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October 4, 2014

Larry Coker

Jens Jeters

Ferrington Macon

Jarveon Williams


THE MODERATOR:  Coach will make a statement and then we will take questions.
COACH COKER:  Well, it's obvious we didn't play very well today.  Defensively we played pretty well for most of the game.  Offensively that's as bad of a game as I've seen since I've been here.  We've obviously got to do better.
We've got a lot of football left, and that doesn't matter if we don't play better, doesn't matter what we have left.  I told the players, Don't point fingers, if you want to point fingers, point 'em at me.  That's where it should be pointed.  It's my responsibility to help get you guys ready, as our coaching staff.  We've just got to be a lot better.

Q.  Coach, you made the decision to go from Tucker Carter to Bogenschutz.  What was your decision‑making process?
COACH COKER:  I think protection‑wise, we weren't getting properly diagnosed and slide into protection where they needed to be put.  We thought he could give us an opportunity there, and he did a nice job.
In the end, in the two‑minute drill, that's one of Tucker's best things that he does, so that's why he was back in the game.

Q.  Coach, in the third quarter where you decided to go for it, in hindsight, do you think you should have kicked a field goal?
COACH COKER:  No doubt about it, should have kicked a field goal.  One‑score game then, and hard not getting the ball back.  I definitely should have kicked the field goal.  My coaching mistake.
Like I said, if you're going to point fingers, point 'em at me.

Q.  Coach, the offensive line looked like they were struggling with New Mexico's defensive line.  Was it stunts or just a physical match‑up?
COACH COKER:  No, I don't think it was a physical match‑up.  It was a lot of movement out there.  They had a 3‑down front, which we don't see very often, and that caused us some problems.  And, again, Jarveon, running the football, he had a nice day running the football.
Penalty kick‑off return on white, maybe we win the ballgame if we don't have that kick‑off return called back.  That's hindsight.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Coach.
COACH COKER:  Thank you.
JENS JETERS:  It was a team effort, everyone else played well, just wasn't a good day today.

Q.  Ferrington, you lost four in a row and last year you went off five straight, and the two years ago, you guys in the WAC, where does this team land?  If you win next week you're 1‑1 in conference.  Where do you all think you're at?
FERRINGTON MACON:  The good thing about us, we practice tomorrow.  So, I mean, this game, you can sit home and cry about it if you want to and tomorrow we're back to work.
So it's quick.  It hurts right now, for all of us.  The good thing about us, we just go back to work tomorrow, so definitely a positive.

Q.  Jarveon, can you talk about your offensive performance, 9 for 95 yards on the ground today and really exciting pass reception today.  Can you talk about your play today?
JARVEON WILLIAMS:  I just executed because Coach called it, and me and my teammates practiced all week, so it really wasn't a surprise.
We work on individual drills that I used a lot in the game today and everything is a team effort.  So I got to thank my team and my receivers.  I owe them a lot of praise.

Q.  Jarveon, overall what can be done to help this offense improve?
JARVEON WILLIAMS:  We got to keep executing, execute in the red zone.  We just got to keep practicing, keep practicing and grinding.  This thing will turn around and we'll be on top.

Q.  Ferrington, there has been so much talk, Spring Training camp started in August.  I know we talked on the first day of camp about the possibility of going to a bowl game this year.  Is it hard to think about that right now?  Where are y'all as far as your stated goal of get to go to a bowl game?  I know you're sitting on one win.  What's it going to take?  Can you still get it?
FERRINGTON MACON:  Most definitely we can get to a bowl game still.  Right now our focus is FIU.  After today, it's done.  We still to want get to a bowl game, but to get to one, you got to win the game that's ahead of you.  That's just our goals right now.
THE MODERATOR:  Okay, guys, thanks. 

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