

Q.  (No microphone.)
DAVIS WEBB:  You have to find that mesh.  Jordan had a good week last week before he got hurt.  Brad did a good job outside.  Dylan is doing a good job, and Jakeem has had a good couple of games.  We have to find that connection.
We have had young guys struggle and it all starts with me and try to find guys open.  Some of them are, I just got to find them.  They're doing a good job, though.

Q.  Teams differ from yeartoyear.  You guys, and you in particular, have had success against West Virginia.  Is it good from a confidence standpoint going up against them versus the teams you have had the last couple of weeks?
DAVIS WEBB:  Watching yourself on film and seeing what kind of reads you could have done that day, prep after that, that's the only thing I could say.
They competed against Alabama and Oklahoma.  They're an improved team and they're probably thinking we're not as improved as we were last year.
We will see what happens on Saturday because we're really motivated and they're really good, so it should be a good game.

Q.  (No microphone.)
DAVIS WEBB:  I mean, I'm pretty prepared every week.  I wouldn't say it's coverages or anything like that.  They're dropping eight guys and expecting me to make the wrong decisions, which I have so far.  Couple plays a game, not been my best.  It's ended up in the other team's hands.
So dropping guys and forcing me to make mistakes and I've got to do what I've been coached to do because I've got to get a lot better.

Q.  When I look at you and see complacency, how do you respond to that word?
DAVIS WEBB:  Define, me or the team?

Q.  You as a quarterback.  Getting comfortable in your role, not having somebody to force you to‑‑
DAVIS WEBB:  No, I would disagree with that.  You can ask these guys.  I'm the hardest worker inside the building and I pride myself on that.  I'm not being cocky.  It's who I am.
I am up here every single day, hours and hours, watching film at home.  My preparation is bar none.
I don't think it's complacency.  I think it's frustrating because I know the off‑season I had and the work and preparation I've put in hasn't shown up on Saturday yet.
I got a seven‑game season left and I'm going to make them the best of my life.

Q.  After losing Ward and Mark last year, do you feel like you have guys in your receiving core that they're going to be where you need them to be at certain times?  Because at times last year seemed like those guys were a security blanket.
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, being 18 years old, a true freshman and having guys like that there that made those plays and having experience and understanding coverages, getting open, stuff like that.
Right now we only have a couple of those guys, like Brad and Jakeem, and those guys are learning as they can.  And I think they're figuring it out little by little.
But having those security blankets last year was huge for us.  But this receiving core is very close to becoming one of those guys.
Dylan Cantrell's doing good and Regie has done great in practice and I feel like West Virginia, he's going to have a big game and catch a lot of balls this week.

Q.  How frustrating has it been knowing how good your running game has been that you guys are behind on the scoreboard?
DAVIS WEBB:  Yeah, it comes from me not starting as fast as we need to.  Against Oklahoma State, we controlled the pace, couldn't get the ball in the end zone and that comes off of penalties and turnovers.
But this game, we had a big turnover.  Second drive, they held the ball and that's part of their deal.  We knew that going in we had to score fast.  If we didn't do that, they did what they needed to do.
They're well coached and well disciplined, and they did what they wanted to do.  We didn't get off to a fast enough start to do what we wanted to do.

Q.  Does everybody in the building know this is going to be a shoot‑out type of game playing West Virginia?
DAVIS WEBB:  I wouldn't say that, it's only Monday, the guys are just starting to watch film and seeing how good Clint is as a quarterback, and seeing how the team is coached and how different this team is from last year.
I think we all are excited to play a team like this.  They played Alabama and Oklahoma and it's a good test for us, and we are all excited for it.

Q.  On the first interception that you threw, Jakeem said after the game, Coach always says, Don't take a sack.  You got hit pretty at the good on that one.  When you look back at that play on film, what would you have done differently?
DAVIS WEBB:  The fourth quarter to Jakeem?

Q.  The first series.
DAVIS WEBB:  That was the second, because we had a fake punt, yeah, the one to Brad.  All week we decided there was going to be two‑high coverage, and I felt like in a split second, breaking after that guy, Brad having that window for me, that corner jumped inside and they knew what was coming and made a good play on it.
Those interceptions, you know, got to get better from it, because we get behind and that one to Jakeem on fourth down, you can't take a sack on fourth down.  You got to give someone a chance, and it ended up in their hands on a tip pick.
That last pick was me being frustrated trying to make a play.

Q.  How difficult will it be for you guys to rise together this week when your defense did a great job of stopping plays, but the offense didn't make it happen?  How important is it going to be for you guys?
DAVIS WEBB:  Our defense has gotten better every week and our offense has been set in stone.  We're not the first offense in the country to do this and we're not going to be the last.
We got to battle with adversity and persevere more.  We have a chance to do it on Saturday.  It's going to be a great game, exciting offenses, throwing around a lot, should be a lot of fun.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Davis.

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