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October 4, 2014

David Shaw


COACH DAVID SHAW:  First of all, congratulations to Brian Kelly and Notre Dame.  They fought longer and harder than we did.  Our guys fought.  It wasn't necessarily clean.  The weather was a factor.  But it was a factor for both teams.  You saw the ball come out of both quarterback's hands funny.  Saw some missed balls that guys typically don't miss but once again it was even.  Two good teams fought all the way towards the end.  We had a chance to seal it and we didn't.  And Notre Dame came back and won the game.

Q.  What was the coverage on Notre Dame's touchdown pass?
COACH DAVID SHAW:  There was no coverage on Notre Dame a touchdown pass.  That sounds sarcastic but he was wide open but there was nobody on him.  I know what you're trying to say.

Q.  (Question off microphone).
COACH DAVID SHAW:  We didn't cover the guy that caught the touchdown pass.

Q.  How heartbreaking is it for you guys to lose in that kind of situation?
COACH DAVID SHAW:  Losing is losing, and when you're in sports, you win and you lose.  We've won more than we lost but every single loss hurts.

Q.  They lost a lot off their defense from last year.  What did you think of them especially from a physical standpoint in this game?
COACH DAVID SHAW:  I think they've got an outstanding defensive coordinator.  He mixes it up.  A lot of pressure.  We picked up, not as many as we'd like.  Our quarterback got hit a lot today.
Give them a lot of credit for their scheme.  We flat out missed some things and some things our guys just got beat.  It was a great mix.  There were a couple of plays that were there to make but we just didn't make them.  I think the counting for the guys they lost, they did an outstanding scheme on the defensive side, and their guys played hard.  They played fast.  And you can tell they're very well coached because they're running full speed where they're supposed to be.

Q.  Just before Ramon Wright's draw play for the touchdown you had a timeout.  What was going‑‑ what were the deliberations that play, third and 11?
COACH DAVID SHAW:  We called the same play.  The play clock was running down on us.  We moved down there.  Had a substitution issue.  We got the right guys in the huddle but the play clock was running out.  I took a timeout.  But we called the same play, which is an option for the quarterback.  He read it correctly.  They were showing pressure, but he knew they weren't coming and we handed the ball off for a touchdown.

Q.  You had a challenge on the Robinson catch just before the field goal and the replay upheld what the call on the field, were you surprised?  What did you see?
COACH DAVID SHAW:  I'm never surprised with replay.  Disappointed.  I thought the ball was‑‑ the reason I challenged it I thought the ball hit the ground at the same time that the receiver's hands got on it.  I didn't see him establish control.
Once again, I don't have the luxury of replay on the field.  So I have to trust the guys up in the box.  And I know there are different crews, when we come out of conference, we bring a road game we bring our crews and there's another crew that does the replay.  So it's not the Pac‑12 officiating crew, it's someone else.
So I don't know what, if they saw something differently than I saw with my own eyes.

Q.  What's your impressions of Everett Golson and how do you feel that your defense handled him today?
COACH DAVID SHAW:  I thought outside of a quarterback draw, which is an outstanding call versus two high, I thought our defense did a good job containing him up until the last play.  We didn't really let him get outside.  He got outside.
He does a phenomenal job of keeping plays alive.  That's just what he does.  And we kind of let him out and he saw‑‑ he's got great vision when he gets outside the pocket.  Shorter quarterback sometimes that helps them out when they're athletic like that they get outside the pocket and they can see the whole field and he found the guy in the back of the end zone.  That was one of the few plays in the game where we let him get out.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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