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October 4, 2014

Everett Golson

Q.  Walk us through that last play.
EVERETT GOLSON:  It was probably a form of 38.  And they had, really, our routes covered.  I went to my first read and he wasn't there.
And I need to be‑‑ I began to just improvise a little bit.  And I guess they busted the coverage a little bit, and I found Koyack in the back of the end zone.

Q.  Were you surprised that he was that open?
EVERETT GOLSON:  I was.  I was.  Like I said, just based off their coverage, it probably wasn't supposed to be there.  But just thankful that he was for sure.

Q.  What does that do for you after a rough day to have that type of play?
EVERETT GOLSON:  I think it does a lot for our team.  I think I would say to be the quarterback here you have to have a tough skin.  So I think for me I never really thought that we were going to lose and things like that.  I always try to be resilient through the turnovers and things like that.  So I think it did a lot for our team.

Q.  A lot of people are questioning whether you're a top 10 team.  What does it mean to get a win like this and beat a team that most people around the country see as a threat?
EVERETT GOLSON:  It means a lot.  From the inside, we've just got to try to take care of business every time we step on the field.  I think the more we do that, I think the outside will kind of speak for itself.

Q.  You've had a lot of big moments in your career here, but where does this one rank to take down a Stanford team with a last‑minute touchdown?
EVERETT GOLSON:  This is definitely up there for sure.  Definitely up there.

Q.  Did you see Ben catch it, or did you just have to go with‑‑
EVERETT GOLSON:  Yeah, I saw him catch it.

Q.  Before that happened, you're scrambling around.  Crowd behind Ben, thought he was‑‑ did you see the crowd behind him at all or did you‑‑
EVERETT GOLSON:  No, not at all.  Like I said, a scrambled around and kind of just saw kind of a bust in their coverage and saw that Ben was wide open in the back of the end zone.  I knew I had to get it to him.  Tried to put it on the line and get it there as quick as I could.

Q.  Where is Ben in the progression now?
EVERETT GOLSON:  He's probably No. 2.  Yeah, but given that coverage, probably should have been something check downs whatever it was.  So like I said, I think it just goes to‑‑ I guess my ability to create plays and things like that and the line doing a great job, too.  Just staying with me and Ben doing a great job, too.

Q.  I'm sure you're confident in fourth and 11, but there's got to be some trepidation, too.
EVERETT GOLSON:  Not at all.  I mean, I live for moments like that, seriously.  Just going down.  When he had the ball, I was kind of expecting the worse, that they would score and things like that.
So I was preparing myself for it.  And just ready for the opportunity to get it back out there.

Q.  You don't allow yourself to think what if I don't accomplish‑‑
EVERETT GOLSON:  You can't.  Once you do that, once you have doubt set in, you kind of‑‑ you know, your competitiveness is taken away a little bit.

Q.  Seemed like it took a long time for the ball to get to him.
EVERETT GOLSON:  It felt like the whole thing happened in slow motion.  I distinctly remember just looking at my first read and kind of rolling out and it was like real slow and I'm like, okay, he's open, why are you not throwing it to him.  Things like that.
But like I said, I was happy for the play for sure.

Q.  How does he get so open on the play, I think they dropped eight.
EVERETT GOLSON:  Yeah, like I say, it was a bust in coverage.  I guess the corner's eyes got too far inside.  And like I say, he was just sitting there open.

Q.  You said he was the second guy in your progression.  Was there anything he did that made you realize, hey, I'm this wide open in the end zone?
EVERETT GOLSON:  No.  I think he just did a great job of running his route and being patient with it.  I think that goes back to him just kind of trusting me after I'm scrambling and things like that.  Usually people kind of move and get out of place.  He still got there, throw the ball.  So I had to do my part in that as well.

Q.  Were you nervous that his feet were out after they sent it to review and all?
EVERETT GOLSON:  No, I didn't think they were, to be honest.

Q.  Both Corey and Nick said there was a sense of calm confidence coming out of that timeout and the huddle.  Talk about the feeling getting ready to snap the ball fourth and 11.
EVERETT GOLSON:  Like I said, I mean I love moments like that.  I really do.  I think I see it more as an opportunity rather than pressure.  It was a great opportunity for us to really just showcase what we have in the kind of very exciting moment right there.

Q.  How does it feel different than 2012 for you?
EVERETT GOLSON:  It feels pretty different.  Just because how I guess the way it happened.  2012 was a big moment as well, with the (indiscernible), but this is definitely a really big moment for me.

Q.  How does it feel to be 5‑0 right now?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Feels pretty good just knowing where we are, in our progression, we've still got a long way to go.  But I'm not too I guess upset with being 5‑0 while we're still where we are.

Q.  You threw 12 touchdowns in almost 2012.  You've already thrown 13 this year.  What's that say about your development as a quarterback, only five games in and you matched that already?
EVERETT GOLSON:  I mean, I think it's partially me.  I think crediting Coach Kelly, those guys doing a great job with me.  The offensive line, Coach Heistand doing a great job with them.  Wide receivers.  I like to say that, but it's really year two and three for them.  They've been in and they kind of have a little bit more calmness to themselves now.  So I think it's a compilation of everything.

Q.  After today's game, did you think maybe the biggest win for you guys going forward?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Still gotta be better all around the board, really.  I think we did a decent job running the ball today.  As far as wide receivers and things like that, we just gotta fine tune a lot of things.  I gotta throw it a little bit more anticipation things like that.

Q.  Your first two‑minute drill type of thing at Notre Dame, what does that mean for you going forward in terms of ownership of the team?
EVERETT GOLSON:  I mean, I think that's big boy time.  Like I said, I think I try to live for moments like that.  To be out‑‑ I know people may not realize, but I was kind of happy for the moment.  Just facing adversity, having the half we did before and still being in it and having a chance to win it at the end, that was big for me.  I just embraced the opportunity.

Q.  Your defense has played so well.  Gave up that touchdown.  How much did you want to get it back for them to win the game?
EVERETT GOLSON:  Definitely did.  Like you said, defense did a great job tonight.  Holding those guys to 14 points, it's pretty hard.  And we didn't always capitalize on the things that we should have, when they gave us the ball and great field position.  So I was‑‑ I definitely felt like I owed it to them a little bit.

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