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October 4, 2014

Jameis Winston


Q.  Can you talk about the outcome of this game compared to this past season?  It looked like the team was more focused?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Well, a win is never bad.  From my aspect because we love winning, but there is always room for improvement, and there is always room to get better.

Q.  Coach said you all were never offensively in rhythm today.  Do you agree with that?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Yes, and that's on me.  I've got to get us going.  I've got to get us scoring fast.  But at the end of the day, that's what we've got that defense for.  Sometimes they've got to have our backs, sometimes we've got to have their back.  But at the end of the day when Florida State starts playing Florida State football and defense and offense are on the same cylinders, we're going to be fun to watch.

Q.  What was it like playing in front of your family?  (No microphone)?  Were there butterflies pregame?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No, it was the same game.  My family's been to my games many times.

Q.  At the start of the game, couple days in a row you've done that?

Q.  A sluggish start to the beginning for the offense.  Why did you guys take a while to get rolling?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  We're playing football.  That is the game of football.  People are playing higher against us than they're playing against anyone else.  You can see Clemson kind of beat NC State pretty bad today.  That gives credit to the teams coming to play us.  Obviously, it's my job to get the team going, and I promise you just wait, just wait on it, because we're going to get it going.  But these teams are ready to play.  We've got to do our job.

Q.  How big was it, Rashad goes down and the freshmen stepped up.  They're talented dudes?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Our freshmen are game‑time players.  We can tell so much about are they ready?  They're ready.  They're ready to play.  That is one thing they want to do is get out there on the field.  That is one thing about young guys, like freshmen.  I'm young myself, but they're so energetic.  They're so willing to lay it on the line for anything, because they want to impress the coach.
So that's great.  I mean, I'm truly blessed that we've got competitors like Hoefeld.  Hoefeld stepping up was big, man.  Him getting in there with that offensive line was impressive.  Those guys just got behind him.  We told him we had his back, and that was very impressive.

Q.  (No microphone) kind of a slow start to the offense.  Talk about your offensive productions.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I don't think it really was the difference.  I think Florida State realized that, hey, we've got to score.  That's how we've got to start off the game with that mentality of hey, we've got to score.  But just we're going to start picking it up.

Q.  Did you have the touchdown run and the touchdown pass?  Obviously, more production in the second half, right?  Would you agree?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  We're going to pick it up.

Q.  Jameis, every once in a while you guys (No microphone).
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Oh, yeah, many times.  There are going to be some high peaks in the next few years.  Lorenzo is an amazing player.  He's like a little spider out there.  He's quick, he's explosive and he's strong.  He's a young guy, freshman, a true freshman.  He's playing a very important role in our win last week, and I think he will continue to play that role in the future.

Q.  Have you ever broken free and had to chase down the ball?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  When you're playing against that defense, you see a lot of guys flying in front of you, man.  It's like a war out there.

Q.  How much fun is it to watch Roberto do what he does?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  You know, there are guys that you enjoy watching and some guys that you just, like if I was at home, I would just sit back and hope that Florida State kicks field goals to see this guy kick field goals.  He's such a key asset to our team.  I think he's probably the best offensive player in the country in my opinion.  He's so talented, and we're blessed to have him.

Q.  Do you ever watch his kicks or do you assume they go in?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  Yeah, we always watch his kicks because Coach Sanders has a motto, never trust a kicker.  But we can trust Gordo.

Q.  How satisfying was it to see the defense after last week?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  That is the thing.  When Florida State plays Florida State football and our defense is clicking and the offense is clicking, we're going to be a fun team to watch.  That's what we've been doing this year.  Offense has a good game, defense has a good game, so that is the fun part of this whole thing.
We haven't reached our potential yet.  So if you're looking at us right now people might have criticisms and opinions, but we haven't reached what we're capable of yet.  That is so fun and so encouraging to me to know that our team has not even played a great game yet.

Q.  (No microphone) you've still got to be working on that you're trying to pinpoint to get better?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I definitely wouldn't turn the ball over on the first possession.  That isn't good for the team to be following me and for me to do that.  So I can't do that.  But I've got to do a better job of getting those guys energized.  I can't be a hype man, but I'm laid back.  It's time for me to make sure that everyone is right.

Q.  Seemed like you had a lot of time in the pocket.  How do you feel behind the linemen guys as the season has gone on?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  I have the best offensive line in the country.  People will say look at the stats and all this stuff, but I've got the best offensive line in the country.  And they have the best coach.  Those guys work harder than anybody on our team position‑wise.  I trust those guys.  They trust me, and that's why even though we have slow starts, we still get the win.

Q.  Do you remember that first touchdown pass in the spring Game 2 years ago?
JAMEIS WINSTON:  David Tyrell.  David Tyrell, yeah, man.

Q.  What do you remember from David?  I know he didn't play.
JAMEIS WINSTON:  No, it's not about David, man.  It's about this Florida State football team getting better, and it's about us enjoying this victory tonight.  That's in the past.  I know that was a memorable moment and the first touchdown ever, but we've got to get better, and it starts with me.  I'm happy that we got a win, and it's like I said, it's so encouraging to see how we haven't reached our top potential yet because we still can click on every single cylinder, and that's about to begin.
If you think about every game that we had, we're coming back.  Last year it was different.  Last year people said Florida State ain't coming back.  We've been coming back in every game, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.  Thank you.

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